Do you ever feel ‘small’?  Like what you do doesn’t really matter?  This was a topic of discussion during a church meeting.  I continued to reflect on the idea for several days after the training session.  One morning, I had a cool revelation…and it has to do with LEGO!  This is what Lego taught me about the Church and how we all matter.  When Every Lego Brick Matters…

Do you ever feel like you don't matter in the body of Christ? In this post, I share what Lego building has taught me about the importance of every single person in God's family. Some important tips for Christian living.

Intense Construction

If your kids love Lego like mine do, I am sure you’ve witnessed the excitement and joy as the kids tear into a new Lego set, primed for building. 

For my kids and Lego, construction is a very serious and intense process.  I rarely hear from my kids while they are in the Lego development phase.  They will meticulously search for just the right piece they need, intently following the instructions. 

2013-09-15 15.46.15

However, if you invest in several sets of Lego, you are bound to come across at least one set that does not have all of the pieces.  The HORROR!!  

Have you ever witnessed what happens when your Lego crazy kid suddenly realizes a piece is missing? 

Their entire world shifts, things suddenly aren’t the way they should be. 

2013-09-15 15.46.11c

All construction comes to an abrupt halt. 

Building cannot continue until the problem has been resolved. 

It is impossible to carry on, even without the tiniest piece. 

Are You A Missing Piece?

Can you imagine this Helm’s Deep set missing a piece?  It just wouldn’t look right! 

What about a substitute piece?  That could work, right?

Ummm, NO!

Helm’s Deep wouldn’t look quite the same if Matt found a purple piece and used it in place of the missing piece – it’s the same size, but not the right colour. 

All pieces are necessary for this structure to be built and to stand. 

Isn’t this the same for the family of God and furthering His Kingdom? 

We may feel like we are a small piece – or even a ‘common’ piece, as my son refers to the Lego studs – but we are still vital to the entire structure! 

If we aren’t doing our part in the structure, we substitute for something else or if we go ‘stand alone’, something in the larger structure is grieved for.  It doesn’t look quite right.  It looks and feels ‘wrong’.

We could relate this idea to our spiritual giftings as well.  How may times have you wished for someone else’s gifting or talents?  Oh, boy, do I wish I could carry a tune!!  But, would the church look the same if we clumsily tried to push ourselves into an area of ministry to which we were not suited?   

Every Piece Is Important

Every brick is needed, every person in the family of God is needed.  Each piece may look different a serve a different purpose than others…BUT…each and every piece is vital to the stability and well-being of the structure.  

2013-09-15 15.45.50I shared this little revelation with my children.  They appreciated the connection from Lego to our importance in God’s Kingdom.  After sharing, they went back to their rooms and I didn’t think they’d continue to reflect on what I had shared.  About 10 minutes later, my oldest came to me and she said,

“Just like when we are sad when we discover a piece missing, God is sad as well when one of His children are missing.” 

Yes!  She gets it! 

We might be small and we might have just a small part, but we are fundamental to the bigger plan! 

When we separate ourselves from God’s family and the bigger picture of His story, life is actually quite boring.  We are less effective for His kingdom on our own.  

Where Even The Common Pieces MatterWhat can we do with a single piece of ‘common’ Lego? 

It isn’t as much fun playing with one piece of Lego as it is building something massive with hundreds of pieces of Lego!

We may feel like the common pieces of Lego at times, but we are always important for His glory!   

So, be encouraged!  You ARE part of a bigger plan!

Lego Hopping

How would it look if a Lego piece from Helm’s Deep thought to itself (I know, ridiculous, right…but just stick with me for a moment),

“I’m tired of this structure!  The flay pieces ignore me!  The ladders are too busy!  One of the minifigures hurt my feelings!  I am going to go find a better set to be a part of!”

And so that little Lego piece squiggles out of it’s spot and goes on a search for another Lego set.  It might even take a few other jaded bricks with it.  It finally comes across a Lego Friends set – the beauty salon.  It finds a comfortable spot and enjoys the new atmosphere.  

However, it isn’t long before it starts feeling the same old feelings…being ignored, another minifigure slight…that’s all it takes for this little brick to leave the beauty salon in search for a new set to belong to.  

And on and on it goes…this little brick is Lego set hopping!  It was intended to belong to a specific set.  The creator had good plans for it there.  It was an integral part of that particular set.  It was needed there!  But now, there is just an empty spot in the set and the little Lego piece continues to drift in and out of other Lego sets.

Does this sound at all familiar?  Do you know someone who does the same sort of thing with church?  Or maybe that little Lego brick is you.  I understand that there are Biblical reasons for leaving a church.  And there are instances where God is calling you elsewhere.  But that is done through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and with a lot of prayer covering.  That is not the same as church-hopping!    

There is no such thing as the perfect church.  We will hurt each other.  We won’t always fully agree on everything 100% of the time.  But it is so important to stay with your ‘set’.  Remain faithful to the place God has called you to.  He has placed you there for a reason.

Do you ever feel like you don't matter in the body of Christ? In this post, I share what Lego building has taught me about the importance of every single person in God's family. Some important tips for Christian living.

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