I have been exploring the idea of our marriages reflecting the gospel message.  Read part one here.

No doubt marriage is hard.  We get annoyed, frustrated and even angry.

I continue to share some ways in which we can share the gospel message through our marriages.

Have you ever wondered what the perfect marriage is supposed to look like? Or how we are to have a marriage that reflects the gospel? In 2 posts, I explain the concept of reflecting the gospel message in our marriages.

Our Role

As Godly women, we have a huge responsibility to show our daughters, our friend’s daughters and the single ladies in our lives what godly submission and how a godly wife is to fulfill her role. 

I can’t tell you how imperative this role is!  My marriage isn’t just about Marcus and I and your marriage isn’t just about you and your husband – there is so much more to this than we realize!  These girls are watching us – hoping that we will show them the right way to live this life!  Are you ready to lead them to the gospel through your marriage?  Through your life?  Are you demonstrating to the girls and single women in your life that they need to wait for a man who shows the character of Christ?  Mom’s of daughters – are you willing to keep your daughters under your nurturing care?  Are encouraging your husband to keep them under their loving authority until a godly man comes around?  A man that will confidently lead her to the cross.  A godly marriage will help us to teach our daughters to not give their precious hearts away so carelessly on a whim – which seems to be so prevalent in culture.  Hollywood glamorizes multiple partners, several marriages, countless divorces.  We need to instruct the young women in our lives not look to celebrities to define marriage and relationships, but to look to God and His word for clarity and wisdom.  According to Titus 2, us women who have been married for any length of time must exhort the younger married women on how to live godly lives – to love their husbands fully! 

Is Jesus Lord of your life? 

Do you wonder what that question has to do with marriage?  Well, I believe everything!  Because we are sinners and we need a Saviour, then the problems in marriage are due to sin and need a Saviour.  Through our marriages, we are able to give the world a picture of who Christ is.

Jesus respected the authority of His Father.  We see this portrayed throughout scripture.  As godly wives, we need to do the same with our husbands – we need to give them our respect.  Not giving our husbands respect for whatever reason we can think of is unbiblical and it is worldly.  We are admonished to respect the man we marry.  When you respect your husband, you respect Christ.  God commands our husbands to love us and He commands us to respect them.  No excuses.  I know it’s not always easy, but I also know that no marriage is too far gone that it is out of the reach of God.  Continually invite Christ into your marriage, everyday.  Pray over your marriage – in good times and in bad times – all times.  If you are seriously struggling and you aren’t sure if you can hold on any longer, please speak with a pastor or a godly counselor – don’t leave this matter unattended. 

Who Do You Listen To?

We must be careful to whom we listen to on these matters.  While friends may have good intentions, if they are not directing us to Jesus, we would be wise to be hesitant with their advice.  On a side note, never, ever bad mouth your husband to anyone and don’t allow anyone else to defame your husband regardless of who it is.

It would also be very wise for us to get plugged into a small group or to be mentored by an older couple who have a strong, godly marriage.  People with whom you can be honest with and trust they will give you godly advice.  If you aren’t a regular church attendee and your heart is crying out for help and hope – please, don’t leave here tonight without speaking to someone.  Come and let me know you’d like to talk to someone and I can help you out.  If your marriage is going well, pray for protection – it takes only one misstep to slip down a slippery slope.  Keep working on your marriage, keep fighting for it.  And perhaps prayerfully consider mentoring a younger couple. 

God has designed the headship of the husband and the help of his wife to display the glory of Christ.  How are you doing with your part?  

Have you ever wondered what the perfect marriage is supposed to look like? Or how we are to have a marriage that reflects the gospel? In 2 posts, I explain the concept of reflecting the gospel message in our marriages.

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