I feel like I need to add more to last week’s post  before I jump into my marriage one – it’s coming, I promise!  I have so many ideas and topics for my posts, but I need to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and that means putting my own agenda aside when necessary – or make my agenda His agenda.  I want to share with you what I have learned since the emotions have calmed down around here.  4 Truths To Hold On To When Sin Creeps.

What do you need to know when sin has crept into your home? And that really is what sin does - it creeps in. There are some truths to hold on to as you heal from the bondage of sin. I have 4 Christian living tips for you.

Moving On…

For the most part, we have all moved on with life.  Sometimes it seems as though nothing even happened.  Is this a good thing?  Yes, I think it is.  When I say it seems as though nothing has happened, I mean there are no hard feelings.  Grace is given.  Life is back to normal with laughter, playing and relationship. 

Except for me. 

I am struggling with forgiveness towards my child.  I am having a hard time with releasing it all into God’s hands.  My heart is still healing. 

And then there is the guilt – mommy guilt.  I finally confessed my fears and thoughts to my husband.  He is so wise, so gracious.  I asked him if we somehow let this sin in.  Did we do something wrong?  Did we miss something?  Could we have done something different in order to prevent it?  Well, my questions set him off on a very strong ‘pep talk’.  I want to share with you his wisdom – 4 truths to hold on to when sin creeps.

1. Teach Our Kids How To Deal With Sin

He told me that we are all born with a defect.  We all suffer from it.  We are all S-I-N + (positive).  We are born into a world full of sin.  We could do everything absolutely perfectly by our children and sin will still enter their lives…and ours, too.  It is a consequence of a choice that was made many, many years ago.

I reflected on what he said for quite some time.  Yes, sin will be an issue for our kids.  No matter what we do.  It just will be.  Then I realized this truth – my job isn’t to keep them ‘sinless’, but to teach them how to deal with that sin.  My duty is to teach them that sin separates us from God and it grieves His heart. 

We are also to teach them that no matter what they do, how far they stray from God, that they are always welcome back into His arms. 

There is nothing they could do that would make God love them any less.  Nothing can stand between our Father and a repentant heart. 

And God does not bring up past sins after we have received His forgiveness. 

We are clean.

We have been washed white as snow. 

We have a clean slate. 

A new beginning. 

And, as parents, we are to demonstrate this kind of love to them. 

That means I forgive fully and completely.  I don’t hang on to grievances.  I don’t rub it in their faces.  I don’t keep punishing them.  Taking that first step in welcoming my child back – I think, though, healing needs to continue in my heart – being able to embrace my child while still healing – that’s what I need to do.  Yes, holding my child is healing.

2. The Saving And Rescuing Is God’s Job

I also thought that me being able to keep my kids ‘sinless’ is a form of PRIDE. 

Hmmm…what do you think about that? 

The notion that I could possibly raise kids who are spotless, pure and perfect…never sinning…is utterly ridiculous.  And very prideful!  Who am I to be able to do such a thing?  That I could parent so perfectly and produce 3 flawless children?  Wait a minute!  There is only ONE perfect parent.  And His first children were the first sinners.  So, if He couldn’t prevent them from sinning, from doubting His goodness – if He couldn’t stop them from choosing disobedience without taking away free will, then how on earth can I think I can do that for my kids?

And I remembered the truth about the enemy of our souls.  He is no respecter of persons.  He doesn’t care how young my children are before he tempts them to sin!  In fact, the younger they are the better for him!  There is no sin, no trick, no deception, no trap, and no ploy that is too dark and sinister for even children!  He will not feel sorry for children.  He will not stop and think “Oh, hey, maybe this kid is too young for this kind of evil.”  Not a chance.  

With that in mind, we do what we can as parents to protect and teach our children and then we must leave them in God’s hands.  Our responsibility is to correct and disciple them, to lead them to Jesus daily.  

But the saving and rescuing is God’s job.

Not mine. 

Not yours.  

3. You Will Have A New Hatred For Sin

Through this whole thing I can honestly tell you that my hatred for sin has grown to a whole new level.  I HATE it!  I hate it more than ever!  To think of the times I have grieved my Father’s heart deeply saddens me.  If God feels more than I did – I just can’t imagine.  How could He not HATE sin?  Is that why He hates it so much?  His heart is so broken whenever we choose to distance ourselves from Him through sin?  And all He wants is to be with us. 

Yeah, I hate sin. 

I hate the sin in me even more.

And it drives me to turn away from sin all the more.  This is a good thing.

4. Their Faith Will Grow

I do hope and pray that my kids will make wise choices in the future.  But I know they will fall into sin again…so will I…so will you. 

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace,But, if they know how to get out of that pit of sin, if I have taught them that, then I know they will be ok.  If I teach them to run to Jesus every time, they will be just fine.  I must teach them to run to Jesus when their heart is shattered AND when they are caught up in sin.  When they have temptation that is so strong – if I teach them to pray during those times, turning to the word of God; they will be just fine.

Shame must not keep them away.  Shame must not keep me away.  I will teach them through my example.  I will lead them to the cross until they are able to go on their own…and even then, I will run alongside them.  Mercy flows from that Old Rugged Cross.   

There is always mercy at the foot of the cross. Always. 

Our children need to know what redemption feels like, what it looks like.  This is what will make their faith so real!  This is what will make those roots go down deep, like that tree planted by the stream (Jeremiah 17:8).  When we let Jesus do His work on their hearts, a real and true relationship will be established.  Maybe this is what it really means to train up a child in the way he should go?  Train them to seek the Lord fiercely during these times.

I hope these 4 Truths To Hold On To When Sin Creeps will help you face sin when it comes…and believe me, it will.  

What do you need to know when sin has crept into your home? And that really is what sin does - it creeps in. There are some truths to hold on to as you heal from the bondage of sin. I have 4 Christian living tips for you.

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Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...

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  • Yessenia Amarys Diaz

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading your article. I am not a parent yet but when I am I know that this would be one of my biggest problems. I found it easier to stay away from sin when I realized what grace is and what Jesus did for me at the cross AND what Jesus gave me instead, which is what HE deserves. When Jesus died on the cross He not only took my sins, past, present, and future but He gave me His favor with God. Something I do not deserve. The favor God has for me has been shown to me in many ways like finding a husband, job interviews, and more! It’s unbelievable and the moment the devil places a thought in my mind to cheat on my husband, to steal, or to lie I remember what my friend Jesus did for me. When I remember what Jesus gave me, I cannot hurt Him. I freeze and rethink my actions. That, I believe is running to Jesus. Of course some days are better than others but thankfully Jesus gave us Daddy God’s grace. This wisdom has changed my life greatly and I am thankful you shared something so dear to your heart with the rest of the world.

    • AMEN Yessenia! Maybe you need to be writing the blog posts!

  • Thank you Beth. We don’t have to walk around with a mantle of shame! That is great news, isn’t it? This is the same with our kids. The struggle, at least for me, was making sure I wasn’t keeping my child under that mantle of shame. Part of that problem was pride in my parenting…”I have perfect children because I am a great mom”. So much for that idea!! I am glad you come and visit here, too;)