We checked out of our hotel…one of the worst hotel experiences we’ve ever had (there is nothing quite like having the cops pounding on your door in the middle of the night, while everyone is sleeping, including our very young children, to ask why you were throwing things out the window!  Ummm…wasn’t us!).  I was so thankful to be out of there and I was looking forward to our day at the aquarium.  En route to our exciting destination, I looked down at my hands and I froze in panic.  My rings!  They weren’t there!  Where were they?  Ahh, yes…I had taken them off in the hotel room – yeah, NOT a good idea – and left them on top of the TV.  I had lost my wedding rings.  I could relate to the woman who had lost her coin…here are 3 Surprising Lessons From The Woman And The Lost Coin.     

Do you value your marriage? Do you understand just how much your wedding vows are cherished by God? Do you understand how heart-broken He is when there is turmoil within our marriages? 3 Lessons From The Woman And The Lost Coin.

Can you relate to my panic about my rings?  These rings symbolized the love Marcus and shared.  They were also a family heirloom, therefore, they couldn’t just be replaced. 

Not Just Any Coin

Luke 15 8Let’s take a look at a parable that Jesus told in Luke to see how important marriage is to our heavenly Father. 

I recently realized what the 10 silver coins were – they weren’t just savings or spending money.  They were actually a piece jewelry called the drachma.  The drachma was a garland worn on the head of married women, quite similar to the idea of the wedding ring.  It was very valuable and had significantly more meaning and symbolism than just monetary value.  

In those days, marriage vows were taken more seriously than they are in our culture today.  There was no dating, no casual relationships.  Marriage was a covenant, a life-long promise – regardless of challenges and struggles.    

The drachma was a huge part of a woman’s identity, it signified that she belonged to a man, her husband.    

This is true of my own rings.  They symbolize the fact that I am married, I am ‘taken’…I belong to one man, my husband. 

A Lost Coin = Panic

003-lost-coinI wonder what she was doing when she realizes that her coin is missing.  Was she just getting up?  Maybe she was preparing breakfast.  Or perhaps she was getting ready to head out to the market to buy food and goods for her family.  

Regardless of what it was that she was doing when she discovered the missing piece of her drachma, she must have been pretty antsy.  Scripture says she seeks out her coin diligently until she finds it.  She does not rest until it is found. 

I wonder how many marriages would remain intact if we had that kind of attitude.  If, when we know something is wrong in our marriages, when something is amiss, we had the attitude that we will not rest until it is resolved.  If we felt that kind of urgency, maybe the divorce rate would begin to crumble. 

Our marriages are priceless, just like the drachma and my heirloom rings.  Let’s be relentless in working on our marriages.  Let’s encourage each other to search, and not stop searching, until we find a resolution.

An Incomplete Garland

013-lost-coinI understand this parable is referring to Jesus’ love for us and how He longs for us to be reconciled to Him.  And I love that image. 

His garland is not complete without each of us. 

Can you imagine your Savior feeling incomplete without you?  Can you just let that thought rest in your heart today?  The Savior of the world is incomplete without YOU.  Just take a few minutes to reflect on this simple truth.

A Celebration

But I don’t think it is so far removed to relate the parable to our own marriages as well.  Our marriages are supposed to reflect the gospel to others, after all, isn’t it?  If Jesus sees Himself as incomplete without us, then should we also not feel satisfied when our marriages are missing unity?  Let’s get back to the woman in the parable. 

She finally finds that one coin.  I am sure she is overwhelmed with relief.  What she does next is fascinating.  She calls her friends over to celebrate!  What a fantastic reason to party!!  She celebrates what her garland symbolizes.  And her friends are genuinely joyful alongside her.  Through this celebration, they are displaying the significance and importance of marriage.  

014-lost-coinWhen you are with your friends, do you spend more time complaining about your husband than you do celebrating your marriage to him?  Can we begin to really be purposeful in refraining from nitpicking and criticizing our husbands?  This behavior only makes us bitter anyway.  Instead, let’s make a point of saying positive things about our men.  But let’s not leave it there – let’s celebrate with our friends in their marriages.  Let’s rejoice with them when good things happen and when difficulties are overcome.  And when there is the temptation to grumble, let’s point our friends to the Cross instead of joining in with their fault finding. 

Just think of what that will do for your marriage!  What that will do for your walk with God!  And if word gets back to your man about all of the wonderful things you’ve been saying about him, all the better!  We need to celebrate our marriages more often with our friends instead of bashing our men.

Let’s celebrate our marriages this year and be intentional about ensuring we are reflecting the gospel through them!     

Recovering My Rings

As soon as we parked at the aquarium, Marcus called the hotel and informed them about my rings and said we’d return after our time at the aquarium to pick them up.  I wasn’t sure if housekeeping had found them in our room…or if they would be honest about finding them.  When we returned to the hotel, I waited in the car as Marcus went inside to ask about my rings.  

I was anxious and nervous.  

I kept watching for him to come around the corner and when he finally did, I intently surveyed his face for any indication of the result…nothing.  He got into the car and handed me my rings.  I felt immense relief wash over me.  I was so thankful to have my rings returned to me.        

Marriage is sacred.  God longs for us to hold on to our commitment to each other.  Our Godly marriages reflect the relationship between God and Jesus, it ought to tell the gospel story…a story of redemption, unconditional love and sacrifice.    

Do you have a marriage that reflects the gospel?  What steps are you taking to make sure that you have one that does?  What steps do you need to take in order to cherish your marriage like the woman in this parable did?  How can I pray for you in this area?  

Do you value your marriage? Do you understand just how much your wedding vows are cherished by God? Do you understand how heart-broken He is when there is turmoil within our marriages? 3 Lessons From The Woman And The Lost Coin.

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