When was the last time you felt like you were on the right track with raising your kids?  Or when it seemed your parenting skills were pretty good?  I hope and pray that it wasn’t that long ago that you felt that way.  But, maybe you can’t remember when the last time was.  Or, worse, maybe you have never believed you were doing a wonderful job raising your kids.  Perhaps you are feeling like a huge failure with raising your kids.  It seems like there is one problem after another and you can’t seem to stay caught up with it all.  Well, this post is for When You Need Grace In Your Parenting.

Have you ever made a mistake in your parenting? Maybe you feel like every day is a mistake? Well, sister, I am here to remind you of one essential truth. Read this when When You Need Grace In Your Parenting. Christian parenting.

We all just want the best for our kids, don’t we?  And sometimes we wonder if we are actually the best thing for them.  Once that idea starts taking room in our thoughts, it is just a train wreck waiting to happen.  It isn’t good.  If you are listening and believing the lies of the enemy, please take them to our Heavenly Father and ask Him to reveal the truth about your parenting to your precious heart.  And then be sure to take the time to look for those gems of truth throughout the day, every day.  They are so easily and quickly missed.  

A Blessing Of Fruit

One of the most fulfilling things about being a parent is when you see your child immersing herself in the Word of God.  Being confident in the fact that my children treasure the Bible and like to read it makes me see that I have been successful in discipling them.  

It is FRUIT and I delight in seeing my children display their fruit!  

One morning, Sarah was reading her Bible, I thought she was completing her “Bible assignments” for her home school.  Finally, she looked up at me and said, “I love how the book of Revelation ends”.  

My first thought was, “Why on earth are you reading the book of Revelation???  It is so hard to understand!” 

AND my second one was almost – “Why aren’t you working on your assignment?”  Who am I kidding?  My child is digging into the word on her own – I am not going to hinder that! 

A Revelation

I hadn’t ever thought about the very last verse of the Bible.  Have you?  Do you know what it says?

We read it together…   

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen.”  Rev. 22:21

Sarah graceI said to her, “Yeah!  God’s Word ends with GRACE!” 

And I can’t tell you how relieved I was that I showed her grace by not nagging at her to ‘do her work’!  WHEW!  

Yeah, I’m not always that ‘wise’ or obedient to the Spirit’s gentle leading – just so you all know the truth.

She just loved the thought that His Word ends with grace!  She was passionate about what she had read.  The word of God was being deeply rooted within her heart.  **Actually, most NT books end with grace;)

In the beginning was the Word, and the WordJesus = The Word

Then we discussed that Jesus is The Word

We dug a little deeper and found more scriptural treasure!

So, Jesus is the Word and He BEGINS and ENDS with GRACE! 

Jesus is the epitome of grace – beginning, middle and end.  His grace was present at creation, at the cross and will be present in eternity.  

John 1 14

God’s Word ends with GRACE!

It seems that grace is significant with Jesus – should we freely accept this gift of grace from Him and in turn, freely give it to others?  

Living by grace is living in Christ and His freedom.  

Let’s choose to receive this amazing grace and from the overflow, allow it to run into the lives of those we encounter.  

Are you with me?  Or should I say are you with Jesus?

Watch For Blessings Daily

I asked some questions at the beginning of this post that may have made your heart ache.  God desires for us to be confident parents.  I encourage you to take your concerns to God and ask Him to show you the truth about the lies of failure.  

A good idea might be for you to write down His truth and post it in places that are easy for you to see.  This way, you can be reminded regularly of the truth.  

Watch for blessings and be a blessing!  I could have easily missed seeing the blessing of my daughter being in the Word – and I am sure there are plenty that I have missed because I was so focused on my mistakes.  

The Truth About Failing

Truth be told, we all mess up from time to time as parents.  

But don’t let that steal your joy!  Don’t let that lie rob you of the truth!

Our Heavenly Father is so full of mercy and compassion for us.  He is always ready to pardon us (Psalm 103:8).  He doesn’t hold on to His anger and wrath.  He is quick to forgive and erase our sin and mistakes so that He can give us His favor and unfailing love.  When we wallow in our sin, in our mistakes, we fail to show the world our merciful and compassionate Father and His steadfast love.

Do you get it?  How we approach our parenting is a reflection on our Heavenly Father.       

God wants to lead us into parenting with godly wisdom, but that takes work on our part.  It doesn’t just magically happen.  We need to be watch for the blessings of parenting instead of focusing on our ‘failures’.

Share in the comments section at least one blessing you have noticed today.  How have you parented well?  How have you seen God’s grace in your children?

For more parenting wisdom and encouragement, check out my book “Raising Godly Children: Children Who Courageously Follow Their Lord”.  Available on my shopping page OR from Amazon.


Have you ever made a mistake in your parenting? Maybe you feel like every day is a mistake? Well, sister, I am here to remind you of one essential truth. Read this when When You Need Grace In Your Parenting. Christian parenting. new signature2 


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