Want to know what our family will be using for math & science next year?  Check it out!

Wondering what I'll be using for grades 4, 7 and 9?  Here are my top picks for math & science.


For all grades, we will be using Teaching Textbooks for our core math program.  

Algebra 1 (grade 9)

We will be supplement with 2 geometry units purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers.


My son’s math will be supplemented with Life of Fred and this awesome logic book I found!


My youngest will use Life of Fred books as well.  

We usually play games and use math in other ways with Cuisenaire Rods, cooking, math lapbooks, etc.

AFFILIATEAD250x250Times Tales continues to be utilized daily.  If your child struggles to remember multiplication facts, check out Times Tales!  It has been amazing for remembering the facts – visual-spatials LOVE this!  Honestly, I always had difficulty remembering multiplication facts (or any rote memorization facts).  But this little program helped me, too.  I am visual-spatial, so rote memorization does not work for my learning style!  


Grade 9:


My oldest will go through the Exploring Creation with Astronomy text and notebooking journal.


She will also finish the physics portion of Exploring Creation with Chemistry & Physics.


She will continue on with her study of cells with this DVD as well as a bundle from Teachers Pay Teachers.

IMG_0880This little kit goes along with her physics for fluids & dynamics.  A little hydraulics set.

Grade 7:

BIP-09-2Ed-379x490We will be using Christian Kids Explore Chemistry again.  

My oldest enjoyed the program, so we will use it for my son.

Grade 4:

IMG_0864My youngest will use this unit on weather from Teachers Pay Teachers.

IMG_0863She sill also do some sound and weather experiments with these little kits.






Shared Learning:

IMG_0883My 2 youngest will be going through Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals.


snapAll 3 kids will be using this Snap Circuits set for electricity & light.  My son had the box open within minutes of bringing it home.  It WAS supposed to be for next year…but I will let him ‘play’.  The kids can hook up their iPods and the light will change with the music.  They can also set it up so the lights are voice activated.  Pretty cool, eh?


I’ll probably find some other science things for them to do throughout the year, but I am pretty happy with my choices above…they are happy, too.

Wondering what I'll be using for grades 4, 7 and 9?  Here are my top picks for math & science.

What have you picked out for math & science?

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