I have 2 daughters.  My oldest just turned 14 this month.  Sarah is so much more spiritually mature than I ever was in at her age.  She is knowledgeable of God’s word and she has a passion to serve Him.  I think that’s a firm foundation that will help her navigate to tumultuous years she is entering into.  I want to share with you, my daughters, my friends.

This is my guest post for a series called 30 days of love from a mother's heart.

I remember the years of my adolescence well.  They were hard. I had questions I couldn’t ask.  I had fears I couldn’t share.  I had a broken heart that no one knew about nor cared about.

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This post was written over a year ago…and it STILL holds true!  My oldest is 15 and I have yet to encounter eye rolls, rebellion, back-talk, defiance…or any of the ‘normal’ teen attitudes and behaviors.  So…maybe, just maybe…I am doing something right here.  Maybe my philosophy with my daughters as my friends isn’t such a horrible idea.  

Perhaps it is our idea of what a true friend looks like is wrong.  

A true friend points to Jesus.  

A true friend loves without condition.    

A true friend edifies.  

A true friend prays.  

A true friend loves.  

A true friend sacrifices.  

A true friend displays the gospel.  

Maybe I am on to something… 

And do you know what else?  It isn’t until your own mother says those awful words to you that you understand the devastating impact that they have on the heart and soul.  To say to your child – young or adult – that you are not their friend has long-lasting and destructive effects.  How is this Christ-like?  How does this display the gospel and love of Jesus?  How does it demonstrate how God is relational with us?  It doesn’t.  So, don’t say it!  Ever!  

Here is my Facebook Live video I did for this topic:

For more parenting advice, check out my book – available on my site in pdf OR on Amazon for Kindle as well as hard copy.  And be sure to check out the rest of my post on Kaylene’s site!

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