I had it all worked out.  My ‘no-fail’ plan for my career.  I was finishing up the requirements for my teaching degree and I planned on getting a job teaching elementary school in my town – or in one of the nearby locations.  It was going to be great!  I’d have the perfect classroom set up, desks grouped together in 4’s, my desk sitting in the front corner of the room.  I dreamt of the wonderful things I’d teach my grateful students.  That was in 2004.  And I haven’t set foot in a classroom since my University days.  But I am teaching!  From home, of all places!  This is How God Changed My Plans For My Life.

Do things sometimes not quite work out as you planned them? This has happened to me often. And it isn't until some time after that I find out His plan was much better.

Now What?

I had just finished my teaching degree…5+ long years of schooling.  There were no teaching jobs available in my area.  I questioned God.  I tried to reason that He hadn’t helped me through those hard years of education just for me to ‘stay at home’ and do nothing with my degree.

But no teaching positions came up.

Sarah was 3 and Matt was just born.  And I was anxious to get in a classroom.

Then I heard about Heritage Christian Online School.  They were hiring teachers to support homeschool families.

HUH?  What is homeschooling?  I think I heard the term a handful of times in university.  The family we rented our suite from homeschooled one of their kids…  But what exactly is it?

I had no clue about home education.  But, really, how hard could it be?  I was a trained professional after all.

So, I sent in my application and resume. 

Then I got a call for an interview.  And I was hired. 

Now what?

I had to learn the ‘homeschool ropes’. 

What curriculum is out there? 

What philosophies of home education have been developed?

What on earth is ‘unschooling’?  Is it just an excuse to keep your kids at home to play?

I had a lot to learn. 

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool

Then my daughter was at the age to begin school.  I cried at the thought of her going away for her education (OK – I am a very emotional person…I cry easily). 

So, we decided to homeschool her.  I was at home anyway.  We might as well.

That girl will be going into grade 9 next year and we are still homeschooling her along with her younger siblings. 

I’m not going to lie and tell you it was easy.  There seems to be some sort of misconception out there that since I have my degree, home education must be easier for me.  I don’t think this is true. 

There are days I want to quit. 

There are days when I wonder if I am ‘doing it right’.

There are days when I worry my kids aren’t learning enough.

Then there are the other days.

The days when I am discouraged and my kids quote precious scripture verses to lift my soul.  Often, these are verses they have learned from one of their programs.

The days when I see them working together to accomplish a task.  Their relationship is deepening.

The days I see them enjoy learning – their love for learning something new is growing.

The days their individuality shines and I am blessed to be able to foster this in their lives.

No Longer My Plans

While attending university, I had full intentions of being a classroom teacher.  I was preparing myself for that role and career.  But God had other plans for me. 

He had something bigger and better in store for me. 

Yes, at first, I was disappointed and discouraged about not being in a classroom.

But now I am so thankful that God had my future in His hands.  And that He still has my future and hope in His hands. 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declaresHis ways aren’t our ways.

His plans are not our plans.

His plans are always better.  His ways are always greater.

Home education isn’t always easy, but it is so rewarding.

It seems to be a trial and error with curriculum, philosophies and schedules.

There are good days and bad days.

But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

prov 19 21How have you seen God’s plans for your life more different than your own?

How has God surprised you with His plans?

Are you in a stage right now where you are wondering what His plan for your life is?



Do things sometimes not quite work out as you planned them? This has happened to me often. And it isn't until some time after that I find out His plan was much better.

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...