He went from room to room in our home, his smile getting bigger as he walked.  He noticed them!  He liked them!  No, I think he LOVED them!  I knew he was feeling incredibly loved and respected.  I was amazed at how one simple act could have such an effect on him!  When was the last time you made your husband feel special and loved?  So much so that his smile lasted the rest of the day and maybe into the following day?   

Are you looking for a great way to show your man just how much you love him? Are you wanting to honor him as your husband and man of God? Here is 1 Amazing Way To Love On Your Husband for the Christian marriage.Love Notes

Years ago, I wanted to do something very special for Marcus.  I wanted him to know just how much I adore him and appreciate all that he does for our family. 

I spent some time writing out reasons why I love him and reasons I am thankful for him on index cards.  Included in these little notes were things about his character that I admired…any positive and edifying thing I could think of, I wrote it down.  Soon, I had a stack of cards ready!  

I then posted these cards all around our home.  Some in obvious places and others in not so obvious spots – the naughtier ones had to be more hidden from little eyes that could read.  **Oh, yes, ladies, our men need to know that they still rock our world!  They need to know that we appreciate them in the bedroom as much as we do in every other aspect of our marriage!  We need to let them know without a doubt that they still make us weak in the knees and our hearts skip a beat.  Don’t be afraid to be naughty with some of these special notes.  

He will appreciate them, trust me…and it is worth the risk!

I was so excited about when he’d get home from work!


To His Delight

When he got home and started noticing the cards, he was so delighted!  And with each one he found, his smile grew bigger and bigger!  He LOVED it! 

He was purposefully walking into each and every room of the house just to find my special notes of love and appreciation.  I could tell he was feeling incredibly loved and respected throught the words written on those simple cards.  

When Love Notes Are Hard

After I had done this little deed of love, I mentioned it to a good friend.  I already knew her marriage wasn’t great.  In all honesty, her husband was verbally abusive to her.  As her friend and as a godly mentor and woman; it was my duty to encourage her to do her part in loving her husband as well as she could and to pray with and for her.  One way I encouraged her to love him as well as she could was with this idea of leaving notes for him.  

Afterward, she admitted to me that it was quite difficult for her to come up with reasons why she loved him.  There was just so much hurt and wounding and my heart grieved for her marriage.  I encouraged her to start with just 5 things…and to pray first.  Her husband didn’t need to know how many cards I had for Marcus.  This wasn’t about my marriage, it wasn’t about comparing our marriages.  It was about her marriage.  

5 things felt doable for her and once she started, she was able to think of more things.  I believe that the Holy Spirit guided her in finding the reasons she needed.  And I remember her saying how much her husband appreciated the notes.  It did help to build up their marriage and to rekindle love.

Verse 2

Your Turn!

I do hope that you try this little challenge!  It can only benefit your marriage!  

You can either make your own cards (super easy) – or you can purchase my pre-made set.  Simply cut out and use the ones that are applicable to you.  There are 36 pre-printed cards and I’ve included 6 blank templates for you make your own.  As an added bonus, you will get my “100 Reasons Why I Love You” booklet to print and write in – this can be used for your husband, your kids, your parents…a friend!  

Are you looking for a great way to show your man just how much you love him? Are you wanting to honor him as your husband and man of God? Here is 1 Amazing Way To Love On Your Husband for the Christian marriage.

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