I have finally figured out a sure-fire technique to get “my way” with my husband!  This is amazing!  And it is so EASY!  He has no idea I implement this tactic unless I tell him after he does what I want!  And he is not even offended or upset about it.  I have been amazed at how well this little conspiracy works!  Today, I will share with you How to Get What You Want From Your Husband. I am quite excited about it.  Are you ready to find out how to get what you want from your husband?  All you need to do is….

Are you looking for a fail proof way to get what you want from you man? Look no further than this post! How to get what you want from your husband. Christian marriage.


Yup, that’s what it is! 

Are you feeling disappointed and let down? 

Were you thinking it was some new revolutionary idea? 

Or some step-by-step procedure? 

Or maybe you were hoping for something a little swifter – a quick fix, so to speak. 

Out of every method I’ve tried to have “my way”, prayer is, by far, the BEST plan of “attack”.  I guarantee it will work for you, too – IF you do it the right way.  I’m not talking about proving yourself right and him wrong. 

And this isn’t about getting that dream vacation you want or having your way with the family budget.  I’m not meaning ‘your way’ with some small petty thing that you can’t let go of and trust your husband with.  This isn’t for the flesh.

Walk In The Spirit

Galatians 5:16 talks about walking in the Spirit and when we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  A wife who walks in the Spirit will pray in the Spirit and her prayers will line up with God’s word.

As we continue to walk in the Spirit, we begin to be fastened together to God.  Our hearts hold fast to God’s heart.  Our hearts melt into His. 

Colossians 1 says that through prayer, we will be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, that we may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. 

God is pleased when we are full in Christ.  A wife who prays for her marriage, one who prays for her husband is honouring God. 

A wife who petitions God to have her heart knit together in love with her husband will not be ignored by Him.

So, what does God want for our husbands and for our marriages?  He wants them to reflect Christ’s relationship with the church, God’s children.  So, if our prayers are glorifying God, He will hear them and answer them.       

Let me share a story with you.  In 2013, I began to feel frustrated with how my man was at a standstill with work.  I wanted him to DO SOMETHING!  I wanted him to begin setting goals for our family.  I wanted financial goals set, I wanted to find a new house (Matt & Em can’t share a room forever!).  Although I tried talking to him about how I felt; he still did not begin doing what I wanted! 

Time to get serious!

It was time to pull out the “big guns”.  It was time to get serious.  So, I started praying. 

I prayed for him.  I prayed for him to have wisdom for our family. 

I prayed that God would bless his work. 

I prayed that he would begin setting goals for our family. 

I prayed for our marriage. 

I prayed for his spiritual life and that he would grow closer to God. 

I prayed he would remain humble. 

I prayed for his integrity. 

I prayed for his ministry. 

I prayed that he would seek God’s counsel on everything. 

Proverbs 16:9 says “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”  I prayed that God would establish his steps.  I just prayed for him. 

Yes, healthy communication is a must in any healthy marriage, but it cannot replace the passionate prayer of a godly wife!  A Spirit-filled wife still needs to pray fervently!  I believe this is part of having ‘noble character’; one way a virtuous wife is worth more than rubies. 

A wife who prays fervently, zealously and unceasingly for her man is certainly a virtuous wife! 

Prayer – the quick fix?

Prayer is not a “quick fix”. 

Yeah, sometimes God works quickly in our favour, but most of the time it feels like eons to us before we actually see Him working.  And this was one of those times.  

But I did not stop praying.  I continued to pray diligently and fervently for my man…and for ‘my way’.  Marcus remained unaware that I was praying for him like this. 

Several months later, I began to reap the blessings of my prayers; I was seeing them answered.  Something was introduced into our life that made him dream again!  It has been so long since I have seen him eager and optimistic!   

In hindsight, I see now that he was probably feeling hopeless when I tried discussing our future.  He was discouraged and uncertain of how to get out of the rut we were in.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t trying to think of how to get out; it was finding something that might be helpful without causing him to be absolutely miserable.  

Answered Prayer!

But now, he is excited. 

He is making goals for our family!  This is what I wanted! 

I wanted him to start working towards something WITH me! 

My prayers are being answered! 

Marcus is a business minded man.  He likes to run his own business, so naturally, he had to find just the right business for himself.  And he had to be able to run this new business alongside his existing business.  And he finally found something!  To find out what he is up to, click here: marcusimbeau.com  

I don’t know what this means for our family in the future, but I see how my husband has changed, and to me, that is what is important.  He is working towards something for our family.  He is taking Proverbs 13:22 seriously – it has turned into his own prayer for his family.  This has been an answer to prayer – my husband isn’t discouraged anymore. 

He is planning for the future.  He is excited – and that makes this wife’s heart sing!

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.  Proverbs 21:5

Coming to Agreement

I have also noticed prayer working like this when Marcus and I have had a disagreement or one of us has been unkind to the other.  This kind of thing doesn’t happen often, but I have found that a resolution is much easier and quicker to happen when I have prayed

Sometimes he has said something unkind to me and I pray that God will show him how I was hurt.  Other times, I have been in the wrong about something and God shows ME what I need to repent of and apologize to Marcus for. 

God is FOR our marriages, He wants us to have strong, healthy marriages. 

And prayer is a HUGE part of a good marriage – so is apologizing when we are wrong or have been unkind, so is forgiving fully and completely – offering grace freely.

God’s Way Does Not Mean My Way

I know I have been saying ‘my way’ throughout this post but I think it is crucial to make this point very clear:  

It isn’t simply ‘my way’, but the fact that my heart’s desire is for ‘my way’ to be one in the same as God’s way.  I do not want to pray anything out of the will of God. 

This isn’t some sneaky, devious plan to fool your husband into doing what you want.  This is all about praying the will of God for your man and allowing God to work out the details. 

This is developing the kind of marriage where your husband safely trusts you with his whole heart.  A wife that will do good to her husband all the days of her life – and praying so passionately for your husband does him good – so good. 

IsaiahI typically tell Marcus that I had been praying for him after I see my prayers being answered.  He is always pleasantly surprised, he feels supported and respected in that I trust him with our family.  He is thrilled that I have taken time out of my busy days to pray specifically for him in these areas.

Most importantly, prayer is to get to know God more, to be closer to Him – not to simply get what you want.  Praying for your hubby means getting to know the heart of God and His will for your life and your marriage. 

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” 

Proverbs 19:21

How have you prayed for your husband today?

To help remind you to pray for your daily, I have created a special printable for you to have!  Just download below for your copy!

Have You Prayed For Your Husband?

An 8×10 printable to remind you to pray for you husband daily.  Created for the post “How to Get What You Want From Your Husband.

Keep praying – especially when you feel like God isn’t hearing you.  He does hear and He will answer – He has promised.  1 John 5:14, Psalm 34, Psalm 55:16 & 17, Psalm 86:7, Matthew 21:22, John 14:13,14…just to name a few!

Are you looking for a fail proof way to get what you want from you man? Look no further than this post! How to get what you want from your husband. Christian marriage.

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