Today, I am sharing a post over at Pressing In and Pressing On in Starla’s Trusting God series.  My post is about how we have been blessed to trust in the Lord during the sale of our home.  Head on over to Starla’s site and then return here for an update!!

Blessed to trust in the Lord

The Rest Of The Story

In the post on Starla’s site, I mentioned that we were still trusting God with the purchasing details of the home we fell in love with.  The move in date was changed to September 1 for us!  The inspection of the new home went incredibly well.  It seems like this transition is going quite smoothly.

You see, there is still another aspect to this story that I haven’t shared with many people.  This time of change is a necessary one.  There is some history with this home that does not belong in our family anymore.  Unhealthy relationships have come to a close and we no longer want such ties to the other people involved.  A good friend of mine suggested that there could be spiritual ties with this house because of the previous owners, ties we are finally ready to let go of.  And this is all part of God’s perfect timing.

We are on the verge of a fresh start, a new beginning.  And this is good.  This is God’s blessing on our family!

So, be blessed to trust in the Lord!

One More Thing

Yeah, there is one more thing I want to add here.  This trusting thing didn’t come easy.  I struggled with trusting God.  For over 3 years I doubted His goodness.  I doubted that He loved me.  I doubted His existence.  I doubted that He cared enough about me to bless me.  I do plan to share more of that journey in the coming weeks, so if you are struggling with belief and trust, keep coming back here OR sign up for notifications of new posts.

God has brought our family so far.  He has brought us out of pits, depression, grief, fear, brokenness…the list goes on.  And He has placed us upon a Rock.  He will do the same for you.

Blessed to trust in the Lord


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Aimee Imbeau

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