I know, I am late in posting my weekly blog post – but Marcus and I got away for the weekend and had a super WONDERFUL time together.  It was just what I needed to rest.  But, on with my new post…Sometimes, our healing requires us to step out of our comfort zone.  Have you ever noticed this before?  These are things that strike fear into our hearts.  If you are like me, you immediately shoo them away.  But then I wonder- how many times have I missed an opportunity for amazing healing for my wounded heart because I was afraid?  I had the chance to help my daughter invite deeper healing to her heart this past week by helping her recognize that healing comes through stepping out of our comfort zone…and into His grace.

Healing Comes Through Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zones

The Broken Heart

Several years ago, there was an incident involving outright rejection of my oldest daughter by some girls she knew.  It was very painful and I saw her turn from a bubbly extrovert to an insecure introvert.  Not that being an introvert is bad – I am one of the most introvertiest introverts!  Wait – I don’t think that was a word until just now!  But when pain changes your heart into something that God had not intended, that’s not a good thing. 

I go more into detail of that story in my parenting book, Raising Godly Children, and how we started the healing process during that time.  It was very hard for me to turn from the angry, momma bear to helping my daughter take her pain to Jesus. 

It is amazing how healing can take years to work through.  I guess it is more like after the initial healing has been done and dealt with, then Jesus offers even deeper healing over the next few years.  It’s like He is saying, “See?  I’m not finished with you yet.  I am still transforming you.  Be patient.

Moving = Change And Opportunity

A couple of months ago, we moved to a new city and our search for a new church began.  We found one that we enjoyed, but before making a bigger commitment, Marcus and I wanted to make sure our kids were able to make friends there, too.  This was an area where our family struggled a lot – finding good friends for our children.  So, one of the biggest requirements for our new church home was that our kids would find friends easily. 

Sarah started attending youth group.  She soon made some friends.  Do you know how much a relief that was for Marcus and me?  She wasn’t ignored.  She wasn’t rejected.  She was welcomed and enjoyed.  She felt like she was a part of the group.  Matt went to jr. youth and he has been enjoying that, too.  And Emily has asked to continue returning to Sunday School.

The Invitation

Joshua 1 9Last week, Sarah was invited to read the scripture passage for this coming Sunday.  At first she did not want to do it.  She said she didn’t have enough confidence.  She was afraid.  It was completely out of her comfort zone – especially in a brand new church without many familiar faces! 

And, yet, she knew the root of this fear.  She knew where it came from.  She knew that it was from that deep pain of rejection that occurred a few years ago.  I explained to her that sometimes God wants to give us deeper healing but that means we must step out of comfort zones in order to receive that healing.  I asked her if she thought maybe this was an opportunity for further healing for her precious heart.  She agreed that it probably was.  Marcus and I instructed her to pray about it and then give us her decision. 

Isaiah 43 19

This is one of my favourite verses. God promised me this years ago. Do you believe it?

The following day, she told us that she wanted to read the Bible passage in front of the entire church.  She had been thinking about what to do and she felt God’s peace and confidence wash over her.  She is waiting for deeper healing.  She is looking to see what God is going to do for her through this opportunity. 

She waits expectantly.

How about you?  Has God asked you to step out of your comfort zone so that He can bring more healing to your broken heart?  Are you willing to take that step as scary as it is?  If so, tell a trusted friend so that she/he can be praying for you.  Or share it here and I will pray for you (I am sure some of my readers will, too!).  And, then wait expectantly for Him to work.  He will do a new thing in you.  He will make a new path for your heart.  He will do it.  He promises.

Spread your wings and fly beautiful butterfly!

Healing Comes Through Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zones

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • Cindy W

    Your ugly inside and out, your new church will find out real quick what kind of people you and your husband are.
    A party was thrown once you left Armstrong. God answered all our prayers

    • My dear readers, this is the perfect example of why my husband and I have distanced ourselves from specific family members – they seem to enjoy creating fake names and email accounts only to leave nasty comments on either my blog or my facebook page. Yes, even making up fake facebook accounts in order to leave horrible comments. This is what they do. This is mental illness and just plain old jealousy and hatred. Cindy W’s email address is askmyheart@yahoo.com and I have her IP address, which is in West Kelowna.
      This is the exact type of inappropriate behaviour that has been in my family for a very long time and the kind of behaviour that Marcus and I got tired of. What a sad state this person’s heart is in. I feel sorry for her.

  • Kelly

    Aimee, you and your family are amazing people and I know everyone in our church misses you all. I am happy that you have found acceptance in your new church and I know Sarah will be great with her reading.

    • Thank you, Kelly. We miss our friends, too. I know Sarah will do well, too.

  • Laura Klassen

    Aimee – you and Marcus are doing such a great job parenting your daughter through a difficult time! I celebrate this victory in her life. Keep on encouraging us with your ‘God-stories”

    • Thank you Laura. I know you love my kids and love seeing them grow spiritually. Know that you have played a part in their spiritual development;)

  • Beautiful friend, how I loved this posting and how I cherish your sensitive heart.

    I have had deep hurts that were healed by stepping out in faith. It is so hard to do but it is by His strength we can do it! You must be so happy for your daughter and how she was able to heal in this opportunity to read in front of the church.

    God is amazing and He is working in and through you to raise confident, strong children.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    • Thank you Jennifer. Sometimes, though, I write words like this only to have to be reminded of the truth myself at times. Do you ever find that? Kind of preaching the truth to my own heart right now.

  • Pam Ecrement

    Thanks, Aimee, for this wonderful post! It has stirred many thoughts! How blessed your daughter is to have you walk by her side and show her Jesus as He truly is! You’re right! It’s always hard to step out of our comfort zones, but it is the only way healing and growth can occur. One of those steps came for me when I started my website and blogging after being discouraged from thinking too highly of myself that I could or should ever write anything from a dear lady at our church some years ago. Your post brought that and other times back to my mind and caused me to pause and be grateful again for His nudge to step beyond fear.

    Blessings and grace to you!

    • What a wonderful story to share, Pam! Thank you for sharing it. He does nudge us, doesn’t He? He doesn’t push or shove…but gently nudges us. I’ll have to check out your blog!

  • Anastasia Safee

    I am so glad you found a church that meets all of your families needs. It sounds like your daughter is flourishing there. Great thought provoking post. 🙂

  • Thanks Aimee! I needed this. I’m working through something right now and I feel God nudging me to step out. Your post is good confirmation. Thanks so much for linking up at CMB. Blessings my friend!

    • Ohhh…I can’t wait to find out what that something is, Deb! Will you be sharing on your blog? If so, let me know when you do!

  • Belinda

    It seems as if every blog post I read this morning has something for my heart!! Thank you. It is about our trust in God not in the circumstances we find ourselves in. Don’t mean to be cryptic but the story is too long, but your words ring true for me – God is healing, and calling me to step out into places I’d rather not!!

    • God is so faithful to give us these little gifts for our hearts. I am so glad that God is beckoning you to step out. I hope that you will share about these things when you are ready – I think you have a blog, right?

      • Belinda

        Thanks Aimee – I do hav a blog – and I started sharing a little bit this morning with a post on change – and our response to it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Mary

    Beautiful words! I understand well about stepping out of comfort zones. In fact, writing over at Messy Marriage is one of those times. Thank you for blessing me with your sweet words over there today.

    • Hmmm…yes, that was stepping out of your comfort zone, wasn’t it? But I am so glad you shared that story of your life. So many of us need those kinds of words – we need to know that we aren’t the only ones who are broken.

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