Christmas is a busy time for most families…shopping, Christmas concerts, parties, festive meals, more shopping, family obligations…the list goes on.  Before we know it, Christmas Day has come and gone.  And we feel like we have missed out on something important.  We have forgotten some significant detail of the holiday.  We overlooked the essential step of preparing our hearts for celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.  The words from the carol “Come, Let Us Adore Him!” have been neglected and replaced with busyness.  Before our schedules get too demanding with celebrations this season, will you join me in spending time reflecting on the coming of our Lord? Come, Let Us Adore Him!

Do you feel like Christmas comes and goes without spending quiet time with the Savior? Come, Let Us Adore Him

Is Christmas A Time Of Rest?

Christmas is my time of rest after a busy few weeks of report card writing, which I am still trying to finish up.  I look forward to spending time with my family, playing games, watching movies, and other low-key activities. 

But the pressure during this time of year is ever-present.  There is pressure to buy, buy, buy stuff for people.  There is pressure to go here and there; to ‘do Christmas’ the right way instead of just resting.  

I feel that pressure the moment I step into the shopping mall.  Advertisements are everywhere, trying to convince me that I will find that perfect gift in their store.  It is all so overwhelming for my soul.  I’m not trying to be a Scrooge or a Grinch, but I fear we have lost the focus of Christmas.  The pressure to put on the Perfect Christmas gets wearisome after a while.  

In Adoration

What happened to “Come, Let Us Adore Him?”  Those words…do they give the atmosphere of stress that comes with hustling and bustling?  Or is it an invitation to come and rest by the side of our Saviour?  We sing the words to that beautiful Christmas carol, but do we actually take the time to just STOP and adore Him? 

Like the shepherds who came to Bethlehem in haste to see the tiny Babe – how often have I come to Jesus in haste?  Not often enough, I am afraid.  So, this season, I am taking the time to reflect on what it is to come to Him in a desperate rush.  I want to be intentional about coming to Him swiftly for rest and reprieve.  Hey – this might give new meaning to ‘hustle and bustle’!  

Hustle and bustle to Jesus, my King!

That is my heart’s desire.  This is where my heart finds rest.  And to hide such things within my heart as Mary did.  These events must have been so precious to her.  What a sight that must have been to behold. 

Have we lost the preciousness of His birth?  Have we stopped hiding these things in our hearts?  I fear we have we become so wrapped up in the pressure of Christmas that the magnificence of His birth is overlooked or glanced upon at best?  Can we return to the awe and eagerness that the shepherds had that night?  They glorified and praised God after seeing the sweet Baby – the Messiah had come!  No one had heard from God for 400 years!  And FINALLY, He shows up in a stinky manger full of animals.  It was the most spectacular unspectacular event anyone had seen.  Hope had come again.

To Follow A Star

Even wise men from the East came to worship Him!  Can you imagine traveling for months and months just to see a child?  And to worship Him?  And to follow a star to find the child? 

Matthew 2Seriously, if you said that to anyone today, you’d be marked as insane.  But the WISE men followed a STAR!  They believed the prophecy of Micah – but still – a star.  That’s crazy!  What’s even crazier is that they found the Christ child and they fell down in worship! 

If we really think about this story and play it through in our minds, we realize that it is ludicrous to do what the wise men did!  But this is devotion; this is what happens when the hopeless catch a glimpse of hope.  Have we lost that devotion?  Have we gotten so caught up in the shopping, spending and decorating that we have forgotten where our Hope lies? 

How are you planning on adoring Him this season?  I am going to plan for some quiet time of rest and reflection, talking to my Saviour.  If I don’t plan for it, then it won’t happen.  If I am not intentional about making room for my King, then I just won’t.  I will listen to Christmas music that worships him (and some fun ones, too!), read scriptures and devotions with a Christmas theme, spend time with my family, gather items for the food bank…

What will you do?  I’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments.  Let’s inspire each other to reflect on our Saviour!

Have a blessed Christmas as you worship Him.  To help with your worship, I leave you with this beautiful song by Kutless, This Is Christmas, one of our family favorites to sing.

Christmas devotional

Do you feel like Christmas comes and goes without spending quiet time with the Savior? Come, Let Us Adore Him

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • Karlene Arthur

    So love this post, Aimee. I’m visiting from #FaithFilledFriday today where we are neighbors. This Christmas, I too am trying to focus more on being present and attentive to His Coming.

    • Thank you Karlene. It is a discipline, isn’t it? It is easier to get caught up in all the buzz. What have you found that works for you?

  • Beautiful encouragement to focus on Jesus! I’m enjoying my Advent devotional and blog posts like this one!

    • Thank you Dianne. I, too, have been enjoying Christmas/Advent blog posts!

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