Have you ever wondered what Jesus wants for Christmas?  Maybe the idea of giving Him a gift hasn’t even crossed your mind.  I mean, what do you give to the Saviour of the world?  The guy who has been around since the beginning of time.  He was with God when the earth was formed and everything in it was created.  What could He possibly want?  Have you wondered what to give Jesus for Christmas?  I have wondered that, too, and I found the answer.  What To Give Jesus For Christmas.

Have you ever wondered what Jesus wants us to give to Him for Christmas? I have some ideas! What To Give Jesus For Christmas.

Store Bought Or Handmade?

The malls are busy with shoppers, line-ups, sales…and almost everything under the sun.  It is hard enough to make your way through the crowds of people to find just the right gift for everyone on your list let alone the King of Kings!  I’m not sure if any store in the mall would carry anything appropriate for the One who traded His life so that I can live through Him.  Besides, most things are seriously over-priced…right?

So, then, the question is – what do you give Christ for Christmas? If shopping for something is out of the question, then how about something hand-made?  Maybe.

I can sew something lovely.  I enjoy quilting.  Or perhaps a beautiful card with pretty scrapbook paper?  I love receiving hand-made gifts – I know the time and love that goes into them! 

A hand-made item is a colossal gesture of love, so Jesus would be happy with something hand-made for Christmas, right?  Well, still…it doesn’t seem very fitting, does it?

The Gift That Will Bring Him Joy

In Luke 21, Jesus tells us a wonderful story about a poor woman.  We discover what was offered to Him that brought Him joy.

The chapter begins with Jesus taking note of the wealthy placing their gifts into the temple treasury – I wonder how much attention the wealthy were bringing to themselves as they dumped their abundance into the coffers.  Did they make a show out of it?  Maybe they made a lot of noise.  Maybe they mumbled loudly to themselves so as to draw attention to themselves with each gift they plopped into the treasury.  

But their commotion did not hold His gaze for long.  

The Widow

Along comes a poor widow.  I can just picture her, slowly scuffling towards the treasure box in her worn out sandals that are too small for her.  Her tattered robes, filthy from the dust and muck outside, cause those around her to grimace in disgust.  She fumbles around in her money pouch for the contents and pauses as she holds her two mites over the opening of the treasury.  She finally drops them in and turns to leave, weaving her way through the crowd of wealthy people carelessly tossing in their gifts.  A tear falls down her cheek as she shuffles by the arrogant aristocrats.

I wonder if she doubted her contribution as she watched these rich people sauntering around her, gold and silver clanging together as they swayed proudly. 

Did she feel like her gift was worthless and meaningless…who will notice two mites among all of this wealth?

I know how she was feeling.  And I am sure most of you do, too.  

He Sees Her

Then we read what Jesus says about her.  “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.” v. 3-4

Did you catch that?  The widow gave out of her poverty and Jesus says that is much more than what the wealthy had given!  The amount she gave, two mites, were two small copper coins.  In the economy of the day, they were barely worth anything!  A mite was the smallest coin at that time, it held the lowest value of all coins.  The widow gave the lowest amount of money possible.  She gave the least that one could possibly give. 

But…she gave out of her brokenness.  She gave what was probably the thing that held the most worth to her.  Others would see it as not much of anything, especially the eyes of the wealthy.  

But not Jesus.  

He saw something very different.  He saw that she gave so much more than the wealthy could ever give.  She gave what others would frown at, or even laugh at.  She gave out of her broken life, and broken soul.

I think Jesus longs for this kind of gift from us.  Sometimes life is so difficult and heartbreaking that all we can do is survive.  We feel like we have nothing to offer anyone let alone the One who created the entire universe! 

But, He asks us for every single part of our heart – the whole and the broken.  This woman invested her livelihood into her offering, shouldn’t we do the same?  Should we not invest our livelihood into our offering to Jesus?  Should we not live our lives fully and completely devoted to Him?  And this kind of gift usually comes out of our brokenness

It seems like it is when we actually have nothing left to give that we end up giving Jesus everything He wanted in the first place…ourselves

Jesus also wants us to return to Him what is rightfully His – our identity – who He says we are, not who we think we are or who someone else tells us we are.

These are the gifts He desires from us – the broken shards of our hearts.  I know, this goes against our nature, doesn’t it?  I mean, who wants a broken gift?  Who wants a present that is scarred and trampled like it has been through a food processor?  But this is what He wants.

Giving Out Of Abundance

Now, what if life is great for you right now? You don’t need healing, you don’t need help.  Joy and contentment have filled your life.  You are in the midst of blessing after blessing from God. 

LukeWhat do you offer to Jesus?  Well, certainly not pride!  Don’t believe you have it all together because of something you have done!  Thank God for the blessing of your life going well and then out of your abundance – GIVE!  Offer your friendship and compassion to those who are hurting.  Be ‘Jesus with skin on’ to people around you who are suffering.  Don’t stand by watching them grieve and live in sorrow.  Jump in and get your hands ‘dirty’.  God is giving you an abundant life so that you may offer His life and freedom to others.  Don’t be stingy with it!  

MatthewThis is what it means to bear one another’s burdens.  As the Church, this is what we do for one another, this is what binds us together in unity…LOVE.

If He has breathed new life into you, if He has given you a new song to sing, it is your responsibility to bring that life and song to dying hearts.

Bring it to the ones who desperately need to know what abundant life is; what a new song sounds like.  We need to sing this new song to the broken.  What’s the point of having a new song if we don’t sing it?

Promises, Faithfulness, and Love

I like symbolism and doing something that will remind me of God’s promises, faithfulness, and love for me. I have made some decorations and cut out.  The idea is for you to write something on the back (or the front).  Write down the hurt and wounding that you are choosing to lay down at His feet.  Tell Him about the brokenness you wish to give to Him.  Or write how you will offer His love to others if you are in a season of a New Song right now.  In fact, you could do one of each!  Ask Him what He wants you to give to Him and write that response on the decoration.  Hang it on your tree – or wherever – and it will be a reminder to you of His faithfulness and goodness.  

Christmas Decorations

These decorations were compiled to accompany 2 Christmas blog posts, What To Give Jesus For Christmas and What Do You Want From Jesus For Christmas?

I made a total of 8 decorations on this printable.  I plan to use this template for next week’s post…What Will You Ask Jesus For Christmas?  I hope you will join me!

Have you ever wondered what Jesus wants us to give to Him for Christmas? I have some ideas! What To Give Jesus For Christmas.


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  • Oh I just loved this Aimee.

    I sometimes think I fall short in what I have to offer Jesus but he is so good and gratefully receives what we have to offer. You post sparked in me two thoughts:

    First, two weeks ago while I was in church, I was grieved at the little $5 bill I had in my wallet to tithe. Money is tight and it was literally all I had in my wallet. I apologized to God as I took an envelope out of the pew. As I opened it up, I discovered another $5 in the envelope! I praised the Lord and added my $5 to it. God is so good.

    Then, the church interviewed the children as to what gift they would give Jesus. I was teary as I watched their responses on the big screen… their love, hugs, kisses. All so sweet. My daughter’s response? A litter of puppies. lol – oh my!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

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  • Courtney

    What a great read! My 1st time here, I really enjoyed it 🙂
    Courtney @ http://www.gracegrowedify.com

    • Thanks, Courtney. I am so glad that stopped by and took the time out of your busy day to read something little old me wrote…and you left an encouraging comment. Thanks so much!

  • Jesus wants our hearts. He wants our love.

    • He sure does, Heather! He cherishes our hearts. He holds our broken hearts so tenderly and carefully. Thanks for stopping by!