How are you with trusting God?  Is that a struggle for you?  Or do you trust without a second thought?  Maybe you are struggling with trust and you keep hearing the cliché “Just trust God” and you have no idea how to do that.  What does it look like to start trusting God?  Sometimes (many times for me), we just need it laid out for us.  Today, I am sharing 4 Glorious Truths About Trusting God.  I pray that these 4 practical tips will get you started on understanding what it means to trust God.    

"Just trust Him" you are told. But you are unsure of how to do that. How can you trust Him? How do you know that you are trusting Him? These questions can cause much anxiety if we don't know the truth about His word. Tips and ideas to help Christian living.

1. Trust and Trials

trust and trials, trust GodTrust is proven through trials.  When you know God has brought you through the impossible, or the darkest places one could possibly be in, you just begin to trust.  As more and more trials come our way, we grow to trust Him even deeper.  We see His hand throughout our circumstances.  We see how He rescues us time and again…and that He LOVES to rescue us!  He delights in saving us.  

He has proven Himself faithful in the past and He will continue to prove Himself.  That’s just His character.  As we see Him demonstrating His faithfulness, it gets easier to trust Him.  Watch for these moments…sometimes they are easy to miss.

2. Trust and Prayer

trust God, prayerTrust is developed in prayer.  When we commune with Him and grow familiar with His voice (My sheep know My voice), our trust deepens.  This isn’t just me talking at God.  This is a two-sided conversation.  We take turns speaking.  I quiet my soul and listen for His voice.  I sense His peace about situations.  Scripture verses come to mind.  He whispers truth into my heart that line up with His word.  

One of the best examples of this was Marcus’ (my hubby) salvation.  He was not a believer when we married.  I remember praying for his salvation and crying out to God about my worry that he was not a believer.  And then I heard Him whisper right into my heart, “Don’t worry about him.  I will get him and when I do, I will get him good.”  About 6 years later, He was faithful in this promise.     

3. Trust and His Word

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.Trust is knowing His word.  Even when He seems quiet.  There is one saying that has really bothered me over the years.  I’m sure you’ve heard it, too.  It goes something like this, “If you don’t feel God, guess who moved”.  

I think this saying can make us distrust God – like He will ‘disappear’ if we have neglected our devos or Bible study for a week…or a month.  He’s not like that.  He is faithful.  I think that those times when He is quiet or feels distant, is when He wants to take us into deeper trust with Him.  I haven’t seen anything in scripture that supports the theology of that statement.  Take a look at how many years were between the Old Testament and the birth of Christ.  That is 400 years of silence from God!  But His people kept trusting Him and His word.  He has never forsaken us.  NEVER.  Know His truth in His word.  Not silly clichés. 

4. Trust and Time

Phil 1 6Trust is life long.  I have grown in my trust in God.  This did not happen overnight – or even in a year or two.  It has been growing for a very long time.  I’ve seen how He was beside me through significant trauma as a child.  I know how He preserved me through various events and abuse in my life.  I’ve seen Him speak into the heart of my husband and show Himself to him.  I have witnessed His provision, His grace and His mercy.  I saw as He redeemed the hurt in my daughter’s life.  I recognized Him when He helped us find a solution to my youngest daughter’s medical issue.  I have called on Him to help my son turn from temptation.  I could go on and on with such a list.  So, if you are struggling to trust Him, be encouraged.  Trust does not happen right away.  Like in any relationship, it takes time.

Philippians 1:6 says that the good work in us won’t be completed until the return of Jesus.  Trusting means knowing God will finish what He started in us.  Isn’t that exciting?  He isn’t like me in that often times I don’t finish what I start – anyone else guilty of this?  Do you know how many sewing projects I have that is incomplete?   

Be confident in knowing that your trust in Him is growing – and it will continue to grow until the return of our Saviour.  Not a second sooner.

Look To Jesus

Look To JesusMy friend, Dawn Klinge, who writes over at Above The Waves, wrote a lovely book about trusting God.  She shares intimate stories of her life – the stories that grew her trust in God.  They weren’t stories that were about the ease of life. 

She writes, “I can find Jesus in the mystery of the hard times and he will enable me (and you) to stay strong in our faith as promised in Philippians 1:6”.

Her book is infused with hope-filled scripture verses.  She explains very clearly the gospel message throughout.  She shares how she has seen God’s faithfulness all over her life – even when circumstances did not pan out the way she wanted them to.  In fact, they always resulted in something so much better.  I love how she shares that God was with her, teaching her, guiding her through difficult moments. 

This is a book full of truths and hope…one that I will treasure for a very long time.  

You can buy a copy of her book through Amazon – both digital and hard copies are available.

It is a wonderful book – and a great gift for a friend or family member who is struggling with trusting God…or anyone who wishes to go deeper with God.  Here is her book trailer:

Thanks Dawn for giving me the honour of reviewing your fantastic book!  It has warmed my heart and soul!    

"Just trust Him" you are told. But you are unsure of how to do that. How can you trust Him? How do you know that you are trusting Him? These questions can cause much anxiety if we don't know the truth about His word. Tips and ideas to help Christian living.

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • Aimee, those are glorious truths. I’m so happy that we don’t have to depend on ourselves, but rather, that we can put our trust in God. Thank you for writing this.

    • If I just depended upon myself all these years, I don’t know where I’d be! Thank you for sharing your book;)

  • Linda B

    Aimee, you are right – it takes time for our trust to deepen. Wonderful to read of your continued prayer for your husband – and God was indeed faithful! It’s so good to know that He is utterly trustworthy!

    • He sure is trustworthy! I think part of our jobs as mature Christians is to help younger Christians understand this concept and to not be discouraged by their lack of trust. We need to help them grow their faith.

  • Lil at Embracing the Lovely

    I love these truths Aimee! Thank you for sharing!

    If there’s one thing that has always bothered me, it’s when platitudes are used when people are having a difficult time trusting the Lord. They definitely don’t meet the souls deepest need, and many times aren’t scripturally based.

    • Thanks Lil. I know, those platitudes get me, too. We hear them so much that we don’t second guess them. Then we start saying them ourselves! I know I have been guilty of that! God reveals the truth, though, doesn’t He? And when He does, He wants us to share it.

  • Aimee, thank you for sharing your heart and what you’re learning about trusting God. Looking back at the times in my life when God was faithful helps me trust him moving forward. I’m glad that you said this is an area we will continue to grow in, cause I really need that! Wishing you blessings. Marva | sunSPARKLEshine

    • Thank you Marva. I need the reminder that it is an area of continual growth, too. It can be so easy to get discouraged when we start to think otherwise.

  • So encouraging! Thanks for sharing these lovely words of truth today. 🙂 Blessings! Tasha

    • I’m so glad you were blessed today, Tasha!!

  • Brianna

    Trusting God is a lesson that surely grows our faith. He never breaks his promises and can be trusted. May we each remember these lessons and allow his love transform our lives.

    • Thank you Brianna. What you said is so true! I love what you said…and I love your hair!

  • Oh Jennifer, my beautiful sister! I think we all doubt ourselves. I know I do. Often times, when we get an idea, as long as we are glorifying God, He will honour it. It’s not always cut and dry. It’s not always totally clear what He wants us to do…sometimes I think He just wants us to ‘do’ something! But, yes, those nudges are the Holy Spirit.
    I think most of have said those silly cliches from time to time. We hear them so often and they just become part of the Christian language. We just accept that they must have some kind of Biblical basis since ‘all’ the Christians are saying them.
    And I think you are maturing as a Christian more than you think you are;)…we all need more maturing…
    PS…I know Dawn is having her own giveaway on her site, too.
    Love you, girl!

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