My husband and I aren’t the type to go spend money on Valentine cards, cute stuffies or a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  It just isn’t our ‘thing’.  Neither of us have the love language of gifts.  Instead, we both have quality time as out top love language…or, I guess Marcus says his is ‘quality touch’…  Anyway, I thought I’d share Marcus’ 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine’s Day here.

I asked my husband for his ideas on Valentine's Day gifts. He is so creative and mentioned a few things I hadn't thought of...but I love! I hope you enjoy these 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine's Day!

In my last post, 7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband, I promised to offer more tangible gifts…

A Quiet Dinner at Home

We really enjoy this idea and it works well,especially if you have young children.  We started doing this when our kids were small and taught them that they must stay in their rooms for the entire evening.  We would feed them a meal they really liked and set up a portable DVD player in one of their bedrooms.  They’d happily watch a movie together with some popcorn while Marcus and I enjoyed a nice dinner together.  

You should know that one of the ways Marcus displays his love for me is through his cooking.  He loves to cook and he loves to make me happy with his cooking.  A typical dinner like this would be steak with prawns and some veggies.  

Now I know not everyone has a home chef for a husband.  I am truly blessed that Marcus works from home and can take the time to cultivate his cooking skills…and that I get to be his guinea pig.  If your man isn’t keen on cooking anything besides KD, then some alternatives might be:

  • Shared cooking – he could be your sous chef!  I LOVE helping Marcus with meal prep.  It is time we get to spend together and we have some great chats while cooking up a storm!
  • Order some take-out.  No, I’m not talking about fast food.  When we lived in Armstrong, there was a pub that we would order these amazing ribs from.  They were delicious and we could never quite figure out what they put in their sauce.  When we didn’t feel like sitting in the restaurant or we just couldn’t, we would order these ribs and one of would zip out to pick them up.  Sushi is another great take-out dish. 
  • Go out for dinner.  If you want to avoid the busyness on Valentine’s Day, choose another day to go out for dinner…or even just lunch, which is usually cheaper;)  There have been times when we’d have discussion prompts on paper.  This encouraged some great talks about things that we may not have discussed otherwise.   

Prepare a Relaxing Bath

I kind of forgot about this idea…I am glad Marcus brought it up when I asked him about gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Not only can I expect to have a lovely bath sometime in the near future, but the fact that he mentioned it tells me that he enjoys doing this for me.  

He gets the water going and pours some wonderful scented bubble bath into it.  He places candles all around the bathroom and lights them, making sure they are all in a safe place.  He gets a clean towel and places it by the tub for me.  If music can be played, he’ll get that set up, too.  Then he lets me in and he leaves…he makes sure the kids are quiet and they are instructed to not interrupt me under any circumstances.     

Massage…Need I Say More?

Another idea for Valentine’s Day is a sensuous massage.  Marcus gets this set up, too.  Music, massage oils, sometimes candles, towels…and warm hands.  There are how-to’s on giving good massages…Google can be your friend, use it.

A massage and a bath may seem like gifts for me, and they certainly are, but, Marcus does greatly benefit from the effects of these gifts to me;) 

Spouse’s Choice

The last point my husband made was to not just assume that your spouse would love a specific gift.  Instead, ask her what she’d like…or tell your husband what you’d appreciate.  Not everyone loves a bath.  Not all wives want take-out.  Not all husbands want to cook.  So ASK!  

Asking means communicating…that isn’t always very comfortable, is it?  But a healthy marriage consists of a lot of communication.  And that just might be a gift in itself.

Now, for some of my ideas…

Leave Love Notes

One year, I wrote out a bunch of love notes for Marcus and taped them all over the house.  He absolutely loved searching the house for these special notes.  I explain this in more detail in my post “1 Amazing Way To Love On Your Husband“.  A set of gorgeous love notes are available in my shop – and if you purchase by February 14, you get a copy of my “100 Reasons Why I Love You” printable book that contains hearts for you to write reasons why you love your spouse, child, parent or friend.  PLUS, a set of discussion prompts, like the idea mentioned above! 

Date In A Box

A couple of years ago, I gave Marcus a ‘year of dates in a box’ for Christmas.  It was one of his favourite gifts of all time.  The box contained one date for each month.  You can use this idea for a simpler date night in a box.  For example, I could buy a gift card for the local kitchen shop and going there would be our date.  Along with the gift card, I’d include items such as a fancy cooking sauce, special spices (fleur de sel!), a small recipe book or a book on cooking tips and maybe a unique cooking tool.  

Out Of The Box Gifts

The Dating Divas have a ton of great ideas that I plan on using…and not just for Valentine’s Day;) There are some tame ideas…and not-so-tame ideas.  There are games, date ideas…and so much more.  And I love how they are FOR strong marriages!  I just noticed one link called “reclaim your marriage”.  PS – sign up for their newsletter for some awesome printables!

Have a wonderful and fun Valentine’s day (or week:0) 

I asked my husband for his ideas on Valentine's Day gifts. He is so creative and mentioned a few things I hadn't thought of...but I love! I hope you enjoy these 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine's Day!

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...

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  1. We Valentine’s Day at home too . . . though dinner is not quiet ’cause we include the kids! My husband cooks, tries to involve the kids and keep me out of the way. The kids (all of us really) look forward to it ’cause it’s the one day a year we serve shrimp.

    • We’ve done chocolate fondue with the kids before…I’d like to do that again. One year, Marcus made me coconut shrimp…so yummy! It’s nice to be at home, though, hey?

  2. Great ideas! Sounds like you are surely blessed to have the husband you do. Visiting from #FaithFilledFriday today where we’re neighbors.

  3. What a wonderful bunch of suggestions for Valentine’s, Aimee!
    You’ve given me some great ideas for next week!
    I came over today on FaithnFriends.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend~

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