Do you struggle in your prayer life?  Do you find it difficult to force yourself to have time set aside for prayer?  And then feel guilt and condemnation when your head hits the pillow and you realize you didn’t say your daily prayer?  Or weekly prayer…again?  I don’t think there is a Christian out there who can honestly say they have never struggled in their prayer life.  How many of us can say that at some point (many points for me) and in varying seasons of life, we have struggled with prayer?  I have developed a prayer journal for myself and I’d like to share with you How To Create A Simple Prayer Journal.

Do you love the idea of a prayer journal but not sure where to start? In this post, I explain how I do my prayer journal...and some tips to help you to fulfill your commitment to pray regularly. How To Create A Simple Prayer Journal

Keep It Simple…Silly

I think this is one main key to finding success in prayer life.  Instead of a bunch of rules and pages to flip through, a simple method will help to encourage us to continue on with prayer.  I’ve seen binders with about 15 different tabs – more than enough to overwhelm me!  If it works for that person then that’s terrific…but it won’t work for me.  

**Don’t miss the Facebook Live video showing my journal – it’s at the end of this post!!**

I also want to have some creativity with my journal.  A neatly lined up and ‘organized’ prayer journal isn’t what I was wanting.  I wanted some freedom in how I added requests and praise items.  I have enjoyed gluing little papers and cardstock into my binder and writing requests on those.  

Basic Supplies:

  • A Binder – I just had one laying around.  When you homeschool these things just accumulate.
  • Dividers – I bought mine at Staples – at discount!
  • Fancy paper – I bought the matching paper to my dividers – at discount!
  • Coloured pens – or just black/blue if you wish.
  • Scraps of scrapbook paper, pretty tags, fun patterns found online and printed.
  • Stickers, embellishments, etc.
  • Printable prayers

Praises To God

IMG_2391The first section in my binder is my praise to God.  I thank Him for being my healer, friend and counselor.  I praise Him for His holiness, faithfulness and mercy.  Listing many of God’s characteristics is what this section is for; praising Him for who He is.  I have written personalized scripture in this section that demonstrates my love and praise for Him.

Some additional prayers in this section are:

“Thank You for Your precious word.  May it be deeply rooted within my heart.”

“I will call upon You and come and pray to You, and You will hear me.  I will seek You and find You because I search for You with my whole heart.”  Jeremiah 29:12-13

Prayers For My Husband

IMG_2393My next section is for my husband and my children.  A couple of years ago, I printed these cute cards from Time Warp Wife.  I used a small binder clip to hold them together and just stuck them into my binder.  I also printed these sheets off from Daily Dwelling to help me with what to pray for. has a great printable that has a simple, scriptural prayer for every day of the week.  I incorporate this into my daily prayer time. 

I keep prayers for my husband and for my children in the same section as subsections.

Prayers For My Children

IMG_2394For my children, I printed off these adorable scripture prayers from iMOM.  One for the girls and one for my boy.  I love them!  I have printed my own prayers for my kids on the blank pages and I go through them and pick the ones I feel prompted to pray about.  For example, I have been praying this one a lot for my oldest “that she will have wisdom and discernment in online interactions”.  I can’t hover over her shoulder 24/7 – that just isn’t healthy.  We have a close relationship, so she talks to me about these things.  But prayer covering in this area is so important.  Praying Ephesians 1:17-19 is a great one to pray over my kids.

Time Warp Wife has printable prayer cards for praying over our children in a similar format as the husband cards.

Prayers For Myself

The prayers for myself section feels like my most intimate part.  This where I bare my heart and soul to my Heavenly Father…saying the things I wouldn’t say to anyone else…except for my husband.  I have saved some written prayers from 1999 that are in this section – they were written in the raw season of healing from disclosing things that happened in my childhood as well as some struggles I was having with a close family member – it was interesting to see just how long this problem had been going on…YIKES!

Bless My Time With Him

One of the best prayers I’ve prayed for myself is this: “Touch my life in a marvelous way so I will make time to be with You”.  This is one prayer God has been faithful to answer since He LOVES spending time with us!  Go ahead, try it…see if you don’t experience pure joy and peace – which will, in turn, make you long for these moments with God.

My friend, Arabah, has collaborated with Amanda Criss and developed this wonderful prayer journal called “Praying The Promises of the Cross“.  The printable journal is $12 – and worth every penny!  It is a great addition to my prayer journal.  Just click the title above to find out more.  **Please note, this is an affiliate link – see disclosure statement on sidebar**

Bless My Home

I’ve also prayed that God would bless my home so that when people come over, they will feel a difference.  I will tell you – it did not matter that my home was not ‘fancy’ – and up until September 2015, we never lived in what would be considered a ‘nice’ home – but when you pray that the Holy Spirit permeates your home so that people will KNOW there is a difference, your home will become known as a peaceful place.  A common comment when people enter my home is that they sense God’s peace.  I have now started praying this prayer for my blog…that when people visit, they will sense God’s peace and love.  

journalThis page shown here is some scripture I have been praying over myself, a little card for when I was praying about my word for 2016 and a few reminders of the things God has whispered to my heart.

I pray for myself in my mothering.  iMom has a great printable with 10 mom prayers to help in this area.  There is also a printable with prayers for the entire family.

I pray for myself as a wife…I so want to be the wife God wants me to be.  It isn’t always easy, is it?  Especially when your husband says something at Bible study that was embarrassing…I have been praying hard for myself about that!  My friend Kaylene has this great 40-day prayer for wives thing happening – right now!  And it is FREE!  You just have to sign up.

Prayers For Friends And My Church

This is a very special section…I have made some wonderful friends over the last few years.  Praying for them is an honour.  I love that they feel safe enough to share their prayer requests and struggles with me.  It is such an honour.  Those prayers go in this section.

Some of my biggest prayers for my church is that we will be quick to forgive each other and that gossip and slander will be eliminated.  I pray that our church will reflect the glory of God.  Praying for our pastors and worship leaders is also important.  

This month, my friend, Rosilind from a Little R&R is sending out special prayers for the church every day.  Just go to her site and sign up to get yours – 28 days of scripture prayers for the church.  PS – she is going to offer a prayer challenge to subscribers of her blog – hop on over and make sure you are on the list for what I know will be a fabulous product!

Prayers For My City, Province, Country and World

This section appears kind of slim right about now, but it is a new section in my journal.  Some ideas for things to add are:

  • Governments (and, believe me, my new Canadian Prime Minister needs all of the prayer he can get!)
  • Our schools – homeschool families, private schools and public schools.  Colleges & universities can be added here, too.
  • Homeless
  • Missionaries – include the missionaries of your church as well as friends who are missionaries (if we want to get technical, we are ALL missionaries:)
  • Your neighbourhood
  • Syrian refugees
  • The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons who come knocking on your door – what a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel!

I think my favourite thing about this method of a prayer journal is that I can be creative and colourful!  There is no ‘right’ way to keep it…I just have to pray.  But that is How To Create A Simple Prayer Journal the “Aimee” way;)

To help you in creating your very own, personalized prayer journal, I put together a gorgeous prayer pack for $16…BUT, subscribers will get the entire pack for FREE.  

My Meeting With The King: The Ultimate Guide For Prayer is now available!  PS – subscribers get their copy for FREE.  Sign-up for my newsletter below for your copy!

I like the idea of just keeping the simple categories for my prayer life.  This helps me stay on track and committed without overwhelming me with pages and pages of lists.  It also frees me to heed the prompting of the Holy Spirit when He wants me to pray for someone or something specific.  I hope these ideas help you to get fired up and encouraged about your prayer life.  What would you add to these ideas?

Here is the Facebook Live video I did for this post…I apologize for cutting off at the end.  I pressed the ‘stop’ button by accident when I was replacing my phone 🙁 

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Do you love the idea of a prayer journal but not sure where to start? In this post, I explain how I do my prayer journal...and some tips to help you to fulfill your commitment to pray regularly. How To Create A Simple Prayer Journal new signature2

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Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...

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  • Linda B

    Aimee, thank you for this post – it encourages me to finally get started on a prayer journal. I don’t know why I didn’t start years ago, as I am someone who likes to write – yet somehow I never quite got around to it! Thanks for sharing your way of doing a journal – I love the idea of adding in some creativity. Blessings to you and yours.

    • Thank you Linda. Yeah, I like the idea of being more creative with the journal, too. It kind of feels more freeing for me. Be sure to share some photos of yours on my fb page when you start yours if you wish! It just might inspire someone else! Especially me!

  • A Little R & R

    Thank you so much for including my prayer challenge in your post!

    • Your welcome! Thanks for creating such a great resource!

  • Beautiful journal suggestions! My prayers are more disciplined when I am keeping a journal, so I do this a lot. Sometimes I add on special cards with key verses, or have a separate mini journal just to write verses and then look back for a pattern of what God is trying to illuminate for me.
    I’m so glad you spent some time sharing this beautiful way to enhance prayer life. I do it, and it works.
    Happy #mommymoments Monday!

    • I like the ideas of special cards and a mini journal! And, I agree, keeping a prayer journal helps us to have a more disciplined prayer life. Thanks for sharing!

  • sandraj

    What a wonderful list of resources to enhance our prayer lives. Always worth investing in – I consider my prayer time the most important thing I ‘accomplish’ in my day. I love your ideas. Visiting from Holley’s. Blessings!

    • Thank you Sandra. Prayer sure is an investment, isn’t it?

  • Love this, Aimee. I too have a prayer journal but keep everything in a document on my computer by day of the week. But do love the colorful ways a hand-written prayer journal can inspire and be a creative outlet as well. Thanks also for all the great links to prayer resources. This is a gold-mine of spiritual treasure, my friend! I’ll be sharing in the Twittersphere!

    • Thanks Beth. I’d be interested is seeing what your journal looks like on the computer.
      I do like a lot of colour. Actually…I love it.

  • This was an inspiring, creative read, Aimee! Pinning this to see again later perhaps. I love the idea of bringing creativity to journaling. It sounds like your prayer journal is a guide for your prayer in some of the sections, with printed requests, right? I keep my prayer journaling notes integrated with my Bible Study/Devotional Journal. Every once in a while I made a bullet list of prayer items, and I pray through it for several days or weeks. I also have a little moleskine prayer notebook, with requests for each day, a list of people mainly.

    • Yes, Betsy, I have some pages that are like a guide and then I also have my own written prayers. I like being able to pull a variety of resources in to use – kind of like an eclectic method. I like the idea of having Bible study with the prayer journal…since I like to pray scriptures. There is no ‘right’ way to keep a prayer journal – I think just knowing that relieves us of some pressure in prayer.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I’m definitely going to check some of those resources out. I’ve been using Inspired to Action’s prayer calendars for my husband and children. I’m starting to feel the need for something different though. Visiting from Women with Intention.

    • Thanks Angela. I’ll have to look into that resource you mentioned. I like having a little bit of everything – that’s just how I roll;)

  • I hope you can use some of these ideas Tayrina!

  • What a beautiful journal you’ve created, Aimee! Thank you for detailing it and sharing it here – great ideas! Blessings on your weekend!

    • Thank you June! I love my prayer journal…and maybe that’s the ‘ticket’ to maintaining a strong prayer life – that you are passionate about it.

  • Jenny Kurtz

    This is a great idea for a prayer journal! I think I can do this and stick with it. I like that it’s simple and you can design it the way you like. I found your blog by way of a link to your printable prayer journal important prayers freebie from God bless you and your family and thanks for sharing this idea and the freebies. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jenny. Yes, I like my prayer journal set up this way. I like putting my own flare into it, too. I’m so glad you found me through Kaylene (isn’t she fantastic?!). I also have my Armor of God series available for free for subscribers as well as love notes for your hubby (if you are married). Sign up is on the right side of my blog…OR, here: Only if you want to. If you do sign up and you don’t get the welcome email with the link, please let me know.