I had messed up…again…I felt like such a failure and I wondered if He would bother to take me back, to help me out of this chaos and confusion that I had created…once more.  Do you run and hide in shame as Adam and Eve did – and like most of us do?  Do you believe the lie that Jesus wants nothing to do with you now that you have sinned yet again?  How many times will He offer grace?  Or how about when we have slipped into that pit – perhaps someone else even pushed you into that abyss – and you just can’t seem to get out.  Believe me, I’ve been there on both my account and by the hands of others.  But there is hope.  There is always hope.  I want to share with you today about a wonderful truth I’ve discovered on my healing journey: 1 Foolproof Way To Get Out Of That Pit.

Have you been stuck in a pit of darkness and not sure how to escape? You try and claw your way up, but the muck and mire make your attempts impossible. I know because I've been there...more than a few times. 1 Foolproof Way To Get Out Of That Pit

What Is Of God?

Sin…it is so easy to get caught up in and so hard to get out of, especially when we sit and wallow in it.  Have you ever done that?  Just sit there in your filth with your head hung down in shame?  It seems like you just got all cleaned up and then you are right back into that pit.  You wonder how on earth He could take you back…again…and again…

Here’s the thing…shame is NOT of God.  Shame and guilt come from only one source, our enemy.  You know, the guy who has come to kill and destroy.  Seriously, that is his whole purpose.  To kill and destroy us – and if he can’t do that physically, then he will do whatever he can to annihilate our hearts.  This is what he does.  It is who he is.  

We know he is a liar.  We know he wants us destroyed.  We know he uses tactics like shame and guilt to do his dirty work.  We know this.  Now, when we hear those dreadful accusing voices of shame and guilt, we have a choice – we can listen or we can rebuke with the Truth.  How do we do this?  

We run to Him.  

Run to Him, run to the cross.  Don’t walk.  RUN.

Because that is what He wants us to do.  

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He Welcomed The Broken

To understand this point a bit more, let’s look at a couple of my favourite encounters with Jesus.

Matthew 9Matthew 9:20-22:

Here we have a woman who had the courage to touch the hem of His robe.  I can just imagine the pandemonium that would have caused – a woman – not just any woman – an incredibly ill woman who likely would have been an outcast – had the audacity to touch the robe of the Messiah.  

But what was His reaction?  Did He rebuke her?  Was He disgusted by her filth and her stench?  No.  He was not.  He turned to her and told her to be of good cheer!  He welcomed her.  I can just picture Him smiling down on her, maybe offering His hand to help her up.  She went to Him; He was her only hope.

Luke 13Luke 13:10-13:

Now we read about the woman who was frail and sickly for 18 years!  I am sure it would have been very difficult for her to get around.  I wonder, did she hear about the Messiah?  Did she know He was going to be at the synagogue?  How long did it take her to stagger over to the synagogue, hoping that He was still there by the time she arrived.  And what did He do when He saw her?  Did He turn away to avoid her pleading look for help?  Did He try to escape so He wouldn’t have to face her?  No.  He called her to Him!  He laid His healing hands upon her and made her well.  He welcomed her, too. 

How did Christ deal with these broken women?  He didn’t harass them with relentless questions.  He didn’t shun them.  He didn’t say, “Oh, you messed up again, hey?”  No.  He didn’t ask them any questions.  He did not shame them.  He did not roll His eyes when He saw them.  He didn’t whisper horrible things to His disciples while they stared at her and chuckled.   

These broken women went to Him and He healed them!

He Will Always Rescue Us. Always.

I am a visual-spatial person.  There aren’t many of us out there.  We are very special;)  Most people fall more into the category of linear-sequential.  My hubby does and he teases me a lot about my special abilities.  To give you a little nut-shell idea of what I am talking about: A visual-spatial person thinks in pictures.  A linear-sequential person does not.  When I read a book…any book…it is like a vibrant movie.  Seriously, if someone invented a device that could project our ‘movies’ onto a screen, Hollywood would go bankrupt!  Because I think in pictures, it only makes sense that one of the ways That I deepen my understanding of God’s truths is through my ‘mind movies’.  God helped me to understand the whole idea of shamelessly running to Him through this little ‘movie’:

I was totally surrounded by my enemy as far as I could see.  I screwed up AGAIN!  How did I get myself into this mess – once more?  I begin to panic and fret.  I am terrified.  I don’t know how to escape.  Then I see Him – riding in to save me!  Riding right through those ruthless demons on His brilliant white horse!  The image is so majestic!  So much strength and valour!  The demons have vanished – He got rid of them without even looking at them, without even moving in their direction. 

His amazing eyes were on me constantly.  He had the biggest, most wonderful grin.  His eyes were dancing and sparkly, full of laughter and love.  He didn’t bother to slow down as He approached me.  He swept me up onto His horse with Him.  We both laughed.  I said “You love doing this, don’t you?”  His reply was ‘oh, yes!’

If you think Jesus won’t rescue you for the umpteenth time, think again.  He relishes it!  It is what He lives for!  He never gets tired of rescuing us!  And, honestly, He wouldn’t have it any other way.  He lives to save us – as many times as necessary.

The Cross Was Messy.

We struggle with shame when we think of our mess.  We want to hide it just as Adam and Eve hid from God after they sinned.  They were filled with shame and they knew they had lost big time.  They had created a disaster.  They weren’t sure how to handle their mess.  So they hid.  That’s exactly what we do when we don’t know how to handle our mess.  We hide. 

We have to remember that the cross was MESSY – blood, dirt, filth, gore…SIN.  Therefore, it is ok to approach the throne in a complete and utter MESS.  It is ok that healing is messy.  Jesus has already been through the mess, He can handle it!

Let’s not be ashamed to run to Him with our mess!  It was already been laid upon His shoulders as He was dying on the cross.

Our mess brings glory to God when we let Him clean it up.

John 11 1Remember what John 11:2-4 says – it isn’t unto our death but that Christ will be glorified!

And Christ will be glorified through our mess.  

I am not saying that everything will suddenly be rosy and life will be full of sunshine and rainbows right when we turn to Him.  We live in a sinful world with brokenness all around us.  There will still need to be healing and redemption – that takes time…but the sooner we run to Him, the sooner the healing begins.  When we turn to Him, we can then rest in His peace that He will work everything out for our good.  

What are you going to do the next time you find yourself stuck in that stupid pit?  Will you listen to the lies of the one who wants you to remain there?  Or will you run to Jesus as fast as you can, without even an ounce of shame?  We know the cross was messy – messy with our sin, grief, and pain.  And that is where it belongs.  Are you ready to run to Him?  He is waiting with open arms.

Have you been stuck in a pit of darkness and not sure how to escape? You try and claw your way up, but the muck and mire make your attempts impossible. I know because I've been there...more than a few times. 1 Foolproof Way To Get Out Of That Pit

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • Pam Ecrement

    Hi Aimee! This is such an encouraging post! Thanks! As I read this at the end of a Friday, it seems the perfect focus as I reflect in front of a fire in our family room. Being a visual spatial person must be the best of times and the worst of times depending on the pictures. That is not my skill set. Great to be your neighbor today on Counting my Blessings Linkup with Deb Wolf.

    • Thank you so much Pam – you always encourage me! I can just picture you in your family room, curled up by the fire, all cozy, warm and content. Yes, being a visual-spatial has its challenges…but I love it for the most part. Thank you again for your wonderfully encouraging words!

  • I love your thoughts once again, Aimee! I am like you–not sure I would necessarily be categorized as “visual-spatial” but I do love to imagine Jesus in many situations reaching out to me. It’s become such a comfort and made His love that much more palpable and real to me. It’s a great tool for when we are dealing with shame. Thanks again for continuing to wave the banner for the wounded that points them to Christ as well!

    • Thank you Beth! Jesus is always ready to rescue us..I think it is us that hinders Him from doing so…when we focus on our shame. I know, I’ve done it way too many times. I wave the banner for myself just as much as for anyone else! I need the reminder all the time!

  • Laura Lane

    This is so good! Thanks for sharing it. I tweeted!

    Please drop by and say hello!


    Harvest Lane Cottage

    …doing what I can with what I’ve got where I am

    on a short shoestring budget!


    • Thanks Laura. I’ll be sure to pop by your blog soon (I am recovering from the flu:()