I just sat there in shock at what she was telling me.  I could not believe that my best friend and her husband vacationed at this resort…in fact, I didn’t even know such a resort existed.  She proceeded to tell me about the forbidden pleasures she and her husband had entertained several months before.  There were even some aspects that I hadn’t quite understood until my husband clarified later on…it was much worse than I had originally thought.  And to top it off, she had the audacity to say that she had prayed and prayed for God’s peace in her heart for this forbidden vacation spot.  I didn’t even know what to say.  However, the look on my face said more than enough.  A couple of weeks later, that friendship ended because I was ‘too judgmental’.  I had been asking God that if He no longer wanted me to be in this friendship, that He would end it…so He did.  The ending of this friendship forced me to take a good, long hard look at the sin in my own life.  It made me want to turn away from it all the more as I witnessed how far this friend and her husband had slid down the slippery slope of sexual sin.  I had to get rid of that foothold Satan had in my life, the foothold I had allowed.  I want to share with you How We Unknowingly Give The Enemy A Foothold.

I have justified my sin more times than I'd like to admit. It can be pretty easy when we have the wrong view of sin and how it affects our lives. Sin always leads to death...always. How We Unknowingly Give Satan A Foothold

Excuses, Excuses

Have you ever defended your sin?  Or made light of it?  Perhaps someone confronted you about it and you just made excuse after excuse.  Or maybe you turned the tables on them and pointed out their sin so the heat was off of you.  As much as we want to hold on to that sin, we must be aware of the opportune times that we are giving to satan with our death grip on that thing we just don’t want to give up.  Especially the sin we justify and make excuses for. 

There is a relatively new market of reading material out there.  It’s called mommy porn.  Have you heard of it?  Maybe the catalyst for this movement was the book series 50 Shades of Grey.  Maybe you’ve heard of that?  Maybe you’ve even read it. 

Apparently, the book was the first to sell more than 1 million copies on Amazon Kindle.  In 2012, 16 million copies of the series had been sold in the US.  The first book of the series became the fastest selling paperback ever.  3 million digital and print copies were sold in one month.  Over 60 printings have been completed to meet demands.  In 2014, over 100 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide.  The author’s net worth is $15 million!  205,130 copies of the book were sold in one week.  Those statistics are staggering.1  Do they concern you?  If they don’t, they should.

I recently got an email from Kobo offering 50% off of select books.  I clicked the link, hoping to find something of interest.  As I scrolled through the titles, I was shocked and disgusted that so many were pornographic.  Almost ¼ of the books were erotica and I’m not counting the ‘tamer’ harlequin romances.  There was only one book on the list that could be considered Christian, or encouraging at best.  “Mommy porn” is clearly a genre of literature that women want.   

Isaiah 5 20And the saddest part is that many Christian women have bought into this new phenomenon.  I have seen Christian women defend the series vehemently on blog posts that condemn the series.  This type of material is not only tolerated, but whole-heartedly embraced by many in Christian circles, with women saying the literature is ‘harmless’.  And if you refuse to get involved with such evil, you are called a prude. 

What’s worse, if you call it sin and point out how participating in such lust is unbiblical, you are accused of being judgmental.  I think I’d rather be a judgmental prude than to be so blinded in my sin that I am calling what is evil, good.

There are many scriptures that tell us that reading this kind of material is evil and wrong.  Colossians 3 says that sexual immorality is one of the things that will bring the wrath of God.  No matter how hard we try to accept make excuses and justify such books, they will always be dishonourable to God. 

Sin Is Never Harmless

My point is this, it may seem ‘harmless’, or maybe you have tried to reason and justify reading the book as good for your marriage – which is a huge lie straight from the enemy.  But the truth is sin is never good for your marriage.  Lust is never good for your marriage.  Even if it looks fine on the surface, the root is rotten. 

Or maybe, like me, a friend suggested you read it, she raved all about it, saying how it made her sex life better.  You may have felt pressured to read it.  Thankfully, I did NOT end up reading it, and as for the friendship, well, that friendship ended.

Maybe there is another sin you are trying to blur the lines of.  Lying?  Anger?  Self-righteousness?  An affair – even one of the heart?  “Harmless” flirting?  Trash talking your spouse?  There’s any number of things that we excuse, aren’t there?  

I don’t know who said this, but this quote really drove home the point that sin is WRONG:

I refuse to entertain myself with the things my God went to the cross for.

Or how about this one:

That sin you are toying with cost a Man His life.

Tim Keller says this about sin:

The sin that is most destructive in your life right now is the one you are most defensive about. 

Romans 6 23SIN – it takes you where you don’t want to go.  It keeps you longer than you want to stay.  It costs you more than you want to pay.  

The wages of sin is death – no exceptions, no justifying, no little sins or big sins, no sins that seem to make your marriage better – all sin leads to death.  Maybe not right away, but eventually it does. 

The Effects Of Justifying Sin

This is the kind of thing that gives our enemy a foothold in our lives; this is a chink in our armour.  This is an opportune time for him to attack and defeat us!  We need to live holy lives that are acceptable to God – why waste our time on such things, why are we even defending this stuff?  Just so our fleshly desires can be satiated…for a moment anyway. 

Sin can’t be avoided completely, it is everywhere.  Our enemy sets up traps for us.  Sometimes we see them before we are caught.  And sometimes we stumble into sin and get caught in it.  When that happens, we have a choice.  We can stay there or we can call out for help.  We can try and wade through the muck on our own or we can run as fast as we can to the cross of Christ.  What sin are you holding on to?  What is God wanting you to let go and hand over to Him?  What is He wanting to cleanse you from?  What sin are you justifying, and therefore hindering your walk with God? How Have You Unknowingly Given The Enemy A Foothold?  Are you ready to let go of it and get right with God?  

1 Business Insider

I have justified my sin more times than I'd like to admit. It can be pretty easy when we have the wrong view of sin and how it affects our lives. Sin always leads to death...always. How We Unknowingly Give Satan A Foothold


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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • Anastasia Safee

    Wow those statistics on that book are unbelievable. We shouldn’t be shocked, yet I am very shocked. What is even more shocking is how many Christian’s think that it is okay. I am with you, stay far away from sin and call it what it is. Jesus died for it so we shouldn’t be happily partaking in it.

    • I was surprised by those stats, too. But once you begin accepting ‘a little sin’ in one area, it can quickly escalate into something bigger. I just don’t want to take that chance. Hubby and I don’t need it anyway:)

  • You are wading into controversial waters, Aimee, and I’m standing beside you on this issue for sure! It is such plight on our society, and what’s worse is that it is infiltrating the ranks of believers as well. I’m so glad you are calling it out and speaking the truth, my friend! It is playing with fire and those that ignore that danger will not only get burned but be devastated by it. Thanks for your saying the hard things we all need to hear!

    • I so am going there!! I am glad you are standing with me, Beth! Sisters in arms! The thing about a slippery slope is how hard it is to try and climb back up – impossible, actually, without Jesus. Why take the chance? Really? Is it worth it? Not for me. My marriage is too important – we have worked through so much and to toss it away on lust, no thanks! We have to encourage each other on with this and stand with each other.

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