The relentless words replayed in my mind over and over.  I knew they weren’t true.  I knew who was whispering them to me.  But the words kept coming.  “You are worthless.”  “No one likes you or cares about you.”  “You are invisible.”  And so on.  The onslaught if this attack was brought on by someone hurting my feelings.  I knew I had a choice to make and I had to make it soon.  Will I succumb to the lies?  Or will I stand on the promises of God, straighten my helmet of Salvation and pick up my sword?  It is always good to know how to be properly equipped for battle.  How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Helmet.  

Are you struggling with listening to lies whispered into your life? Not sure how to stop them? You know about God's armor, but you have no idea how to put it all together let alone us it! I teach about the helmet in this post. How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess - Your HelmetOften, we tend to spit shine our helmets and put them on display in a glass enclosed case.  We go to church on Sunday for some encouragement but then spend the rest of the week feeling defeated and worn-out.  We gaze at the helmet and see our reflection staring back at us.  We wonder how it ever even got into that case.  Did we put it there?  Where is your helmet of salvation right now?  Can you get it out of the case?  Can you find the key to unlocking it?  If not, then just break the glass…it was never intended to be on display.  It was created for wearing…in battle. 

The Battlefield

The spiritual battlefield is often waged in the mind – Satan can’t take our salvation, but he can plant lies into our minds – and it is our choice whether or not we believe those lies.  I think one of his biggest lies is that we have to believe him!  And that he actually has any kind of authority over us.  If he can get us to believe those lies, then he can get us to believe everything else he murmurs.  

How do we combat these lies?  We need to take every thought captive under the authority of Christ.  He is our salvation and the helmet of salvation sits on our heads, protecting our minds and thoughts.  

2 cor captive2 Corinthians 10:5 says we are to “cast down arguments (interesting that the KJV says ‘imaginations’) and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.”

We have to know Christ’s thoughts towards us, we need to know His truth.  We receive it and believe it.  This takes time in the word of God and in prayer.  Worship is also great to help us believe Him at His word.  This is what it means to wear our helmets.  Just like we have to choose to put on our helmets, we need to choose to begin trusting Him (see how trust begins with our thoughts??  Then it is established within our hearts?). 

Controlling Our Thoughts

We need to be careful of what we think about.  Our negative thoughts don’t just come from our enemy.  They also come from our own flesh.

Thinking back to the verse above in 2 Corinthians, we are to cast down arguments.

Strong’s concordance defines arguments as:

  • a reckoning, computation
  • a reasoning
  • a judgment, decision

How many times have we ‘reasoned’ or made ‘judgments’ that do not line up with God’s word?

I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I do tend to let my imagination run wild.  When things don’t go the way I planned – I begin to think my life sucks – I can get quite down on myself if I continue to think that way and I don’t bring that thought under the obedience of Christ.

Or how about when a friend hurts my feelings or someone says something that stabs my heart?  I can choose to allow my reasoning and imagination ‘run away’ with what I think they think, or I can give my friend the benefit of the doubt that she never intended to hurt me and bring those thoughts under Christ’s authority.  I can choose to think good thoughts towards her.

phil 4 8How do we keep our thoughts properly aligned?  Well, let’s see what scripture says.

We are to think about truth, honor, justice, purity, loveliness, things that are commendable (admirable), excellence – anything that is praiseworthy…we are to intentionally think about such things.

Instead of thinking my life sucks, I can begin thinking about the blessings I have.  My husband, my kids, I am able to stay home with my family, my husband works from home…I could go on!  If you struggle with thinking about the good gifts in your life, start a list now – ask God to reveal these things to you – and post that list where you can see it daily.  Even if you can list off a million things – ask God to show you anyway – you just might be surprised!

Instead of thinking my friend is thoughtless and careless, I can begin thanking God for her.  Do you know how quickly your perspective changes when you begin praising God for your friend?

The idea here is to think about such things with purposefulness…soon, it won’t be as hard to think the way God intended us to think.  It will go from our minds and into our hearts.  Our helmets will help us do just that.

With All Intents and Purposes

Bringing our thoughts under the obedience of Christ takes intention and purposefulness.  It doesn’t just happen by chance.  It is a practice that we need to exercise daily.  Yes, we get stronger in doing so the more we practice, but it is still a choice we need to make.  Thankfully, we have a Helper to help us!

We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us control our wild imaginations and thoughts.

We also must be familiar with what God’s word says.  Not only does reading God’s word regularly help us to know Him more and know His word in a deeper way, but it helps us with our thoughts!

romans 12 2Not knowing what our future holds can create anxiety and fear.  But according to this verse, if we regularly renew our minds with God’s word and communion with Him, we will prove the will of God.  Trusting Him with our future – and we know from Jeremiah 29:11, that He has wonderful plans for us!

In order for God’s word to get deep into our hearts, it begins in our minds.  We read His word, meditate on it, memorize it, reflect upon it…and after a while, it becomes deeply rooted within our hearts.  So, if our enemy can prevent us from reading, meditating, memorizing and reflecting upon His word, then he stops it from being planted in our hearts.  When we wear our helmets every day, when we trust in His salvation, we are free to live a full and abundant life.

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a pattern for our armor.  Let’s add to it again today:

Jesus is our Truth; He is our belt.

Jesus is our faith, He is our shield.

Jesus is our peace, He is our shoes.

Jesus is our righteousness, He is our breastplate.

Jesus is our salvation, He is our helmet.

Don’t you feel wonderful as you read that?  It is all Him!  We still have the sword to go through next week.  I plan to make a free printable for you that shows how Jesus is our armor.  Please come back to get it next week!  

In the meantime, sign up for my newsletter to get this whole series in PDF format.


Are you struggling with listening to lies whispered into your life? Not sure how to stop them? You know about God's armor, but you have no idea how to put it all together let alone us it! I teach about the helmet in this post. How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess - Your Helmet


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  • Steph

    This was really timely for me.

    • It is a good reminder for many of us…I need it daily…I really needed it today.

  • Leslie DeJarnette

    Thanks for reminding me to put on my armor daily. This was the second post today I’ve read on that subject! I need to pay attention to what God is saying to me through this passage in Ephesians.

    • I love when God speaks to us like that! When that happens, I know for sure it is something He wants me to hear. Ephesians is one of my favourite books.

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