I opened up my Facebook to see a message from a woman I greatly admire, a very Godly and wise woman.  A woman I am honored to count as a friend.  A woman who has mothered my heart and soul when I desperately needed it.  The message was full of encouragement and edification.  Tears welled up as I read her sweet words to me.  My love tank had been filled.  I felt life surge through my body.  I could continue on with my ministry.  I hope you know what I am talking about.  I hope that you have experienced something like this before.  I hope that you have made someone else feel this way.  If you are unsure, then this post is for you.  4 Secrets Of A Woman Of Encouragement.

Are you a woman of encouragement? Are you looking for ways to be more intentional about encouraging your friends and loved ones? In this post, I share 4 Secrets Of A Woman Of Encouragement.

I am an encourager at heart.  I am deeply affected by both words of encouragement and words of discouragement.  That is why it is so important to take the time to invest words of encouragement to someone before offering constructive criticism.  Otherwise, the constructive criticism does not feel so constructive, but rather destructive.  So invest those words of encouragement…often.

Offer Life

Women were created to give birth – both physically and spiritually.  Any woman who has given birth will tell you that the experience is a sacred one.  It is nothing short of a miracle.  The same goes for when we give life to someone in a more spiritual sense – when God uses us to breathe life into someone’s soul.     

We were also created as nurturers.  We love to care for those we love.  Because of this, we thrive on offering life to others.

In 1 Samuel, we read about Hannah’s grief.  She longs to bear a child, she yearns to give birth.  Her whole life seems to be focused on producing life.  Her heart was dying because she could not give birth to a child.  And Peninnah, her husband’s other wife, used this against her, destroying her heart all the more.  Hannah longed to give life.

Col 3 16Think about the times when you have been encouraged by someone.  Didn’t it feel great?  Didn’t it spur you on?

Or how about those times when you felt like you ought to say something kind to someone else…for no apparent reason.  And when you do, that person tells you that they really needed to hear those words right in that moment.  I don’t know about you, but every time that has happened to me, I feel like a hero, a champion for someone’s heart!

When we choose to not give life; when we are so bound up that life is not trickling out of us, then we are missing out on something incredible.  Let’s not choose to be infertile spiritually.  

Give life.

We offer live to others through encouraging words and thoughtful gestures.  They feel loved, cared for and appreciated.

A part of their heart comes alive again…

A woman of encouragement knows that she helps breathe life into a lifeless heart.

Believe Again

1 Thes 5 11One of our responsibilities of following Jesus is sharing the gospel.  So many times, I wonder if we get caught up in the idea that only unbelievers need the gospel.  This can’t be further from the truth.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve needed the gospel myself.  I needed to hear the gospel and believe it again for the first time.

One of our jobs as disciples of Christ is to help believers believe again.

When we come alongside a friend who is going through a difficult time, and we express words of comfort and truth in scripture, we are encouraging them to believe again.

When we pray for a friend and hold our shield of faith over her when she can’t lift hers, we encourage our friend to believe again.

When we go to battle on behalf of a friend because she has dropped her sword and doesn’t have the strength to pick it up again, we encourage her to believe again.

As women of encouragement, that’s what we do.  We encourage our sisters to believe again.  

A woman of encouragement knows that she helps other to believe again.

Uncover Beauty

hebrews 3 13Have you ever seen the look in someone’s eyes when you give them an encouraging word…that look that says “I didn’t think anyone knew that about me – I didn’t think anyone ever even noticed”.  You see her eyes light up, her smile appears, she stands up a bit straighter.  

When we invest in someone, we begin to see that veil lower just a little.  When we have developed immense trust, our friend will be willing to show us the depths of her heart.  We recognize this as an awesome privilege and an honor to see a woman’s beauty be unveiled.

A woman of encouragement knows that she helps unveil the beauty in others.

Listen Intently

James 5 16One of the biggest ways we can encourage someone is to listen to their story intently.  So often, when someone is talking, we are so busy thinking about we want to say instead of just listening.  We miss out on seeing that person’s heart.

I know for a fact that those people who know my heart the best…and I can count them on one hand…are the people who have actually just listened to me.  They heard my heart and tenderly cared for it.

A woman of encouragement knows that she must listen intently to the heart of her friend.

To Encourage

It isn’t an easy task being a woman of encouragement.  Often we are taken advantage of by those who are afraid of their own freedom.  Many times, our words of encouragement will go unheard, or worse, misunderstood.  But this must not stop us from encouraging others.  

For when we don’t keep each other’s spirits up, fellow soldiers fall behind.

I’ll leave you with this funny video about trying to pick the perfect card in the card shop…in the perfect words of The Skit Guys, ” Allow his words to be the wings on which your cards fly!”  Your own words are much more meaningful that the words of someone else;)

Are you a woman of encouragement? Are you looking for ways to be more intentional about encouraging your friends and loved ones? In this post, I share 4 Secrets Of A Woman Of Encouragement.

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