It really does not make sense to me.  Not one little bit.  I don’t hear it very often, but when I do I can’t fathom separating the two.  The notion has become so foreign to me.  I am talking about taking God and His Word out of education and setting it all on its own.  And I believe that when we separate the two with our kids, they grow up with a false understanding that Sundays are reserved for God while the rest of the week and their lives are their own to do with as they wish.  What happens, though, When Education And God Collide?  

What is your approach to combining God's word and your homeschool? Do you keep them separate? Or do you see the importance of intertwining the 2? When Education and God Collide

One of the things I love about home education is that I can immerse my children – and myself – in God’s Word.  If you have read many of my homeschooling or parenting posts, you will know that I take the passage in Deuteronomy to heart.  I believe God intends for us to teach our children His promises, laws, hope, assurances, wisdom, admonishments…every bit of His Word every single day.  I don’t think His idea was to have Bible lessons for 30 minutes a day or to rely on the Sunday School teacher to teach our kids the truth.  That’s not enough.  

Meaningful Education

When we teach subjects like English, history and science with the foundation of the Biblical creation, we make learning much more meaningful to our kids.  We begin to see how God designed the whole world, how He masterfully created us – we are so wonderfully and fearfully made by a loving God.  Our children can see His hand at work throughout history.  They see how the world fits together.  Life just begins to make more sense than if we taught them everything is random and without purpose.  

When we teach with a Biblical worldview, our children will have a more meaningful view of the world.  

View Global Issues Differently

When we intertwine our teaching with our faith, we help our children view various global issues through the eyes of Jesus.  They may begin to see how they can help in tangible ways and their motivation is sharing the love of Christ.  It goes beyond them just feeling good for their actions, it has an impact in eternity.  It teaches them to have compassion for others. 

They also understand that God is in control of every single thing that happens in the world and they need not live in fear.  

Faith Is Our Life

When we interlace Biblical teaching with the rest of our teaching, we demonstrate to our children that the two should not be separate.  They begin to understand that God is a major part of their lives, that He cares about every single aspect of their being.  They can see that God is involved in their work, their play, their relationships…everything.   

Having our children’s education absorbed in Biblical teachings will benefit them in the present as well as in their future.  Displaying Christ’s love will be very natural to them since it is incorporated into everything that they do.  They will certainly not be conformed to this world, but they will be consistent with God’s way of living life.  

What About Books That Aren’t “Christian”?

Does this mean that every single piece of curriculum must have scripture verses and the name of God in every paragraph?  Absolutely not.  And this is what you, the parent, must keep in mind – the teaching of God is your responsibility…not a curriculum publisher 😉  It is so easy to take a program and include a Christian worldview.  This is just something we do naturally as a family.  Yes, most of our resources are from Christian publishers.  But we do use some things that are not overtly Christian…and even things that are secular!  Including things that teach beliefs that are opposite of ours (oh, the horrors!).  This gives me the opportunity to share with the kids that not everyone believes what we believe, but they still deserve our respect.  I also use it to reinforce WHY we don’t believe such things as evolution, New Age or other false religions.  

However, there are tons of great Christian resources out there.  You just have to look for it.  I will be blogging over at A Little R & R in July about my favorite discipleship resources.  Stay tuned…  
What is your approach to combining God's word and your homeschool? Do you keep them separate? Or do you see the importance of intertwining the 2? When Education and God Collide

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Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...

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