I remember the day she was born…so small and dependent on me to care for her.  I wondered if I’d be able to give her everything she needed.  Would I be able to love her the way I knew God wanted me to?  Would I teach her about God’s ways enough?  Enough to survive this cruel world that seems to have heartache at every turn?  That was 15 years ago and I am seeing the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her life.  I see it every single day.  I see how she loves the Lord and longs to be close to Him.  This did not happen by accident or by osmosis as a Christian family.  Are you wondering How To Root Your Teen Daughter’s Heart In God’s Word?  

**I went live on Facebook  with my daughter, Sarah!  See video at the end of this post!**

As a Christian parent, we want our kids to grow close to God and have their own relationship with Him. But how do we go about doing that? I enlisted the help of my teen daughter in writing this post to help give you some ideas. How To Root Your Teen Daughter's Heart In God's Word

I am writing this post with my daughter, Sarah.  She is going to offer her insight as a teen girl.  Her direct comments will be in teal color.  Here are the things she has found helpful in growing her faith as a teen in our culture.

Bible Journaling

13219913_10156880526220632_1794007079_n 13231093_10156880525985632_1613576175_nSarah enjoys Bible journaling.  I started doing my own journaling and found that it really helped me to meditate on a specific verse or passage while I made my drawings.    

When I open my Bible and flip through the pages, I see the art I have done and I am reminded of the verse.

Bible Coloring Books

FineLinenAndPurple_3D-600Sarah wanted some coloring books so I got a couple of scripture ones for her for her birthday.  She spends her mornings coloring a page and thinking about the scripture verse that goes with it.  This certainly is not the extent of her Bible reading, it is actually just a supplement for the more heavy duty stuff.  It is enjoyable for her and it helps start her day right.

I bought her Darlene Schacht’s coloring book, Joyful Expressions.  This book uses KJV of scripture, which can be tricky for kids, but it is pretty easy to look up the same verse in another version.

IMG_2745Through the 2016 Build Your Bundle Sale (it’s over now – but get your copy at Marcy’s site!  AND the 2-17 sale starts May 22 – see details below), I got a copy of Fine Linen and Purple: A Coloring Journal For Teen Girls Who Love Jesus by Marcy Crabtree.  Marcy’s coloring journal has the verse, reflection questions, and a journaling section, which I appreciate.  

I like coloring and drawing so combining one of my joys with Scripture is a great way to get God’s word from my head to my heart.  I just started using Fine Linen and Purple and I like that it is simple to use and the questions aren’t hard, I can easily relate to them and give a good response.   

Applying Scripture

I have always been intentional about helping my kids apply God’s word to their present situation.  Our children need to be guided to see connections and how to handle hurts in a healthy, Godly manner.  Actually, let’s be honest – we ALL need guidance in this area.  If I am going to teach my kids how to handle pain, then I need to be actively pursuing Jesus in my own pain.  Learning to apply scripture in all areas of life is an excellent skill for all of us to develop. 

Learning to apply scripture in all areas of life is an excellent skill for all of us to develop.  In my daily devotional time, I think about what has been said and I see how I can apply it to my life. 

Isaiah 41 10In my daily devotional time, I think about what has been said and I see how I can apply it to my life.  For example, Isaiah 41:10 was in one devo that was about having a fear of learning to drive but the author ended with a confession of putting her faith in God.  I could relate to this fear as I will be 16 in less than a year and I see some of the crazy drivers that are out there!  But I can hold on to this verse and promise of God always being by my side.  I have been reading 365 Daily Devotions By Teen Girls For Teen Girls and I highly recommend it for teen girls. 

Listen To Christian Music

I have Christian music playing daily in the house.  I’m not talking about the Gaither Gospel Hour (no offense, but it’s not what most teen kids like to listen to).  There are Christian groups and singers out there whose song lyrics are based upon the word of God.  

13234774_10156880506155632_1041328920_oI like to listen to Christian songs and really think about what the lyrics say and I often find these lyrics in scripture.  Artists like Britt Nicole, For King and Country, Hawk Nelson, Royal Tailor and Hillsong Young and Free are especially enjoyable.  I enjoy singing these kinds of songs for our family worship in the mornings.  I have some of my favourite lyrics on my wall as a reminder of God’s truth.

Honest Conversations

One of my main goals as a parent is being a student of my children’s hearts.  This takes time and effort on my part – this is my responsibility, not my children’s.  I must pursue them, allow them to have honest conversations with me…even the hard topics.   

I like spending time with my mom.  Sometimes just going on shopping trips or out for a treat helps us bond.  I feel like I can trust my mom with my heart, she is super easy to talk to.

Read Good Books

I try to find good, solid, Godly books for my kids to read.  this isn’t to say that I make them read only Christian books, but ones they are genuinely interested in and enjoy.  Hearing God’s truth from someone else’s perspective helps them to gain a deeper understanding. 

Some of my favorite books to read are: 

Francis Chan’s Crazy Love


Tears To Dancing (fiction)



I’ve always believed in the power of prayer but it has only been the last few years that God ignited a special passion for prayer within my soul.  I long for my children to be ‘kids of prayer’.  I encourage my kids to talk to God in prayer throughout their day.  Teaching them that He desires to be in a relationship with them and part of this relationship is having conversations with Him is a primary priority for me.  We’ve also talked a lot about quieting their hearts and allowing God to speak to them in prayer and as they study His word.  They have come to recognize when God speaks to them.

I like prayer because I love Jesus and I want to grow my relationship with Him.  I feel closer to Him when I pray and I notice that I am closer to Him now than I was last year.  His comfort floods my soul when I talk to Him about my fears and worries.  I notice that when I worry about something, I ask God to help me and take my worry from me.  He is faithful to answer this prayer and fill me with His peace.

These are some of the things our family has done to root God’s word deep within our children’s hearts.  What has helped you deepen your teen’s relationship with God?  What, if anything, do you wish you had done differently?  Is there an area where you struggle the most with your teen?

My daughter and I are just finishing up a course for teen girls that I am going to be launching soon. See here for details and to enroll super early BEFORE the official launch (use promo code ‘saveten’ and you’ll save 10% – good for the month of May only).

As a Christian parent, we want our kids to grow close to God and have their own relationship with Him. But how do we go about doing that? I enlisted the help of my teen daughter in writing this post to help give you some ideas. How To Root Your Teen Daughter's Heart In God's Word

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...

4 thoughts on “How To Root Your Teen Daughter’s Heart In God’s Word

  1. Thank you for this , I am a teen my self and recently began to experience mild depression and realized my walk with God was weak , this is so helpful !!

    • Hi, Hannah. I am so glad you have been searching for answers. One of my regular prayers for myself has been asking God to fill me with His unspeakable JOY. This always helps me when I begin feeling depressed. His joy always overcomes. Another thing I look for and ask God about when I am feeling low is if I am burden-bearing. My oldest daughter and I are both burden-bearers. We feel the weight of other people’s burdens often – and that is usually a feeling of sadness or depression…BUT, we don’t always recognize this depression as burden bearing. Here is a post I wrote that might help you understand a bit better and maybe see if any of it resonates with your precious heart: https://aimeeimbeau.com/2016/03/14/6-critical-tips-for-healthy-burden-bearing/

      Keep walking with Him, Hannah. Hold fast to Him. Always. Do you have any Godly women with whom you can share your heart with?

  2. As a mother myself who did not have a deep relationship with my mother, this post is beautiful <3 Found on stumbleupon.

    • Thanks, Liz. Sadly, a lot of what I’ve learned is due to the fact that my relationship with my mother was never very healthy. I am thankful I can be a good mom for my daughters, though. Thanks for stopping by.

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