Father’s Day is quickly approaching…but what do you get the guy who has everything he wants. ¬†I just bought a selfie stick…so, my hubby is happy ūüėõ . ¬†There is, of course, his favorite snacks to munch on while relaxing on the patio in the afternoon. ¬†He’d be pretty happy with just that. ¬†But I’d like to take it a bit further this year. ¬†I’d like to have something that will have an impact in the eternal. ¬†So, I made these prayer cards for my kids to use during their prayer time over their daddy. ¬†Isn’t that really the best gift ever? ¬†Having your kids pray for their daddy on a daily basis? ¬†You have now found¬†The Best Father’s Day Gift!

Are you wondering what to get the dad who has everything? I struggle with that every year! SO, I came up with this idea...prayer cards for the kids to pray over daddy! This really is The Best Father's Day Gift.

I want to kick off my new prayer series with this post about having the kids pray for daddy. ¬†Next week, I’ll share some ways that you, as a wife, can pray for your hubby. ¬†If you aren’t married yet, you can certainly still pray over your man – even if he isn’t in your life yet! ¬†

Why would you want your kids to pray for their daddy? ¬†Well… ¬†

Knowing What To Pray For

Many times kids need help in knowing what to pray for…wait…sometimes I need help knowing what to pray for! ¬†It can be easy to get discouraged in our prayer life when we are at a loss for words or things to pray for. Let’s encourage a strong prayer life in our children by giving them some guidance with what to pray for as well as teaching them to listen to the Holy Spirit for further direction.

Here are some ideas of what kids can pray for:

Dad’s leadership of family

Wisdom as a father

A tender heart for dad

Mom and dad’s marriage

Dad’s courage

Dad’s work and finances¬†

Obedience to God

Dad’s friendships

…And so much more (see below for some printable cards!)

Pray The Scriptures

Teach them to pray the scriptures. ¬†God’s Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. ¬†Having them pray verses over their daddy will give them the chance to see how powerful God’s word is.

Praying scripture also helps with the first point above…with God’s word, there is always something to pray for!

A secondary benefit is that the Word gets deeply rooted within the hearts of your children, they are learning what His word says and, therefore, learning to trust Him at His word. 

Draws Them Close To Daddy

You know when you pray for someone, your heart softens towards them? ¬†Has that ever happened to you? ¬†I don’t think my family is the only one who experiences some personality clashes and occasional strain between parent and child. ¬†Well, prayer will help ease this issue. ¬†Our children will learn that when they pray for their daddy, God softens their hearts and fills them with His agape love. ¬†

Praying draws them closer to their dad in many ways. 

Draws Them Close To God

I think this is the most important point…prayer draws them closer to their Lord. ¬†They deepen their own personal relationship with Him. ¬†They see that God cares for them and their family and He cares about their relationship with their earthly father.

Praying for daddy will draw them closer to their Heavenly Father.

I have created a set of fun prayer cards for your children to use in their prayer time. ¬†I have taken scripture and changed some of the pronouns so that it is simple for your child to pray that specific verse over his daddy – it is a very personalized prayer. ¬†This is available for only $3.00. ¬†Just print on cardstock, cut out and keep on a binder ring. ¬†Your child may present this to her father on Father’s Day, explaining that these are the things she will be praying for him about. ¬†I am sure it will be an all-time favorite gift! ¬†To know your children are praying God’s word over you! ¬†

To purchase, click the button below to buy now or check out my shopping page for more products!

IMG_2851My kids have been using these cards daily for the last year.  They love praying for their daddy!  They have also been able to see the fruit of their prayers throughout the year.

Not only that, I have also noticed that their frequency of praying has increased. ¬†For example, when there has been a ‘clash’ between child and daddy, my kids have turned to prayer more quickly over the issue rather than stew over the problem. ¬†Another example is if my husband is having challenges with work and is growing frustrated, my kids will start praying for him – wisdom, patience, trust, and peace. ¬†

I’d say these prayer cards are ‘paying off’! ¬†

I’ve also included a special coupon book printable with this set of prayer cards – actually, 2 coupon books for your hubby – one set from the kids and one set from you;) ¬†Get yours below:

Are you wondering what to get the dad who has everything? I struggle with that every year! SO, I came up with this idea...prayer cards for the kids to pray over daddy! This really is The Best Father's Day Gift.

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