My mind was blank…writer’s block they call it.  I had no idea what to write about.  Nothing was coming to me.  I was certain that no one else had this problem.  I mean, all of these popular bloggers – big name writer’s – ALWAYS had something inspiring to say!  But not me.  Not today.  Not this week.  Maybe not even this month!  Then my wonderful hubby gave me some advice…and I actually listened (I am getting better at listening to him – after 18 years!).  And guess what?!  His idea worked!  I bet you are on the edge of your seat right now, dying to know what his secret was.  Aren’t you?  Well…I’ll be kind and share what he told me.  Here are 5 Important Tips For When You Have Writer’s Block.

Do you sometimes get stuck for blogging ideas? It seems like your brain suddenly stopped working? Yeah, that has happened to me! Here are 5 Important Tips For When You Have Writer's Block for Christian bloggers.

Take Time To Think

We live in a culture that is constantly ‘on-the-go’.  We don’t tend to slow down and ‘smell the roses’.  We go from one event to the next, from kid’s soccer practice to dance class to rushing home to make dinner and then off to Bible study.  We don’t have the time take the time to stop and let our brains rest from the constant buzz of activity.  There is always something happening.  Always somewhere to go, something that needs to be done.  Go, go, go.  And then we wonder why we are so exhausted!  

Our human minds cannot function this way for so long!  Just like our bodies need rest every day, so do our brains!  So, I ‘rested’ my brain over Christmas break.

So, I ‘rested’ my brain over Christmas break – as my husband suggested.  I sat in our living room, with my husband, reading various books.  We would often pause our reading to discuss something that we found interesting or thought-provoking.  Can you guess what started to happen?  Ideas began to flood my mind!  

Truths of God’s word flashed, giving me great topics to write about.  

We talked about our past experiences and how it all relates to where we are now in our life together.  I could write about those things!  I have learned so much through those experiences – the tough ones and the funny ones!  As I read, I understood more deeply some practical tips and thoughts.  I can share those, too!    

As I read, I understood more deeply some practical tips and thoughts.  I can share those, too!    HUH!  My husband was right!  

SHH…don’t tell him I admitted that!  

This leads into my next tip…

Keep An Experience Journal

IMG_3035I took a blogging course last year – I sure learned a lot!  One thing I learned for sure is that my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be.  Anyone else have this problem?  Well, in this fantastic blogging course of Arabah’s, she suggested keeping an experience journal to jot down blog ideas as they come to mind.  This is such a GREAT idea!  If you are looking for a superior blogging course, Christian Bloggers Bootcamp might be a perfect fit for you.  I love that you can go through course material at your own pace and you always have access to the lessons.  Additionally, you get connected with other amazing bloggers through a closed Facebook group…which leads me to my third tip…but before we move on, know that you can get 10% off the course cost by using the code below (clicking the image will take you to the course site for more info and enrollment).  

Christian-Bloggers-Bootcamp-Facebook-AMB10 2

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

My third tip is collaborating and bouncing blog post ideas off of other bloggers.  I am involved in a few Facebook groups which have enabled me to get to know so many wonderful, godly women!  I love it!  

The other benefit of getting involved with these fantastic groups is that many of them get an idea for a blog series and ask other bloggers to get involved!  This is so much fun and help get ideas flowing.  For example, I was asked to participate in Alison’s “Let’s Talk Relationship” series.  She gave suggestions for blog posts and I was able to prayerfully consider what topic I would write about.  Here is my contribution to her series.  

Another example is Sarah Ann’s Strong Family series.  This series is going on all summer.  My post was about sharing Biblical truths with our children – even the tough ones!  

Have A Good Blog Planner

My fourth tip is having a blog planner nearby to plan out posts.  Just like I need to quickly jot down ideas as they come, I need to write down WHEN I will finish writing a post, WHEN I will share older posts on social media, WHEN I will write a particular series…I need to have this written out and at my desk to see every day.  This helps to keep me on track.  

IMG_3034My friend, Starla, has a beautiful blog planner that I have been using.  I like that it can be used year after year.  It also has 2 fabulous checklists – one for BEFORE publishing and one for AFTER!  With all that needs to be done when writing a post, it is easy for the smaller tasks to get overlooked.  Plus, the pages are very pretty!  I like pretty things! 

Her planner should be available to the public very soon – if you are interested in a copy, just let her know.  I am sure she will get you hooked up ASAP!  (She is selling her home and she is moving to Mexico with her family…so, she is a little extra busy these days – just FYI).  BTW – she also has a series last year that I participated in!  

The Most Important Thing

Proverbs 16-3My last tip, and probably the one that, if you don’t do it, none of the other tips matter.  None of your writing matters if this one suggestion is ignored.  I am sure you know what it is…God MUST be involved in your blogging

God MUST be involved in your blogging.  Your direction needs to come from Him.  Your ideas and topics need to be prayerfully considered – you need to seek His face when writing for Him!  

I have found that when I invite the Holy Spirit to guide me, He is faithful to show me what He wants me to write about, what He knows someone out there needs to read.  Of course, I won’t always know how many people are touched by my writing since most people do not comment or write me an email…but I am trusting that God will use my writing for His purposes and His timing.  

Psalm 127When He is given full control of your blog (and life!), He will give the ideas, He will guide your writing, He will show you His truths that He wants you to share!  

And sometimes, He may simply direct you to take a ‘brain break’ (see tip #1).  

What tips have you found helpful in generating blog post ideas and to resolve writer’s block?  What has helped you out?


Do you sometimes get stuck for blogging ideas? It seems like your brain suddenly stopped working? Yeah, that has happened to me! Here are 5 Important Tips For When You Have Writer's Block for Christian bloggers.

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • Rhiannon Skeen

    Great advice Aimee. I saw Starla’s planner and it is so cute! Love it. I need to get a list like that and be more open to bounce ideas off of friends. Great post #graceandtruth

    • Thanks, Rhiannon. Starla has her planner available now – free for subscribers! I need to update the info above.
      It is so good to have Godly friends with whom we can offer support and encouragement to.