We had gotten into another fight.  It ended with me in tears and him slamming the door on his way out with a friend.  This was not the blissful fantasy I had dreamt of.  Nothing like it at all.  I did not think we would survive.  I was sure my marriage would end up as another divorce statistic.  I sat in our tiny living room sofa – I am sure it was from the 1970’s!  I busied my mind and broken heart by flipping through the mail.  There was a catalog from one of those mail-order book clubs.  I mindlessly looked at the pages until my gaze fell on a pink book.  I wondered if this would help my marriage.  A book on prayer – for a praying wife, to be precise.  I ordered the book and waited for its arrival.  I want to share my top 5 Powerful Books On Prayer For The Warrior Princess.

Are you looking for some fabulous books on prayer? Here are some of my faves. 5 Powerful Books On Prayer For The Warrior Princess.

I was seriously considering divorce before I saw this book in the catalog.  I was sure I wanted out of this mistake I had made.  Once I received that book came in my mailbox, I read it from cover to cover, hoping for wisdom and change.  While I didn’t see instant awesomeness in my marriage, in fact, it did remain HARD, we did not divorce.  We have been married for almost 20 years now.  Happily, joyfully married.  We are absolute BEST friends.  And I know that prayer had a HUGE part in this strong union.

The Power Of A Praying Wife

My prayer life was ignited because of THIS book.  I started to fervently praying for my unsaved husband because of THIS book.  While most problems remained those first several years, prayer helped me to cope and love my husband.  And I am sure that many of the enemy’s plans for our marriage were thwarted through my prayers.

In bold print a few pages into her book, Stormie says, “Wait! Before You Write Off The Marriage…”  OK, maybe, just maybe this is what I need.

One statement has stuck with me through all of these years, “We have to go through the pain to get to the joy.

Stormie goes through thirty topics of prayer for your husband including his spiritual walk, his emotion, his work, his role as father and his future.

If you are looking for a Biblically solid book on prayer for your marriage, I highly recommend Stormie’s book. What Happens When Women Pray

This is the second book I have read about prayer.  It belonged to my beautiful, Godly grandmother.  I have fond memories of her reading her Bible in bed at night, following up with prayers for her family.  If I know anything about prayer, it really is from her!  So, if she read a book on prayer, well, I am going to read it, too!

The book is written by Evelyn Christenson.  She was challenged to find out what would happen when a group of women commits to pray for 6 months.  Would you be willing to do that?  A lot can happen in 6 months!  

She also encouraged small group prayer with her prayer method: The 6 S’s

Subject by Subject – stay on topic

  • Short Prayers – 1-3 sentences – that’s it!
  • Simple Prayers – so everyone is comfortable praying out loud.
  • Specific Prayer Requests – with God’s answer.  A great source of encouragement.
  • Silent Periods – a wonderful opportunity to LISTEN to God.
  • Small Groups – 4-5 people in a group will encourage all to pray with confidence.

There are many great practical tips and bits of wisdom in the little book.  And it is one of the few books I remember reading;)

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

Oh, boy.  This book was FANTASTIC!  My excitement and zeal for regular church prayer meetings were sparked while reading this book about 4 years ago.  My church did not have prayer meetings at that time and so my husband and I asked the pastor if we could start one.  I believe that this book will benefit your prayer life even if you don’t attend a prayer meeting.  

I loved Jim’s personal stories he wrote throughout the book, demonstrating the power of prayer.  I especially loved the story about his daughter.  PS – if you have a wayward child, his story will inspire you.  

Too Busy Not To Pray

A dear friend lent this book to me a while ago…I have yet to finish it and return it.  Sorry, Anne!  

How often have you used the excuse that you were simply ‘too busy’ to pray?  I know I have used it too many times myself.  The truth is this: if you feel like you are too busy to commune intimately with the Savior, then you are much busier than He ever intended you to be.  You may need to prioritize and purge some activities from your life – and prayer should never be one of them.

Bill says this in his book, “Prayer is the key to unlocking God’s prevailing power in your life.

He discusses unanswered prayers and mountain moving prayers in this book.  Topics many of us wonder about.

The Mystery Of Spiritual Sensitivity

My colleague recommended this book to me, knowing that I am a spiritually sensitive person.  At first, I was a little leery, hoping it wasn’t some New Age type book.  However, it didn’t take long for me to see just how Biblically solid it is.  And I could relate to much of what the author said!  If you have ever been told that you are ‘too sensitive’ or you have a child who is overly sensitive, this book would be incredibly helpful!    

Women Who Move Mountains

When I wrote this post, this book wasn’t out yet.  But here is another FANTASTIC book on prayer – I especially love that it seems to be geared towards women in leadership – Sue doesn’t say that, but that’s just how I felt reading it.  Read my full review here.

One more set of books on prayer:

My friend, Kaylene, wrote a book on prayer for children.  It will be available on Amazon by December 11.  To make sure you don’t miss out on these books, go here to get on the waitlist.

Bonus Section!

I wanted my kids to understand prayer in a deeper way.  So, I invested in some good, solid children’s books on prayer for them.

Again, Stormie Omartian has fabulous resources for kids of all ages.





Rick Osborne has several great resources as well.  





And Kay Arthur has a wonderful Bible Study on prayer for kids.



May these books bless you in your prayer life!

My Meeting With The King: The Ultimate Guide For Prayer is now available!  PS – subscribers get this for FREE.  Sign-up for my newsletter below for your prayer pack!

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