There is only one type of woman I long to be.  Maybe this comes with age or spiritual maturity.  I’m not sure.  There was a time when I wanted to be a different woman.  The perfect woman.  Being a successful woman was incredibly appealing.  Dressed to the nines and her whole life is candy-coated.  I no longer want to be her.  That candy-coating may be sweet at first, but the bitter center was a turn-off.  But this other woman, now she is incredible!  She is full of joy and completely at peace.  She is comfortable with herself and other women love being around her because she offers LIFE.  Who is she?  She is the woman who follows after her Lord whole-heartedly.  Here are the 7 Habits Of A Woman After God’s Own Heart.

Are you longing to follow after the heart of God? Here are 7 Habits Of A Woman After God's Own Heart

Our Role Model

Acts 13-22If we want to know how to be a woman after God’s own heart, we need to take a good look at the life of the man who sought after the heart of the Father.  And that is David.

This is the guy who committed adultery.  He had Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle so that he could take her as his own.  And, yet, God says that David was a man after God’s own heart.  Isn’t this amazing?     

David’s past didn’t matter when it came to his faithfulness to God.  His sin was history.  It did not hinder his heart following after his Heavenly father.  Our past shouldn’t either.  

How did David change his ways?  What things did he do to foster his heart for the things of the Lord?  Let’s take a look at Psalm 27 for some insight.

Remember Who He Is

Psalm 27-1One habit of someone after God’s heart is that they remember the character of God, especially when traveling through the murky waters of pain and suffering.  That is usually the time when we need to remember God’s character, isn’t it?  

He is our light and salvation, therefore, we need not fear.  It is the Lord who is the strength of our life, thus we don’t need to be afraid.  He is always with us, He will never leave nor forsake us, regardless of how we ‘feel’.  

A woman after God’s own heart remembers the character of God, she remembers the promises in His word.  She knows that God has not forgotten her.   

Go Deep

A woman after God’s heart will root His promises deeply within her heart.  She trusts Him fully.  She reflects on the past times He has saved her.  Seeing His hand at work in her life over the years is something she has trained her heart to do.    

She personalizes God’s promises.  Note how David did this – The Lord is MY light, MY salvation.  The Lord is the strength of MY life.  MY heart shall not fear.  In this, I will be confident.  Personalizing the promises of God helps to anchor her heart in Him, rooting His word within her heart.  

Draw Close To Him

Psalm 27-4A woman after God’s heart will continuously ask to be drawn closer to God.  She does not whine or complain about her circumstances.  Wallowing in worry is not an option for her.  She petitions God to allow her to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of her life.  Furthermore, she desires to behold His beauty – to just be in awe of Him.

She loves to just sit at the feet of Jesus.  She is comfortable there.  This is her hiding place, her place of comfort and joy.  In this place, she freely has a heart of worship.  

Worship & Praise

The mighty woman after His heart will make time to worship and praise God.  This is not an option for her.  She makes her worship and praises a priority in her busy life.  She understands that her praise and worship inspires a new song within her heart.  And she sings it fearlessly.

Worshipping and praising God brings confidence to her heart as she sings.  Her head is lifted up and she is assured of who is protecting her.  Thus, she relies on her “God-confidence” and not self-confidence – she understands the difference.

Leave It Behind

To be after God’s own heart requires her to leave sin at the foot of the Cross.  She is familiar with the age-old tactic of the enemy to remind her of her past mistakes, failures, and sin.  When he tries to remind her of her past, she reminds him of her future.  She reminds him that Jesus Christ conquered the death of sin when He died and rose again.  So, her past has been covered by His precious blood and has been erased from God’s memory.  It all has been tossed to the bottom of the ocean floor, and as far as the East is from the West.  

When she leaves her sin with Jesus, she does not pick it up again.  It is there to stay.  

A+ Student

Having a teachable spirit is another habit of the woman after God’s heart.  She understands that the ways of God will lead to peace and joy.  When the Holy Spirit convicts, she is prepared to confess, repent and turn from her sinful behavior.  She does not waste time justifying or making excuses for it.

Reading God’s word teaches her heart and she continuously asks God for His wisdom.  Trusting Him to lead and guide her so she does not lose heart.   

Wait Expectantly

Finally, the woman after the heart of her Heavenly Father waits expectantly as He strengthens her.  She keeps believing that she will see God’s goodness.  Rather than act hastily and carelessly, she rests in the expectation that her Lord will come to her aid.  Her hope is anchored in Christ, and consequently, her heart is strengthened and her courage is restored.  

How are you running after the heart of God?  Which one of these habits do you need to be more purposeful in developing?  I have created a printable to help remind you of these wonderful habits.

7 Habits Of A Woman After God’s Own Heart

A printable for my blog post: 7 Habits Of A Woman After God’s Own Heart.


Are you longing to follow after the heart of God? Here are 7 Habits Of A Woman After God's Own Heart

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...

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  • Roberta

    Aimee, Oh my goodness! What an excellent list. To be reminded that we can be a woman after God’s own heart. It is too easy to believe the lies, but once we start hiding His Word in our hearts, it is easy to believe Him and His goodness. Thanks for the post! I appreciated it tons today! Roberta

    • Thank you, Roberta. Yes, it can be easy to believe those awful lies. They comes at us relentlessly! I am so thankful for His truth to remind me of who I am! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • I loved this post. It is so very thought provoking and challenging. Thanks for the reminders of what our goal should really be and what habits I should be working hardest at cultivating. I definitely have some refocusing to do!

    • Thank you, Meredith. I think I need a reminder of these things myself – that’s really why I wrote it!

  • I loved this, Aimee. Like you, I’m no longer trying to be the ultimate super successful woman, at least not in the way the world often defines success. Instead I’m longing to live a life that pleases God and the only way to do that is to run after Him. Thank you so much for sharing your insight in this post along with the free download.
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

    • Yes, worldly success means nothing in the end anyway. I also think back to my young adulthood and I wish I hadn’t wasted my times in the places I should not have been. I wish I had worked for the kingdom of God and went on mission’s trips – although I may not have met my hubby;) However, this leaves me to be able to teach my kids to not follow in mom’s footsteps! But follow God’s calling! Thanks, Marva!

  • I love this post, Aimee! Found your blog on Pinterest and so happy to connect with you. As a fellow writer, I’m praying over your ministry!!

    • Thanks, Lauren! What a beautiful thing to pray over each other’s ministry! I appreciate it so much!

  • Veronica Allman

    Amazing post! Such a great reminder of how I am to be as a woman. I have the “perfect woman” standard that I need to get rid of and just be who God created me to be !

    • YES!!! Be who God created you to be, Veronica. God’s idea of who we are is so much better than the “perfect woman”, who doesn’t exist anyway;) To be a woman after God’s heart…now that is a woman!!!

  • Good points and an excellent list. I think the one I want to be more purposeful about is personalizing God’s promises. It brings such deeper meaning to my life as I do that.

    • Thank you, Rachel. I love personalizing God’s promises. Doing so draws me closer to Him and I grow more confident of His love for me. Years ago, I struggled with that – unsure if God really, truly loved me. I am so thankful for His amazing love!!

  • Rachel

    I think I love most that this list isn’t a “checklist” like I expected it to be! Being a woman after God’s own heart means we have to focus on the HEART rather than the actions. Thank you for that wake up call!! God bless.

    • Thanks, Rachel. I’m not a checklist fan, either. God is much more concerned about the condition of the heart than He is about our outward actions. Yes, our actions matter – they are working out our faith – BUT, if our hearts aren’t right with God, then those actions are like filthy rags to Him. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment.

  • Great reminders. I especially was encouraged on the reminder to “wait”. That is certainly one the Lord has been teaching me the last couple years. To wait, “Be Still” and know He is God. Thank you for sharing this, and for the encouragement it brought.

    • To wait…such a hard lesson. We are so impatient! Like God is a fast food restaurant and all we need to do is go through the drive-thru to get what we ‘need’, hey? BUT…the best things come when we choose to be still and wait on Him – for His perfect timing is what is truly best for us. Thanks for your encouraging comment, Paula! Comments such as yours always fuels us bloggers to keep going!