I just stared at him as though he asked me to pick up his underwear from the dry cleaners.  His request was utterly ridiculous.  Past attempts to solve the problem never worked, why would it be different this time?  However, I knew he would not accept any excuse from me, his excitement and eagerness would subdue my negativity.  Begrudgingly, I gave in.  I would faithfully try this new product that promised to help me lose weight.  But I wouldn’t get my hopes up that I’d see results.  Not this time.  

Have you tried a bunch of diet plans, potions and pills with no results? Yeah, me, too. It is so frustrating! Here I share what did not work for me...and what finally did! Fad Diets: What Didn't Work...And What Did.

Before I share with you the things I’ve done that didn’t work and things that did work, I want to share a bit about why it has been so difficult for me to lose weight.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in 2004 and despite regular exercise, I never lost pounds – only gained.  It got to the point where I just stopped my monthly measurements at Curves because there was never any change.  Discouragement just filled my heart, so there wasn’t any point.  Over the years, the number on the scale would keep inching up, bringing even more dismay to my troubled heart.  I had to shift my focus on the idea of caring for my body as the temple of God and not on losing weight.

Epic Fail

These are the things I have tried that did not work for me.  I’m not saying they don’t work at all, I’m just saying they did not work for me. 


This program promised weight loss through cleansing using their specialized drinks.  These drinks were the most disgusting beverages I’ve ever had.  Words cannot describe just how gross it was.  We also drank the meal replacement shakes, which weren’t bad.  However, they also have meal replacement soups and I ordered the tomato flavoured one.  After trying one serving, I threw the canister out.  I could not bring myself to consume another serving of it.   

The worst part is that I did not lose a single pound on this program.  Not one.  So, here I am choking down this revolting beverage and I was doing it all in vain.  It’s not easy to continue on with an expensive, horrible tasting product that is not giving results.  

Brown Rice Diet

My naturopath suggested I try the Brown Rice Diet to help trigger weight loss.  I had cut out sugar, wheat, dairy, meat (NO!!!)…and more.  She was shocked when I told her the following month that I did not lose even one pound.  So, that program did not work, either.  So, I went without meat for 21 days for nothing.  I was cranky about that.  I love a good steak! 

Pills, Pills And More Pills

I tried a variety of different weight loss supplements from the health food store.  They were expensive and none of them worked for me.    

Another Drink

I tried another drink that was supposed to help me lose weight.  It didn’t taste as bad as the Isagenix, but it was still gross.  I still did not lose any weight.  Although, in complete fairness, this drink was more for blood and heart issues – and I know it helped my husband in that area;)

Hypothyroid Diets

I researched specialized diets for those with hypothyroid and tried some of those ideas.  No positive results for me. 

All of the many tricks, pills, potions (drinks) and diets I tried failed to work, so was it any wonder I lacked zeal in trying yet another thing that promised hope?

Not Necessarily A Fail…

I did try a few things to help me lose weight that didn’t work, but I still enjoyed having them in my routine.  For example, my husband and I would juice for breakfast and lunch.  That was a great way for us to get nutrients from vegetables and fruit.  Adding lemons and ginger gave the juice some great flavor.  

I also enjoyed drinking smoothies for breakfast.  In fact, we still enjoy having shakes every morning or ease and convenience for our day.  We use coconut or almond milk, frozen fruit, hemp seeds and a scoop of shake powder.  I like that I can quickly make it and drink it.  

Did It Work?

Are you wondering if that new product worked for me?  Are you curious about what it is?  

Well, guess what?!?!  It IS working!  I am losing inches AND pounds.  This has never happened before.  NEVER.      

This is what I do.  In the mornings, I drink a weight loss coffee.  It is instant coffee, which I have never been a fan of.  However, I do enjoy the taste of this coffee!  My husband brews some regular coffee for me to enjoy afterward while my SlimROAST coffee burns fat;)     

About half an hour before dinner, I drink another beverage called Trim.  This drink suppresses appetite and helps burn fat.  It tastes a bit like pineapple.  

Before I go to bed, I chug back a glass of Immune.  I get a good rest and it supports my immune system.

For my workouts, I mix up some Energy (which tastes dangerously like cherry KoolAid).  It gives me the boost I need to lift that barbell over my head!  I also drink Energy on those days I feel tired.  As soon I drink it, I feel energized and strong. 

Since June, I have lost 10 pounds AND 18+ inches by being on the Valentus products and working out.  That is insane!  I am so glad I went ahead and tried this product because I am thrilled with the results I am getting.  The results many other products and plans promised but never delivered.  (Click here for more info)

We would LOVE to send you a FREE sample, no obligation.  If you are interested in a sample and/or more information, fill out the form below.

Reflection Time

What has worked for you?  What has not?  What do you find most frustrating about diets and weight loss?  How have you felt successful – this might even be heart healing and not striving for the ‘perfect’ body!  You may also enjoy this post: For The Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Sexy.

Have you tried a bunch of diet plans, potions and pills with no results? Yeah, me, too. It is so frustrating! Here I share what did not work for me...and what finally did! Fad Diets: What Didn't Work...And What Did.

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