You’ve seen her before.  She makes you watch her in awe as she exudes joy, grace and wisdom.  Peace and love shine from her beautiful face.  It’s like she has a new song to sing every single day.  What is her secret?  What does she know that you don’t?  Would she share the mystery of her confidence if you asked her?  I have a feeling she would.  But if you are too timid to ask her, I’ll share the classified information with you – the top secret information that is for the elect of God.  Are you ready to learn the 10 Marvelous Secrets Of The Mature Christian?

We are to be growing in our faith, into mature Christians. How does one do this? Here are 10 Marvelous Secrets Of The Mature Christian.

Paul’s Advice

Paul explains how the elect of God ought to behave in Colossians 3:12-17.  The elect of God are the Christians who have grown into maturity, not babes in Christ or Christians who are still drinking the “milk” (1 Corinthians 3:2).  I have noticed that the length of time one has been a Christian does not always ensure that they are a mature Christian.  For example, when my husband came to faith in Christ, he surprised people when he would tell them that he had been a Christian less than a year.  He had grown so much in maturity in such a short time.  He was doing certain things that helped him grow in his faith.  Now, let me share these points with you.

The Mature Christian…  

1. Is Holy and Beloved

Mature Christians do their best to live holy lives, turning from sinful behaviour quickly and completely.  Mature Christians are also confident in God’s love for them, freeing them to confess and repent swiftly.  When we are sure of His love, we are comfortable bearing our soul and heart to Him.  We live like we are loved.

2. Wears The Best Fashions

colossians-3-12-page-0I’m obviously not talking about a trendy Chanel pantsuit or a gorgeous Donna Karan sheath dress.  Those things go out of style quickly.  Paul instructs the elect of God to put on:  

  • Tender mercies – this is a heart of compassion.  This kind of mercy is deeply rooted in the soul.  
  • Kindness – this is moral goodness and integrity – characteristics that are difficult to find these days.  We must put on a demeanor of excellence. We must be kind to each other, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. 
  • Humility – we are to be modest, not thinking too highly of ourselves.  Be humble.
  • Meekness – to be gentle.  The mature Christian speaks and acts with gentleness.  She is not harsh or cruel.  We have enough of that in this world, wouldn’t you say?
  • Longsuffering – patience, endurance, constancy, steadfastness, perseverance, forbearance, longsuffering, slowness in avenging wrongs.

3. Bears With Others

colossians-3-13-page-0In a world where it is taught, and even welcomed and encouraged, to watch out for “number one”, regard;es of the cost; Paul instructs us to bear with one another.  In other words, put up with each other’s flaws.  We all have some quality that irks others.  That family who walks into church late EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY.  The guy who claps off-beat.  The older lady who sings loudly and off-key.  

Whatever the flaw is, we just put up with each other…we have to spend eternity with each other, after all.

4. Forgives Quickly

The elect of God are quick to forgive.  She forgives freely, without stipulation or manipulation.  Mature people don’t wait for the person to apologize to forgive.  We just choose forgiveness simply because of all the things Christ has forgiven us for.

5. Above All, Loves

colossians-3-14-page-0God’s elect love – this is the mark of our dignity and distinction.  Our love is what tells the world that we are followers of Christ – how we love each other.  We must love each other well.  Above all else.  Displaying the love of Christ binds us together in perfection.

Mature Christians facilitate the knitting together in love of believers.  They do not gossip or slander – on social media or otherwise.  Because that behavior unravels the knitting.  Mature Christians do not unravel – they knit and mend through their love.  

6. Allows Peace To Rule

colossians-3-15-page-0With so much uncertainty in this world, it can be easy to allow fear and fretfulness to consume our hearts.  Instead of allowing anxiety and worry control us, God’s elect will allow the supernatural peace of God to rule in our hearts.  The mature Christian does not worry about who the new President or Prime Minister is because she is confident in God’s authority over the entire world.  He is the One who created it, after all.  Absolutely nothing happens without His knowledge or permission.  That is a promise that brings peace into our hearts.  The mature Christian has a disposition of Godly peace.  

7. Is Thankful

The mature Christian exudes thankfulness.  She chooses to look for things to be grateful for instead of searching for things to grumble and complain about.  Thankfulness promotes the peace of God in the heart (see above).

8. Lets The Word Of Christ Dwell

colossians-3-16-page-0With maturity in faith comes the understanding that we must choose to let the words of our Savior dwell richly and deeply in our hearts.  We grow in wisdom when we allow the Word to dwell within us.  And because we have been given Godly wisdom, we can then teach and admonish our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The mature Christian receives instruction and direction from the word that dwells within her.  The word influences every part of her life.  

9. Sings With Grace

The mature Christian is filled with grace.  We are so full of grace that we sing it to the Lord.  The teaching and admonishing we offer through Godly wisdom are carried out with Godly grace.  

10. Does Everything In The Name of Jesus

colossians-3-17-page-0A woman who has grown in maturity of faith will do everything in compliance with her Lord.  She relies on His strength and continuously gives glory to Him for everything – trials and blessings.  She gives thanks to her Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus.

How are you growing into a mature faith?  What areas need more work for you?  How can you help a new babe in Christ grow?  What has God given you to teach her?  We all have something to teach!

To help you remember these truths, I have created this FREE printable for you!

10 marvelous secrets of the mature christian


We are to be growing in our faith, into mature Christians. How does one do this? Here are 10 Marvelous Secrets Of The Mature Christian.

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Aimee Imbeau

Aimee is a wife to an incredible husband, Marcus, and mother to three fabulous children. She works from home as a homeschool support teacher and she homeschools her own children as well. She loves writing abut her faith and decided to give blogging a try in 2013. The rest is history...
  • I love this so much Aimee. I sometimes get down on myself for not being the mature Christian I would hope to be by now… but this is my journey with God and I’m certain that each step of the way has a purpose bringing me closer to spiritual maturity.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, Jennifer! I really think you are too hard on yourself! When I think of you, I get this beautiful picture of one of the most gentlest souls. Those roots run deep, sister – I know this. You are much more of a mature Christian than you think you are;) His word is dwells within your heart (just because we don’t quote the entire Bible doesn’t mean we aren’t dwelling), you sing with much grace, you are kind and humble. Yes, I know this to be true. God has done amazing work in you and through you. Believe it!