Bible art journaling has become kind of a popular trend lately, hasn’t it?  Now, I’m not one to jump on the latest fad bandwagon, but something about this idea resonates deeply within my heart!  I find jotting notes and making doodles in my Bible during study time advantageous.  The word of God is Holy and ought to be honoured and held with the greatest amount of respect.  This is something I fully and completely agree with.  However, His word was also meant to be deeply rooted within our hearts, not just something to have on our bedside table.  And Bible journaling helps me achieve this wonderful goal.  Here are my 3 Key Benefits Of Bible Art Journaling.

Have you ever wondered what was up with the Bible journaling trend? Why are so many women doing it? Here, I share 3 Key Benefits Of Bible Art Journaling

Method Of Worship

journal-2Bible art journaling does not replace my Bible study.  However, it does supplement my contemplation of passages I am learning about.  Spending extra time focused on the character of God draws my heart closer to His.

I am able to really focus on the words and theme of a specific verse or passage while I draw and color.  Therefore, the practice helps me to understand the truth of what is written.  I am not simply going through the motions when I am this invested in His word.  

I am giving honor and glory to God through my journaling.  Confession of His goodness and holiness is expressed as I work.  I spend time in prayer as I write precious words in the margins.  My thankfulness for who He is demonstrated in my work.  My soul quiets as I draw designs, assisting me in hearing my Lord as He speaks His truth to my heart.  Reflection of what Christ has done for me on the Cross comes as I think about the words and illustrations.  I continue to respond to God throughout my day as the verse or passage I spent extra time on stays with me for quite some time.

This is worship.

A Legacy Is Left

journal-4My dad passed away when I was just 3 years old.  I have no memories of him and only a few photos.  I’ve heard stories about him and I know he loved his family very much.  Although I cannot remember his arms embracing me or his voice beckoning me, I have something of his that I treasure dearly.  I have his Bible.  it is a legacy of his faith that he left for his children.  Once in a while, I turn the pages of that book and I see some verses highlighted and a few notes jotted down here and there.  And I know that he loved the Lord.


This is what I want for my kids…a legacy of loving the Lord.

One day, when my kids flip through one of my Bibles, they will see the bits of information that meant a lot to me.  They will see the truths that spoke deeply to my heart.  My love for the Lord will be evident on the pages of the three Bibles I use the most.  

A Memorial Stone

journal-3Remembering what God has brought me through is pivotal in my faith journey.  When those hard situations arise – and they do arise – I can think back on all that God has lead me out of, how He has healed me, restored me and redeemed me.  I see how He worked out every single situation for my good – and for His glory.  

Bible art journaling serves a “memorial stone” for me, just like Joshua and the Israelites set up with the 12 stones in Joshua 4. The Israelites brought 12 stones from the Jordan River and Joshua set them up in Gilgal.  God told Joshua that when his children ask about those stones, he will remember what God had brought them all through.


journal-5I never want to forget what my Savior has brought me through in my life.  So much loss.  Pain.  Suffering.  Bondage.  All of that and more He has redeemed and restored.  I am a Godly woman living in His freedom.  Under His grace and mercy.  Oh, such love.  Why would I not want to remember this every single day?  Why would I not want this memorial to be known to my children?  To my children’s children?  And so on?  

I never want to forget.  

There are so many wonderful reasons for Bible art journaling – more than what I have mentioned here.  Why do you journal or make notes in your Bible?  How has Bible art journaling benefitted your spiritual journey?

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Beyond The Bible Journaling Basics

To hep you get started, I am pleased and honored to offer you a special sale price on my friend, Sara’s, (The Holy Mess) brand new Bible journaling resource kit.  She has provided a great place to begin Bible journaling with great traceables!  There are also Bible margin strips (can be used for bookmarks, too).  She included quotes & doodles for you to use in your Bible.  Need some practice with your freehand calligraphy – she’s got you covered with practice pages.  There is a reading plan on the theme of trusting God and daily journal pages that double as Bible study notes.  The Bible verse coloring cards are great to post around the house…or do what I did and make a card for a friend (see photo to the right).  I have cardstock on hand already.  I glued some scrapbook paper to the front and then glued the colored card onto the scrapbook paper (chalk was used to shade).  I added some washi tape and a tiny strip of contrast paper to the bottom.  And DONE!  And so much better than store-bought – seriously, cards here in Canada can run up to $7-10 each!  

My Bonus Goodie

For anyone who purchases a kit through my special link (yes, it is an affiliate link) will receive a printable of my Bible Journaling Challenge packed with 30 ideas to help you journal.  Some examples are:

  • Use glitter
  • Use any type of embellishment you wish
  • Try something you don’t think you can do

Be sure to forward me your receipt of purchase so I can send to you!  Otherwise, I don’t know who you are!  (


Have you ever wondered what was up with the Bible journaling trend? Why are so many women doing it? Here, I share 3 Key Benefits Of Bible Art Journaling

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  • Beautiful! I have not jumped on this bandwagon, but I have seen beautiful art to help them focus on the Word of our Holy Father.

    • I wish I could devote more time to Bible journaling!

  • Wow, Aimee. Those pictures of your journal art are just beautiful! So inspiring. I do something similar, but in a separate journal, maybe not quite as artsy as yours. 🙂 But I loved the reasons you lay out here for doing this.

    • Thanks, Betsy! I trace templates sometimes for my drawings;)

  • I love your Bible Journaling pages! They are beautiful yet not sooo artistic that they take away from the most important focus — God’s Word. Thank you for this helpful post.