I love spring! Especially since moving into our new home about a year and a half ago.  We took possession of our beautiful new home in the fall after viewing it a couple of times in late summer.  When the following spring came, I was in for a delightful surprise with all of the gorgeous flowers that popped up in the back yard (see photos at bottom of this post)!  I always had huge, fresh bouquets of flowers!  This year, I am in full anticipation of the snow finally melting and seeing those bright colorful blossoms appear.  Here is How I am Having Christ-Centered Easter Decorations.

Are you looking for appealing ways to decorate your home for Easter? Are you looking for Christ-centered resources? How I am Having Christ-Centered Easter Decorations.

In my anticipation of spring, I am getting into full on decorating for Easter!  Spring and Easter represent New Life for me…especially since I remember that season of my life when I thought winter was never going to end.  I’m talking about both in a spiritual aspect as well as in the physical world.

Christ-centered Doesn’t Mean No Chocolate Eggs

Several years ago, I sent out a newsletter to the homeschool families I work with.  Any devotional message or activity I suggested was grounded in a Christian worldview.  However, I did have a photo of those foiled covered chocolate eggs in there.  

I got a reply to my newsletter. 

It wasn’t nice. 

This mom was seriously offended by the chocolate eggs.  Who knew those delicious morsels could cause so much havoc!  I certainly didn’t!

I guess she totally and completely missed my devotional message on how Jesus came to make everything new.  He came to reclaim everything that is rightfully His.  Including His creation…bunnies, eggs, chicks…the lamb.

He is the Redeemer, after all.

And I am pretty sure He can redeem chocolate eggs.  

So, no, you aren’t going to hear me go off about the evils of Easter.  Yes, I know the pagan history of the holiday…but I know the story of my Savior’s redemption even more.  Deep down in my soul.  

And that is the True story of Easter!

My Mantle

When we viewed this home, I fell in love with the fireplace mantle.  I would get excited about the thought of decorating it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer, Fall…all seasons and holidays!  

Here is how I have decorated my mantle this Easter.

What do you think?  Isn’t that banner super cute?  I love the colors in it.  As well as the cross that is between “Happy” and “Easter” – and that is how it ought to be, right?  The Cross right in the center.

A few things I bought at Winners (Canadian version of TJ Maxx) and at the dollar store – those cute bunnies are from Dollarama!

Behind the white cross is another cross made from twigs, foam eggs and butterflies.  I made that a couple of years ago at a Women’s Retreat I spoke at.  So, that one is extra special to me…I made that cross in the very town where the enemy of my soul executed his stealthy attack on my soul.  That cross represents the fact that he lost.  His plan failed.

Close Up

You can see it a bit better in the photo above.

I love that white frame!  Is suits the graphic inside of it perfectly!  I found that frame at Walmart just the other day.  And the graphic is from Alicia’s Christ-centered Easter Home Decor set.  In the set, hers is 8×10, so I adjusted the size to fit this smaller frame.

The white flower in this photo is an artificial one from Winners.  And those are mini eggs in that other dish!  YUM!  The frame is from Walmart and the graphic inside is from Alicia’s Christ-centered Women’s Resources kit.

Here is another graphic that I can’t wait to put in my home!  You can get all of these resources and MORE in Alicia’s Christ-centered Easter Resource Bundle.     

Bible Studies for Easter

Alicia also has some fantastic Easter Bible study resources for the family, for marriage and just for women.  They all look fantastic – and simple to use – I am looking forward to starting them myself!

I am an affiliate for Alicia of A Vibrant Family.  I have been to her site and read her blog posts for a few years now.  She always writes such incredible stuff!  I am also in a blogging mastermind group with her – those online Zoom meetings for collaborating are fantastic!  So, naturally, I knew I’d love her products – and when I love something, I love to share it with you, my dear readers. 

I know Alicia has her own bonuses for purchasing her products, but I have one, too.  I created this pretty spring-themed prayer journal. There are 4 pages for journaling as well as some scripture cards.  These are free with any purchase through my affiliate links.  Simply send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you a link to download this prayer journal.

What are you waiting for?  Go get yours now so you can start decorating!!!

Christ-centered Women’s Resource

Christ-centered Family Resource

Christ-centered Marriage Resource

Christ-centered Home Decor Resource

Christ-centered Resource Bundle – all of the above plus all of the bonuses.

Subscribers also get this Easter Planning Guide for free.

Flowers in My Yard

Aurora Crown Imperial Lillies

HUGE Peonies

Japanese Cherry Blossoms


Are you looking for appealing ways to decorate your home for Easter? Are you looking for Christ-centered resources? How I am Having Christ-Centered Easter Decorations.

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