When I started my homeschool journey 12 years ago, I’d come home from the local homeschool convention with loads…and loads of curriculum.  Books upon books of work for my kids to do.  Spelling programs, super-thick grammar workbooks, math sheets, and so much more…too much more.  My kids were overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed.  We would make it through about a third of our homeschool year before many of the workbooks were tossed in the recycle bin…unfinished.  A waste of money.  A big waste of time.  Since I can’t rewind time and do things differently, I can, at least, encourage new homeschool moms – and maybe moms who have been homeschooling for a number of years and are worn out – to not make the same mistake.  Things started to change for me when I started using digital resources.  Homeschooling became easier and less overwhelming.  Today, I want to share with you Why I Love Using Digital Products In My Homeschool.

Do you have curriculum that just sits on your shelf, unused? Do your kids get part way through a workbook before you give up fighting with them to finish it? Do you feel pressured to buy a year's worth of programs at the homeschool convention? I get it. I switched to using mostly digital products a few years back and I love it. Why I Love Using Digital Products In My Homeschool

One of the reasons I stocked up on curriculum at the convention was the pressure to buy, buy, buy.  There were always specials and deals at convention.  While this can be a good thing if you are prepared, it can lead to buying stuff you don’t really need if you aren’t prepared.  Impulsive buying can be a huge problem in the vendor halls!  You want to be a good steward of your money, so you buy because it’s a good deal.  But if it isn’t a good fit for your family, then it ends up being a waste.  

There was also the pressure of having the whole year planned out and then buying accordingly.  A plan is good, but it should be a flexible plan.  And buying everything all at once isn’t always very flexible.  You think “I bought it already so I have to use it!”.  You’ve committed to the resource.  But sometimes, even the best relationships need to come to an end.

Why I Love Digital

Here’s the down-low on why I love downloads:

  1. I can buy what I need when I need it.  
  2. Supporting other homeschool moms financially is an awesome bonus.
  3. I print what I need – nothing more.
  4. The prices are cheaper than hard copies.
  5. Takes up less room in my schoolroom – seriously, I need all of the room I can get! 

Welcome The Digital Age

Digital products help to minimize these kinds of stresses.    

For me, it really started with lapbooks about 7 years ago.  My kids loved making lapbooks.  I found several wonderful and FREE lapbooks over at Homeschoolshare.com.  We had so much fun making lapbooks for Narnia, math, insects, animals, and many other topics.  I STILL have these lapbooks today.  Every once in a while we will pull them out and look at the work we had done over the years.

Faith-Based Digital Downloads

Some of my absolute favorite digital resources comes from Kim Sorgius of Not Consumed (affiliate link).  I think I have pretty much every resource she publishes.  When I need a resource to teach Biblical character or simply a solid resource for morning Bible study, I look here first.  I trust these resources to be Biblically sound and my kids LOVE them.  I can easily save the resource to my computer and print off what I need for each child.  It is so easy and convenient. 

My oldest daughter has also enjoyed Marcy Crabtree’s Fine Linen and Purple: A Coloring Journal For Teen Girls Who Love Jesus (aff link). Marcy’s coloring journal includes a verse, reflection questions, and a journaling section in each lesson, which I appreciate.  The coloring page helps girls to meditate on the truth of God’s word in that lesson. 















Free Is Good

I mentioned above that the Homeschoolshare resources are FREE – and who doesn’t like free?  I have found so many resources for no cost online.  Often they are freebies for subscribing to a blog newsletter (and then you get access to future free resources and special discounts on products) or the resources are free to the general public and you just download from the site.

Heather from Only Passionate Curiosity has an ongoing list of free resources.

Stacy from Homeschool Adventure has a fabulous resource for older kids that will help them defend their faith.  I have a hard time finding resources geared for the older child, so I think this is awesome. 

Heather from Life of a Homeschool Mom has several free resources on her site:

Peace Creek on the Prairie has some preschool resources available.

Lisa Marie has some awesome Canadian content for free as well as some Lego challenges!  I love homeschooling with Lego!

Misty fromYear Round Homeschooling has a brand new kids Bible Activity pack for Galatians.  She has other packs available as well.  She also has another page full of freebies here

Natural Beach Living has several free resources – the Rainforest set looks fun!

Tara from Embark on the Journey has a few freebies like a planner for teens (I really, REALLY need a planner for my daughter for next year).

Anne Marie from Future Flying Saucers has some great Bible related freebies, too.

Susan from Warm Hearts Publishing has several resources to choose from.  And here, too.

This Math learning pack is good for ages 4-14.

Annette from In All You Do has some great freebies!  The playdough mats are adorable.

Dollie’s site has a Charlotte Mason Lesson Plan Bundle.

Christa has a free place value game as well as a shape activity.

Stephanie from Multi Taskin’ Mom has several great resources for free.  

Kathie from The Character Corner is offering 4 weeks of her character program

Yellow Wood has a math game board to help kids learn and understand math.

The Guest Hollow has several offerings.  I want to spend some time looking through this site.  I am intrigued with the high school level curriculum they have.

Samantha from Creative, Clever, and Classy has a sentence diagramming cheat sheet and a math cheat sheet (gr 4-8) – this would be handy! 

Christian Homeschool Hub has some great free resources.  I’m also a part of their download club where, for a reasonable fee, I have access to a library of digital products.

Erica from Enrichment studies has a super fun freebie where kids can create their own art memes and Berthe Morisot art package.

Dianna has a free study of Ruth.

There really is a plethora of free homeschool resources out there.  Pinterest has great ideas and free offerings.

Teacher Created Materials

One site I have almost become obsessed with lately is Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have found so many incredible resources there that my kids or my little class of homeschool students LOVE.  You can find treasures like:

Online Courses

Online courses seem to be the trend these days.  They are very popular and the quality of them is pretty high.

I have my own course for teen girls that I am going to be launching soon. See here for details and to enroll super early BEFORE the official launch (use promo code ‘saveten’ and you’ll save 10% – good for the month of May only).

Beth from Techie Homeschool Mom has several wonderful online courses, too.  Head on over to her site to see what she has.  She has a FREE stars online course and a pass to see 5 lessons her online unit studies.

To help you in your homeschool, I have some free planning sheets for you to download.  Simply subscribe to my weekly newsletter and you’ll get the sheets immediately after you confirm your subscription.  If you subscribe, you’ll also be sure to NOT miss the BEST homeschool curriculum bundle sale of the year – all digital products! PS – make sure you get the coupon code and the chance to win all of the bundles by clicking the graphic below! 

Enter to Win ALL 20 Bundles - Over $4,000 Value!

Do you have curriculum that just sits on your shelf, unused? Do your kids get part way through a workbook before you give up fighting with them to finish it? Do you feel pressured to buy a year's worth of programs at the homeschool convention? I get it. I switched to using mostly digital products a few years back and I love it. Why I Love Using Digital Products In My Homeschool

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