When my kids were young, a lot of my prayer time was through song.  I would have a worship cd playing while I cleaned, cooked or did other mommy tasks.  Those songs turned into my prayers.  Often, I had a Snuggli wrapped around my body with Matt in it – he liked being close to me – he would cry if I put him down.  When I shared with a friend about my time with God being mostly through worship songs, her response was very discouraging to me as a mom of young children.  She told me that it wasn’t ‘enough’ – I had to do more.  The prayers from my heart through worship were not enough.  Have you ever been discouraged that way?  Someone may have had good intentions, but they lacked compassion and understanding – they did not have LOVE.  As sisters in Christ, we are to encourage and lift each other up.  So, that is the purpose of this post, A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms.

Are you feeling the pressure of doing this mommy thing right? Fitting everything in? And it's not working? Here is A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms

Little ones keep mommies very busy, don’t they?  Time and energy to keep the house clean and prepare meals seem to be meager. Add on top of that the pressure to spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time in the Word and in prayer daily.  I mean, if you want to be a good Christian, then that’s what you do.  Right?

Maybe not.  Maybe there is more to it than that. 

My kids are older now and I am better able to devote that time to God – most of the time it is uninterrupted.  They have learned to not disturb me when I am having that time with God.  They have learned to respect my time in the Word and in prayer.  So, it does get better!

Back In The Day…

I remember those days, though, when I felt like what all I had to offer wasn’t enough

I want to reassure you that if you are offering the Lord your heart and your life, it is ‘enough’ – it is what He desires.  He wants to be Lord of our lives; He wants us to follow Him and to trust Him

And this looks different in each season of our lives. 

I’m not saying this is an excuse for not reading the Scriptures or for not praying – just the manner in which this is done will look different in each season.  God just longs to be close to us.  Is what you are doing drawing you close to Him?  If it is, then be confident that you are on the right track.  Don’t be discouraged by naysayers.    

Loving God

In Matthew, Jesus gives us the greatest commandments.  And if you recall, the reason Jesus was giving these commands was because a lawyer was trying to trick Him.  The lawyer likely followed the Law with tithing, praying and reading the Scriptures or listening to the Scriptures being read.  But I wonder if he truly loved God with all of his heart, mind, soul and strength.  I wonder if he missed that. 

Put God first in your life – when you do this, you will honor Him and obey Him. 

Love My Neighbor? 

One way to demonstrate that you are fulfilling the first commandment is how you love your neighbor.  We talk a lot about our neighbor being anyone and we immediately think of people in other countries or from another faith. 

And that is good; we do need to think of our neighbor as anyone in the world, not simply the older couple next door. 

BUT…how often do we consider our husbands and children as our neighbor?  We must remember that we are honoring God with our marriages and parenting! 

Be Right Where You Are

We can honor God where we are at, in the season with toddlers.  We do this through our marriages.  I have been digging into Proverbs 31.  Yes, the description of the woman who strikes fear into the heart of many women!!  I know, she has given us BIG shoes to fill, hey?  But taking the passage in bits has helped me to see her from a different perspective – it isn’t so much all that she did, but WHY she did it – she feared the Lord, she loved the Lord with all of her heart, mind, soul and strength.  

From that devotion came everything else.  

Within that passage, you can see who holds positions of honor within her heart – her Lord, her husband, and her children.  

What matters to her is her Lord, her husband, and her children.  

What she does is based upon what her Lord, her husband, and her children think of her.

No one else.     


When our hubbies safely trust us, we honor God.  When we encourage them, support them and pray for them, we honor God.  When we speak highly of them, when we make ourselves available to them for intimacy and when we trust their wisdom, we honor God.  **Need help in the intimacy department?  See my sex series here.

His Reputation

Proverbs 31:23 – “Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.” 

When Marcus is known for having a good wife, I know I have added to his strong reputation.  Have you ever seen a man whose wife demeans and belittles him?  Is he a happy man?  No, he is known as an unhappy man.  People know ‘who wears the pants’, so to speak.  A controlling, contentious wife does not do her husband well, she destroys his reputation, and she destroys him.   Oh, I want people to know Marcus has a wonderful wife who does him good!!     

Marriage Is An Act Of Worship

Proverbs 31: 28 – “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her”.  
A Biblical study of obedience For Marcus (my husband) to speak highly of me as his wife is honorable to God!  Marriages are a direct reflection of Christ and His bride, the church.  What better way to bring honor to God than to display this love with all diligence through my marriage? 

Moms of young ones, be encouraged by this.  You are doing more than you think are through your marriage.  This is an act of worship.  This is fulfilling the two commandments Jesus gave. 

You Are Blessed!

Did you notice that verse 28 talks about the virtuous wife’s children rise up and call her blessed?  This happens when they are older.  Not so much when they are toddling around! 

Little ones are very ‘needy’ – they want their mommy!  It can be draining chasing after a toddler all day. 

Helping out a preschooler, answering all of their endless questions. 

Teaching school-aged children. 

Caring for an infant. 

Or any combination of the above! 

But the children mentioned in verse 28 are older children and maybe even adult children.  I am now seeing the fruit that this verse talks about.  I see the fruit when my children pray for me.  And when my children remind me of God’s love – especially when I am discouraged and sad. 

My children call me blessed.

Believe that the time and energy you invest in your children right now will bear fruit as God’s word promises.  A woman who fears the Lord will be given the fruit of her hands and her own works will praise her in the gates (verse 31). 

You are honoring God with your mothering. 

When you teach your children about God and what Christ has done for us, you honor God

When you choose to stay calm when the juice has been spilled for the umpteenth time this week, you honor God

And, yeah – when you lose it and yell at your child for spilling the juice for the umpteenth time (again) and then go and apologize and ask for forgiveness, you honor God

When you give snuggles and kisses to your child, even when they are messy and dirty, you honor God

When you display humbleness and the knowledge of your imperfection to your child, you honor God

For certain, when you hold your crying child, bringing comfort to their precious little hearts, you are bringing glory and honor to God

You honor God and draw close to Him through these kinds of moments.  Be encouraged mommy!  

Above all, mommies of young children, take heart, cling to Jesus and trust Him daily. 

The Calling Of Moms With Older Kids

Moms with older children and adult children, can we work together to encourage these moms?  Can we do and say things that will build them up?  Maybe write a scripture verse on some pretty paper that these moms can stick on their fridge as a reminder of God’s word.  We can intercede for them in prayer.  We can write a note of encouragement, letting them know we think they are doing a great job.  Maybe offer to babysit so she can take her hubby on a date (when kids are young, it is hard to go out on dates!).  Let her know the ways in which you see being glorified in her life – that alone speaks volumes and brings such great encouragement!

Let’s encourage our younger sisters in Christ!


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Are you feeling the pressure of doing this mommy thing right? Fitting everything in? And it's not working? Here is A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms

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