I love Bible journaling.  However, I don’t get to journal as often as I’d like to.  But once in a while, I will sit and color or draw in my Bible.  I find it very therapeutic as I think about the passage or scripture verse I am illustrating or printing out in an elaborate font (trying to, anyway!).  I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’d like to share with you some of My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies.

Are you looking for beginner Bible journaling supplies and tips? Are you wishing to start Bible journaling, but not sure where to begin? Here are my My Favorite Basic Bible Journaling Supplies.

The Bible

Let’s start easy, ok?  The Bible…  What Bible should you use?  Do you even need a Bible?  2 great questions, right? 

I’ll address the second questions first.  No, you do not need a Bible for Bible journaling.  In fact, some people cringe at the idea of drawing in the word of God (and that’s totally fine – there is no judgment, right?).  Using a simple notebook works just as well.  Dollar stores carry a variety of simple…and inexpensive…notebooks – both lined and unlined.  Take your pick – and while you are there, check out the stickers, washi tape, pencil crayons and other fun stuff.  

I’ve been making notes in my ‘regular’ Bible for many years.  They wouldn’t constitute as artistic, that’s for sure, but I’ve appreciated my little notes here and there throughout my NKJ Bible.  This is the Bible I use for church and for my own personal Bible study and reference.  I wanted a different Bible specifically for my journaling. I found this ESV journaling Bible at discount (YAY!):

Journaling Bible I use

My Journaling Sample

My Journaling Sample

These samples above give you an idea of what it looks like inside.  I will share more about techniques and tips in a later post.

Not long after I purchased this journaling Bible did Tyndale come out with an amazing Creative Journaling Bible with several illustrations inside already – I HAD to get my own!  Here are some of the Creative Bibles available:  

Inspire – I have this one but with a different cover

I almost bought this one a couple of weeks ago!

This one looks great, too.  Lots of sample pages.

A Praise edition! Looks great!

I know it can be overwhelming with all of the specialized journaling Bibles out there.  It can almost become an addiction…I guess there are worse things than being addicted to journaling God’s word, right?  You can narrow down your choices by selecting the version you want first.  For my first journaling Bible, I didn’t have an ESV yet, so I chose that version and it made my selection easier.  

The Writing Tools

I have a huge variety of writing tools – but let’s stick to the basics for now.  I can share other tools in a later post.  


One important tool is a good pencil.  I like mechanical pencils because I always have a sharp point without using a sharpener.

I have these ones

I’ve used these before

Don’t forget refills!

These are just FUN

Pencil Crayons

Good pencil crayons are also a must in any journaling kit.  Prismacolor and Staedtler are good choices – but you can find still find decent packs at Walmart or the dollar store, too (I actually found some cool metallic pencil crayons at my local dollar store!).  

Basic Set

72 colors plus sharpener

Special sharpener

Staedtler brand


Fine tip markers are also a must-have for Bible journaling.  I love my Staedtler brand of fine tip markers – I have linked them below along with other fun markers.

My faves

Love these, too!

And these!

Martha Stewart

I have other Martha Stewart markers that I love and I will showcase them in my next post.  These markers (above) have a broader tip than the previous 3 – so keep that in mind as you make your purchases.

The Embellishments

Finally…the really fun stuff!  I have loads of embellishments from my scrapbooking days, so it’s easy for me to raid that stash.

Stickers are great for quick journaling.  I’ve used butterflies, flowers, and flourish stickers in my Bible.

Washi tape is also great to use.  I have found most of my rolls at the dollar store.  Just rip a piece off and use it to adhere little pieces of paper or just for a simple decoration.

Letter stickers or chipboard pieces are also fantastic for journaling.  Use them to spell a word or use just one letter for the beginning of a word.  I’ll demonstrate this in a future post.

In my next post, I will share some beyond the basics tools I like to use.  Then I’ll write a post sharing my actual journaling pages for you to see.  I also have something exciting coming up for you to do with Bible Journaling (June 21!).  To be sure you don’t miss out, sign up for my newsletter – plus you’ll get this free Favorite Bible Verses to journal set (with some traceable journaling graphics!).  Sign up below!

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Beyond The Bible Journaling Basics

To hep you get started, I am pleased and honored to offer you a special sale price on my friend, Sara’s, (The Holy Mess) brand new Bible journaling resource kit.  She has provided a great place to begin Bible journaling with great traceables!  There are also Bible margin strips (can be used for bookmarks, too).  She included quotes & doodles for you to use in your Bible.  Need some practice with your freehand calligraphy – she’s got you covered with practice pages.  There is a reading plan on the theme of trusting God and daily journal pages that double as Bible study notes.  The Bible verse coloring cards are great to post around the house…or do what I did and make a card for a friend (see photo to the right).  I have cardstock on hand already.  I glued some scrapbook paper to the front and then glued the colored card onto the scrapbook paper (chalk was used to shade).  I added some washi tape and a tiny strip of contrast paper to the bottom.  And DONE!  And so much better than store-bought – seriously, cards here in Canada can run up to $7-10 each!  

My Bonus Goodie

For anyone who purchases a kit through my special link (yes, it is an affiliate link) will receive a printable of my Bible Journaling Challenge packed with 30 ideas to help you journal.  Some examples are:

  • Use glitter
  • Use any type of embellishment you wish
  • Try something you don’t think you can do

Be sure to forward me your receipt of purchase so I can send to you!  Otherwise, I don’t know who you are! 

Are you looking for beginner Bible journaling supplies and tips? Are you wishing to start Bible journaling, but not sure where to begin? Here are my My Favorite Basic Bible Journaling Supplies.

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