I felt the claws of climbing…to a place it does not belong.  If it got to that place, it would be so hard to get rid of it…this monster.  It threatened to destroy as the talons gripped the loose strands I dangled before it.  I had given it a taste – just a little bit – and that tiny bit only increased its insatiable appetite.  Unless it is killed, this beast will not stop with just a small morsel.  It will devour so much more than what any of us want it to.  I am sure many of you know this mammoth monster.  It’s is jealousy.  And it threatened to crawl into my heart several weeks ago.  From this experience, I learned 3 Effective Tactics that Destroy Jealousy. 

Have you ever heard someone share how God has blessed them and you started to complain that you didn't get the same blessing? I have...recently, in fact. And God convicted me right then and there. His truth penetrated my heart. Here are 3 Effective Tactics to Destroy Jealousy.

* There is a printable set of worksheets and Scripture cards at the bottom of this post – totally FREE.  

It starts so innocently, you know.  I hardly even noticed.  Actually, I was even ready to justify it.  A couple at church were sharing their experience at our church as they were saying goodbye to the congregation.  They were leaving on a positive note.  One statement sent that monster into a tailspin.  She was talking about how they were invited for lunch after their first Sunday attending.  How welcoming and warm that must have been!  That’s the way it should be! 

My first thought was not what it should have been.  Seriously!  I should have rejoiced that people are feeling welcomed in my church home.  Feelings of joy ought to be bursting from my heart to hear such things.  But they weren’t at that moment.  Want to know my first heart response?

“We didn’t get invited to lunch when we started attending here!”

It is so embarrassing to even type that statement!  Maybe I shouldn’t even publish this post!  I am ashamed.  I am ashamed of the condition of my heart.

And then I let my mind wander to another time I felt jaded…when my kids ‘graduated’ from Sunday School at a previous church.  The tradition was that these kids would get a new Bible presented to them in front of the congregation.  It seemed that when my 2 oldest kids transitioned to youth, this tradition was skipped.  

“My kids didn’t get a Bible!”

Oh, that monster was certainly clawing its way into my heart.  Ready to harden it and fill it with bitterness.  Pouring in discontent – full to the brim.

I was jealous!  

But God…

I am so thankful for His gentleness.  His mercy and love.  His lovingkindness.

He spoke gently to my heart – the one that was filling up with jealousy.  He said:

“You didn’t need that.  They did.”


The couple at front needed to be invited for lunch – they had come from a church that did not preach the Gospel.  They didn’t know Jesus as their Savior.  They only knew Him as a good man who lived long ago.  This couple needed to be surrounded with people who loved the Lord and who could minister to them the way they needed.  

They needed that.  Our family didn’t.  

And, by the way, I did remember that we had been invited for lunch our first Sunday – we just weren’t able to go!!  How DUMB is that?!?!  

I thought about the Bible again…and again, God spoke.

“Your kids didn’t need a Bible.  Why are you upset about it…still?” 

Now isn’t that some good logic for you?  I was annoyed (and jealous) that my precious children did not get *another* Bible.  How many do they need?  That’s the point.  They didn’t need one.  They had a Bible already – maybe even 2.  Why do they need another?  Why am I letting that green-eyed monster creep in over this?

Get Over It

It was time to get over these jealous feelings.  

Want to know what it all boils down to?

Trust.  Or the lack of it.

That’s the issue.  That’s the root of my problem.

I don’t trust God to provide for my every need.

So, when I am not trusting Him to meet my needs, I grow jealous when I see someone else getting something I think I need.

I miss out on His goodness – His wisdom to know what I need.  I miss the fact that He knows me so intimately that He knows every single one of my needs and He will provide for them.  That’s how well He knows me.  That’s the God we have, friends.  A God who knows every single thing about us – down to the number of hairs on our head (and if you are like me, you lose several hundred hairs every day – with a few less replacing them).  The number of hairs varies throughout our day – and yet He knows the exact number ALL. THE. TIME.  And He knows what we need at any given moment.

We need to trust Him to provide for us.  For our every need.

When we focus on building our trust in God, jealousy cannot dig its claws into our hearts.

Bountiful Blessings

We also need to pray that the body of Christ is blessed by God.  Really, why wouldn’t we want to see our brothers and sisters in Christ blessed beyond what we could imagine?  If it draws them closer to God, then why not?  

In the printable below, I’ve included a scripture verse to pray a blessing over others.

When we pray this over the family of God, that evil monster begins crawling back into his hole.   

Holy Humbleness

One of jealousy’s strongest opponents is a humble heart.  A humble attitude suffocates jealousy.  It puts it to death quickly.  

This means we consider others before ourselves.  Can you imagine if we did this often?  The kingdom of God would grow!  We would be so full of His unspeakable joy that we wouldn’t be able to contain it!

Humbling ourselves help us see the needs around us – and we may even have the heart to help meet those needs!  When we see the needs of other – when we are ‘others focused’ – we have a heart of compassion.  

When we are humble, we obliterate jealousy and we are filled with joy.

Jealousy and Jesus

Jealousy kills love.  Jesus is love.

Jealousy shatters peace.  Jesus is our peace.

Jealousy brings anxiety.  Jesus is our confidence.

Jealousy whispers lies.  Jesus is our Truth.

Jealousy rages like a storm.  Jesus is the calm in the midst of a storm.

Jealousy brings darkness. Jesus is the Light.

Jealousy plants seeds of doubt.  Jesus roots our faith.


To recap – the 3 Effective Tactics that Destroy Jealousy are:

  1. Trust God
  2. Pray for Blessings for others
  3. Be humble

Can you relate to my experience?  How do you put jealousy to death?

We briefly talked about trusting God in this post.  If you are struggling with trusting God and you are ready to change that, my Bible study on John will be beneficial for you.  Click the image below for more info.

Free printable worksheets and Scripture cards for this post – just download and print!

3 Effective Tactics that Destroy Jealousy

Have you ever heard someone share how God has blessed them and you started to complain that you didn't get the same blessing? I have...recently, in fact. And God convicted me right then and there. His truth penetrated my heart. Here are 3 Effective Tactics to Destroy Jealousy.

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