Bible Journaling Tips for the Not-So-Artistic Artists

I scrolled through my Pinterest search results for Bible journaling, each image bringing discouragement and intimidation.  There is NO WAY I can draw like that!!!  There is so much detail in those hands.  The colors are blended perfectly.  The lines are straight.  I was tempted to shut my journaling Bible and give up.  But I didn’t.  And I’m glad I didn’t!  I figured out how to journal my way – a way that honors my heart for God.  And I think that’s the key here, right?  Not perfection (we are all a work in progress, after all, right?).  But what brings me closer to God.  I thought I’d share a few of my Bible Journaling Tips for the Not-So-Artistic Artists.  

If you have felt intimidated by all the beautiful art work that comes with Pinterest searches of Bible journaling, you aren’t alone. Here are my tips for getting started with Bible journaling without worrying about what everyone else is doing. Bible Journaling Tips for the Not-So-Artistic Artists.

While in university for my teaching degree, I had to take a special art class for teachers – how to teach art.  Part of the requirement was to keep a sketchbook AND to create specific pieces of art using various tools.  Many of us found this task overwhelming.  We weren’t talented artists like some of our peers were.  However, before we could voice our complaints concerns, our professor told us something I’ll never forget.  She said, “You are all artists.  You can all draw.  I’ll teach you how.”  And she did.  She did teach a little bit of technique, but mostly, she encouraged us to find our own art ‘voice’.  She saw us all as artists.  And, slowly, throughout the year, we started to see ourselves as artists, too.

You Are An Artist

So, let’s just leave the idea of not being able to draw right at the door to Bible journaling, ok?  You are able to draw – it might take a bit of work and a few YouTube videos, but you can draw!  Drawing mini lessons are available online in video format.  You can also search for step-by-step instructions that are not in video format if you prefer to see it on paper.  It doesn’t have to perfect.  It just has to be yours.


I know, sometimes we just need a bit more help.  So, here are some tips and ideas.

Trace When You Can

I trace a lot of my lettering and pictures.  For my letters, I just type out what I want in a Word document, make it the correct size, and then print.  I cut the paper to fit under my page and I trace away.  Some fonts allow you to outline the letters before printing.  See below:

In Word, I typed out my wording, highlighted it and made it the size I desired.  Then, under the ‘home’ tab, I clicked the tiny square under ‘font’ (my font below is already outlined – yours will not be yet).

Then I clicked ‘outline’ in my effects.  Clicking ‘OK’ will set your highlighted text to outline.

For other pictures, I simple google searched what I wanted and clicked ‘images’.  Another option is using coloring books and other print materials for tracing.

Margin Strips

Margin strips are great for tracing or for simply gluing into your page after coloring.  I find the latter to be beneficial because Bible pages are generally very thin – if they were the same thickness of regular books, Bibles would be CRAZY huge!  Often unless I am coloring lightly with pencil crayons, I can see my artwork from the other side of the page.  And sometimes, I will use a marker that ends up bleeding through.  Instead of getting upset about this, I just paste in a margin strip.  These can be purchased in various places online.  

Or, you can easily make your own.  Simply find the dimensions of your Bible’s margins and create your strips!  Canva is great for such an activity – and it’s free.  I just made this strip using Canva because some ink from the opposite page got on to this margin.

Using Canva is so easy and I used the colors, fonts and graphics from the site to create my margin strip.  When you go to Canva, click ‘use custom dimensions’ in the upper right corner.  The measurement defaults to pixels, so be sure to change it to inches so you get the correct measurement.

Using Drawing Pencils

I like using my graphite pencils for making grayscale pictures.  I use my blender to create shade.  It may look hard, but it really is simple – and you can’t really mess it up – if you do, get your eraser out;)  I’ll show you how to use the pencils.

First, you need to get the pencils that have a varying softness of graphite.  The hard pencil just has ‘B’ on it.  Then it goes up in number as the lead gets softer. 

If you need a pencil set, Amazon has several sets.  This one has all the soft pencils I have pictured as well as harder pencils.

Our regular pencils have an HB graphite – right in the middle.

I use a regular pencil to trace or sketch a basic outline of my object (1).  I take my B pencil and go over the outline freehand (2).  The 2B pencil is first used for the shading.  I shade about half of the object very lightly.




I keep going with my shading, using the next pencil.  Each time is a bit darker and a smaller portion of the object.  So, the lightest sketching takes up most of the shading.  You can already see the difference it makes after shadig a bit!




Don’t forget to color in the opposite side – for example, I colored in the other side of the lip of the jar (7).  It is very small.  I also shaded a tiny bit on the other side of the jar itself.  The blending pencil is used to blend all of the pencil shading together.  Press lightly as the soft graphite blends quite easily.  You can always go a tiny bit harder if necessary after the first time (8).  And then you have the finished product!!




Now try it yourself.  If you want, print out a circle shape and practice shading to make it look like a sphere.  


Odds and Ends

What else do I use in my Bible journaling???  I use sticker letters like the red ones in photo A.  I also used some black, glittery washi tape.  For the page in photo B, I used a tiny tag and wrote ‘no fear’ on both sides.  I traced the letter and used stickers.  Photo C is a large heart offset on the page.  I traced the doodles and I used pencil crayon to lightly color and shade.




Example D shows how I drew a scroll across the top of both pages and I drew a mug with steaming coffee.  Image E shows a castle fortress – I used my drawing pencils for this!  F shows some chalk used for shading the bottom portion.  I used perspective to draw the stream – it narrows as it flows away.  




Photo G shows how I used a chipboard letter to make the L in Lord stand out.  I also glued some ribbon at the bottom.  I used stick on gems in photo H.  I also liked the font for ‘LIFE’ but I know I wouldn’t be able to trace it.  So, I just printed it out on my computer (in purple) and glued it in.  For the page in photo I, I drew the sword in, but the scroll I liked was just too intricate for me to trace or draw.  So I colored it, cut it out and pasted it over the sword.




I thik image J is one of my favorites.  I stole the idea from Pinterest and drew the clothes freehand by lightly sketching first.  They are pretty simple shapes, so go ahead and try it.  Image K is a bunch of words in various fonts – the top word is ‘justified’ – kind of looks like scribbles, though, hey?  The image depicts the truth of God pouring His love into out hearts.  Finally, photo L has simple colors – mostly brown.  I used my drawing pencils here again on the lamp and the candle.  I traced the lamp post and the candle;)




WHEW!  That was a lot of photos!  I hope they have inspired you.  Just remember – you journal and express what God puts on your heart the way only you can.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  

To hep you get started, I am pleased and honored to offer you a special sale price on my friend, Sara’s, (The Holy Mess) brand new Bible journaling resource kit.  She has provided a great place to begin Bible journaling with great traceables!  There are also Bible margin strips (can be used for bookmarks, too).  She included quotes & doodles for you to use in your Bible.  Need some practice with your freehand calligraphy – she’s got you covered with practice pages.  There is a reading plan on the theme of trusting God and daily journal pages that double as Bible study notes.  The Bible verse coloring cards are great to post around the house…or do what I did and make a card for a friend (see photo to the right).  I have cardstock on hand already.  I glued some scrapbook paper to the front and then glued the colored card onto the scrapbook paper (chalk was used to shade).  I added some washi tape and a tiny strip of contrast paper to the bottom.  And DONE!  And so much better than store-bought – seriously, cards here in Canada can run up to $7-10 each!  

My Bonus Goodies

For anyone who purchases a kit through my special link (yes, it is an affiliate link) will receive a printable of my Bible Journaling Challenge packed with 30 ideas to help you journal.  Some examples are:

  • Use glitter
  • Use any type of embellishment you wish
  • Try something you don’t think you can do

Be sure to forward me your receipt of purchase so I can send to to you!  (

And for the first 5 customers, who send me their receipt of purchase ( will receive a special kit of Bible journaling supplies. 

Please note – I have a variety of sticker themes and 3 different colors of washi tape – so you might not get exactly as what is shown in the photo.   For example, I have the smaller pack of stickers in 3 different themes – you will get one pack.  See photo below for example of the different themes.

The sale price for Sara’s kit ends June 26th, so get it now!  PLUS, there is a Facebook party happening from the 21st to the 26th – so hop over there and party with us – there will be prizes – I think I have a prize in there for Thursday!!!

Please share below how these ideas have encouraged you in your Bible journaling or add your own journaling tip!

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If you have felt intimidated by all the beautiful art work that comes with Pinterest searches of Bible journaling, you aren’t alone. Here are my tips for getting started with Bible journaling without worrying about what everyone else is doing. Bible Journaling Tips for the Not-So-Artistic Artists.


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Grace & Truth ~ 10 Thoughtful Questions For Moms Who Want To Raise Godly Children

I used to be an angry mom.  To those who know me right now, that would come as a complete shock.  It would be difficult for them to believe.  Not because I put on this façade of my mothering or because my kids live in a state of fear of embarrassing me…but because the fruit of Godly parenting is evident in my family.  Trust me, this did not happen because I’m ‘all that’.  Actually, it is a by-product of some necessary steps of healing I’ve had to take in my own life.  It’s actually quite fascinating how it has unfolded.  And the realization of the serious effects that my own spiritual, emotional, and mental health have on my children humbles my heart.  Because it could have turned out much differently.  And not in a good way.  Especially when you compare your own past of being raised in an unstable home and you see a huge difference.  Again, I am humbled.  So humbled that my God chose to heal me and make me the woman…and mom…I am today.  Humbled that my husband showed incredible patience with me – seriously, he could have left, God knows he had more than enough reason to between me and my family.  

I know the importance of mom’s overall health – and how it affects parenting – and the overall health of her children her entire family.  That’s why I chose Ifeoma’s post, as my feature this week.  She puts forth some very thought-provoking questions for us moms.  I hope you take the time to pop over to her site and read through the questions, asking yourself as you read.  Take our time.  Don’t rush the process.  Your parenting will greatly benefit from it as you seek healing from the Healer of your heart.

Ifeoma, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  

Grace and Truth Link-up

Now for this week’s link up!  Let’s bless and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. Read More

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Beyond The Bible Journaling Basics

Last week, I introduced you to some very simple and basic Bible journaling tools.  Today, I’d like to show you some of my favorite beyond the basics’.  When I say ‘beyond the basics’, I mean still simple tools any beginner can use – nothing crazy artistic here!  Most are basically the same as a basic tool but with a bit more pizzazz.  So, don’t worry if you are not artistic or creative, these tools will be simple enough for you to use – trust me!  Here are some of my favorite Beyond The Bible Journaling Basics.

You’ve covered the basics of Bible journaling and you are ready to kick it up a notch. Where do you start? What’s next? What else is there besides regular pencil crayons and stickers? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with Beyond The Bible Journaling Basics! Nothing too fancy or difficult, but enough glitz to vamp up a page!


I love glitter and sparkles.  I’m just going to say it.  The more glitter, the better.  So, why not add some to Bible journaling??? Read More

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My Favorite Basic Bible Journaling Supplies

I love Bible journaling.  However, I don’t get to journal as often as I’d like to.  But once in a while, I will sit and color or draw in my Bible.  I find it very therapeutic as I think about the passage or scripture verse I am illustrating or printing out in an elaborate font (trying to, anyway!).  I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’d like to share with you some of My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies.

Are you looking for beginner Bible journaling supplies and tips? Are you wishing to start Bible journaling, but not sure where to begin? Here are my My Favorite Basic Bible Journaling Supplies.

The Bible

Let’s start easy, ok?  The Bible…  What Bible should you use?  Do you even need a Bible?  2 great questions, right?  Read More

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Grace & Truth ~ Why It’s Important to Date Your Husband

When my kids were little, I trained them to stay in bed by telling them that the evening was ‘mommy & daddy’ time and we needed to have this time to help keep our marriage strong.  They liked the idea of ‘helping’ us in our marriage.  And it worked.  The kids remained in bed unless there was an emergency.  This was our ‘date’ a lot of the time.  Sometimes we’d go out – or my husband would feed the kids early and cook us a later dinner – he is a fantastic cook!  But, most of the time, it was a quiet evening at home watching something o TV (I know there are some against watching TV together instead of ‘talking’ – but we’ve been happily married for 19 years now – we both work from home and I homeschool the kids – and we are still MADLY in love – like seriously sappy and mushy – so, clearly it works for us).

So…that’s why I chose Joy’s post, Why It’s Important to Date Your Husband, as my feature this week.  I appreciate that she didn’t say there was only one way to date your hubby – in fact, I think it is a state of the heart that comes into play here, too.  But she gave a few suggestions that included staying at home.  And, you know what??  Those at-home dates make getting to the bedroom quicker;)  Right?

Joy, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  

Grace and Truth Link-up

Now for this week’s link up!  Let’s bless and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. Read More

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When You Need To Let Your Fruit Prove Your Reputation

As I read the narrator’s description of her, I knew she was a woman of great integrity.  It was clear that her incredible reputation was well known in the land.  This account forced me to consider my own reputation.  Is it a good one?  For what am I known for?  One of my regular prayers is to be seen as a woman who is full of tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, wisdom, and patience.  These are the very qualities this woman was known for.  And I hoped I would be, too.  This post is for When You Need To Let Your Fruit Prove Your Reputation.  PS – get the downloadable worksheets for this post at the end…

What do you do when people spread lies and gossip about you? When they try to ruin your reputation? Do you fight back? Or do you take it to God in prayer? When You Need To Let Your Fruit Prove Your Reputation.

I dove into my study of 1 Samuel 25 – a chapter I had not ever read before.  And, honestly, I really did not know this story.  As I read the account of Abigail, Nabal, and David, I was moved by the narrator’s description of Abigail.  She really must have been quite the woman!  Not only was she spoken highly of, she had the fruit to prove it!  I think that is key.  People will say what they will – but it is our fruit that will prove those statements true or false. Read More

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Grace & Truth ~ 7 Important Scriptures You Want Your Teens to Know

I’ve got 2 teens in the house…and one on the verge.  I love these years with my kids.  Just hanging out with them is one of my favorite things to do (and theirs, too).  I’ve always spoken blessings and truth over them, cherishing their hearts – and their individuality.  My desire is for them to hunger for God’s word – this does not ‘just happen’ – I need to be intentional about cultivating this in their hearts.  That’s why I chose Betsy’s post, 7 Important Scriptures You Want Your Teens to Know, as my G & T feature this week.  I love her wisdom and the focus of helping teens understand their identity in Christ through Scripture.  Head on over to her site to read this fantastic post!  

Betsy, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  

Grace and Truth Link-up

Now for this week’s link up!  Let’s bless and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. Read More

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Grace & Truth ~ 5 Lessons Learned About Being Softened

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ!  One thing I’ve enjoyed doing with Grace and Truth is sharing your posts – the posts that have spoken to my heart – along with your main graphic.  However, it has come to our attention that not all graphics used are obtained and used legally – meaning a blogger does not have the right to use an image.  A former G&T host is being reprimanded for posting an image from a feature post that was not used legally.  This is unfortunate and very sad.  I love posting your graphics along with your post.  But in light of my friend’s circumstances, I will not be including your graphic since I cannot guarantee it has been obtained legally.  If you are not sure if you are using an image legally – you didn’t purchase rights to it, it isn’t your own and you didn’t get it from a license free site such as Pixabay – then you probably need to do some research…and possible changes to your posts!  I’ve also put all of my past G&T posts into ‘pending review’ mode for now until I can get around to changing the image.  From now on, I will simply use a generic graphic with the featured post title on it for G&T (see below).  Please be in prayer for my friend – that God gives her heart peace and a quick resolution to this problem.  And triple check your graphics!

OK, now on to this week’s G&T…

I love cats.  I’ve always loved cats.  Even in my wedding speech, I jokingly (sort of) said that my husband and I would have several cats.  I’ve always had at least one cat and right now, we have 2 – and I think my youngest daughter inherited my obsession love of cats.  So, naturally, when I read Mary’s post relating our faith to our relationship with cats, I loved it.  I particularly appreciate her point # 3 – it compliments this post of mine about that silly saying “If you feel far from God, guess who moved?“.  If you love cats like I do – or you are just curious (as a cat!) about this post, then head on over to CandidlyChristian to read 5 Lessons Learned About Being Softened.

Mary, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  


Grace and Truth Link-up

Now for this week’s link up!  Let’s bless and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. Read More

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5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men

I started to go through my 13-year old son’s T-shirt drawer yesterday.  It’s been a while since I last purged his too-small clothes…and now, being 6 feet tall, I figured it was time.  I pulled out his shirts and made him try them on – mostly to give myself a chuckle.  I knew they’d be super small on him.  It was pretty funny to see him in these now tiny shirts.  Especially since he is also starting to ‘bulk-up’ from gymnastics (yeah, he’s pretty proud of his biceps!).  My husband said he was like the Incredible Hulk;)  There’s nothing like pointing out a young man’s strength to build him up!  As I gazed at my son, I realized how he is turning into a fine young man.  So, I thought I’d share some tips with you…here are 5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men.

Raising sons today is super hard. We need some practical ways to help them be Godly men. Here are my 5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men

The Target

I’ll be honest.  Raising children in today’s culture isn’t easy.  And it seems to grow more and more difficult with each passing year.  Not because they are getting older and it comes with the territory of adolescence…but because our children are a prime target for our enemy.  I think we forget this fact.  And it’s easy to forget.  But just because we forget or don’t think of it often doesn’t mean the bull’s eye on their backs shrinks or fades away.   Read More

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How Our Children Thrive On God’s Promises

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago our family would travel to our provincial children’s hospital in hopes to get answers from specialists there about our daughter’s condition.  What is even harder to believe is that every time we left that facility, our hopes for an answer and cure were crushed.  We were told by the GI specialist to ‘keep up the treatment but give her more’.  What was more annoying was his arrogance when he told my husband and me that he gets parents in all the time who think they know better than he does, but with his 30+ years of expertise, he is the one who knows best.  (I think I may have taken that as a challenge).  Yes, we left unhappy with the visit…again…and again…the tears began to fall as we turned onto the highway.  However, even deeper than the frustration and loss of hope, I needed some truth.  This desperate mother needed to know How Our Children Thrive On God’s Promises.

Do you think that your kids won’t understand the things of the Lord? So you don’t bother talking about the more complex spiritual truths because there is no point. My friend, this is not truth. Our kids understand much more than we give them credit for. How Our Children Thrive On God's Promises

The Question

I had lost my hope.  The hope of my little girl being able to attend extra-curricular activities without me.  The idea of her going to a friend’s house without me was quickly fading away.  Her condition made it almost impossible for her to be without me for more than an hour.  And, as I looked at my little girl and a question came to mind.  I just had to ask her.  Read More

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