Steven Curtis Chapman, A Coloring Book, and Aliens. Say What?!

Steven Curtis Chapman, A Coloring Book, and Aliens.  Say What?! That’s a strange title, isn’t it?  What do these things have in common?  Well…I was given the opportunity to review three books: Steven Curtis Chapman’s biography Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story, Words of Grace coloring book and devotional by Jacqui Grace & Dee Arrand and Thomas Locke’s novel, Recruits.  Nuts About Books gave me these books in exchange for a review.  I was not compensated in any way except for receiving a copy of each book.  However, I did purchase an extra copy of the coloring book devotional to give away to a reader.  See the bottom of this post for details.

A book review of Steven Curtis Chapman's biography, Between Heaven and the Real World, Jacqui Grace's coloring book devotional, Words of Grace and Thomas Locke's novel, Recruits. Steven Curtis Chapman, A Coloring Book, and Aliens. Say What?!

Between Heaven and the Real World: Steven Curtis Chapman’s Biography

I remember working in my kitchen when I heard the horrible news of Steven’s daughter, Maria, eight years ago.  I had the satellite radio playing while I worked and the DJ shared the devastating news of this little girl’s death.  And I wept for Steven’s family.  And I prayed for them in the following days.

So, when I had the opportunity to read his story, I knew I just had to.  I love stories of redemption and restoration.  In a world that swirls with brokenness and pain, we desperately need these stories of hope and life.  

And Steven’s story did not disappoint.  He did not hide the pain and suffering his family went through with the loss of their sweet daughter.  He did not shy away from the challenges they faced in the aftermath.  But he did give God all the glory for the hope they have held fast to since that painful day.  How they surrounded their one son with so much love – love that surely brought healing to his heart.  How they held on to each other.  And how friends surrounded them with care and love.  And most of all, how they continually cried out to God to help them survive such a tragedy.  

You can get your copy of Steven’s book from his website or from Amazon. ca in Canada or in the USA.



Words Of Grace

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, aren’t they?  I enjoy some Bible journaling and scripture coloring pages during my ‘down time’.  Those don’t happen often, but when they do, I find that this sort of activity helps me to relax and rest in the Lord.

Jacqui Grace’s devotional and coloring book is a great resource for any Christian is looking for a coloring book to supplement their Bible study time.  I liked how the devotional was relevant and the coloring pages were Christ-centered.   

This little book is also just the right size for popping into my handbag.  I can then bring it out while waiting at the doctor’s office for my appointment.   

I would love to offer this book to a reader.  Please see below for details!

Order from in Canada or in the USA.


I thought my son, who is 13, would enjoy Thomas Locke’s book, so I requested a copy of it for him to read.  And, as moms usually are, I was right in my thought;)  My son started reading it and he could not put it down!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him read a novel so quicky!  While it might not be overtly “Christian’ (you know, sometimes we need to do some digging to ‘see’ God), it is a good read, unlike a lot of trash that is out there these days.  Here is my son’s review of the book.

The book Recruits by Thomas Locke was a great book that I didn’t get bored of, which I normally do.  This fantasy book has tons of action and some romance as well. I liked it because I’m fond of action and fantasy. I recommend this novel to young adults who like The Maze Runner, and The Hunger Games.

Purchase from in Canada (Kindle) or in the USA.



Giveaway Time!

Enter below to have a chance to win a copy of Jacqui Grace’s coloring book devotional AND a copy of my devotional, Hold Fast: A 30-Day Devotional.  These are hard copies that will be mailed to you.  Contest ends May 1, 2017.

A book review of Steven Curtis Chapman's biography, Between Heaven and the Real World, Jacqui Grace's coloring book devotional, Words of Grace and Thomas Locke's novel, Recruits. Steven Curtis Chapman, A Coloring Book, and Aliens. Say What?!

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4 Glorious Truths About Trusting God

How are you with trusting God?  Is that a struggle for you?  Or do you trust without a second thought?  Maybe you are struggling with trust and you keep hearing the cliché “Just trust God” and you have no idea how to do that.  What does it look like to start trusting God?  Sometimes (many times for me), we just need it laid out for us.  Today, I am sharing 4 Glorious Truths About Trusting God.  I pray that these 4 practical tips will get you started on understanding what it means to trust God.    

"Just trust Him" you are told. But you are unsure of how to do that. How can you trust Him? How do you know that you are trusting Him? These questions can cause much anxiety if we don't know the truth about His word. Tips and ideas to help Christian living.

1. Trust and Trials

trust and trials, trust GodTrust is proven through trials.  When you know God has brought you through the impossible, or the darkest places one could possibly be in, you just begin to trust.  As more and more trials come our way, we grow to trust Him even deeper.  We see His hand throughout our circumstances.  We see how He rescues us time and again…and that He LOVES to rescue us!  He delights in saving us.  

He has proven Himself faithful in the past and He will continue to prove Himself.  That’s just His character.  As we see Him demonstrating His faithfulness, it gets easier to trust Him.  Watch for these moments…sometimes they are easy to miss. Read More

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Book Review: Not By Sight by Kate Breslin

I have the honour of reviewing Kate Breslin’s novel, Not By Sight.  It has been a very long time since I have read a novel and I usually stick with authors such as Karen Kingsbury. Lorraine Snelling and Dee Henderson.  I’m not one to waste my time on silly stories.  So if I am going to read a fiction piece, it better be good.

Book Review

And Kate Breslin did not disappoint. 

I was intrigued right from the beginning with the main character, Grace Mabry, a Godly young woman who is a fighter for what she believes in.  She certainly is not a demure lady!  I loved her character.  She was not afraid of hard work and she spoke her mind. 

Not By SightI loved how the story was written in the time period of World War 1.  I enjoy history, so a historical fiction novel is a perfect fit for me.  I also appreciated that Grace was from an aristocratic family, I have always been fascinated with how wealthy British families operate.

The story itself was very well written.  I am a very visual person and when I read stories, it becomes a movie in my imagination.  Kate made this very easy for me to do with how she described settings, characters, events, etc.

The blossoming love story weaved throughout was heart warming.  It demonstrated that true love knows no bounds.  True love does not discriminate.  True love bears all things. 

I am so glad that I chose this book to read and review.  It was a great addition to a relaxing summer. 

If you are looking for a good novel to read, then you may want to consider Not By Sight by Kate Breslin.  It was an honour to read her work.  It is available through Amazon (just click the affiliate link in the right hand column to go directly to the book).

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