Grace & Truth ~ 5 Lessons Learned About Being Softened

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OK, now on to this week’s G&T…

I love cats.  I’ve always loved cats.  Even in my wedding speech, I jokingly (sort of) said that my husband and I would have several cats.  I’ve always had at least one cat and right now, we have 2 – and I think my youngest daughter inherited my obsession love of cats.  So, naturally, when I read Mary’s post relating our faith to our relationship with cats, I loved it.  I particularly appreciate her point # 3 – it compliments this post of mine about that silly saying “If you feel far from God, guess who moved?“.  If you love cats like I do – or you are just curious (as a cat!) about this post, then head on over to CandidlyChristian to read 5 Lessons Learned About Being Softened.

Mary, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  


Grace and Truth Link-up

Now for this week’s link up!  Let’s bless and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. Read More

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5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men

I started to go through my 13-year old son’s T-shirt drawer yesterday.  It’s been a while since I last purged his too-small clothes…and now, being 6 feet tall, I figured it was time.  I pulled out his shirts and made him try them on – mostly to give myself a chuckle.  I knew they’d be super small on him.  It was pretty funny to see him in these now tiny shirts.  Especially since he is also starting to ‘bulk-up’ from gymnastics (yeah, he’s pretty proud of his biceps!).  My husband said he was like the Incredible Hulk;)  There’s nothing like pointing out a young man’s strength to build him up!  As I gazed at my son, I realized how he is turning into a fine young man.  So, I thought I’d share some tips with you…here are 5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men.

Raising sons today is super hard. We need some practical ways to help them be Godly men. Here are my 5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men

The Target

I’ll be honest.  Raising children in today’s culture isn’t easy.  And it seems to grow more and more difficult with each passing year.  Not because they are getting older and it comes with the territory of adolescence…but because our children are a prime target for our enemy.  I think we forget this fact.  And it’s easy to forget.  But just because we forget or don’t think of it often doesn’t mean the bull’s eye on their backs shrinks or fades away.   Read More

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How Our Children Thrive On God’s Promises

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago our family would travel to our provincial children’s hospital in hopes to get answers from specialists there about our daughter’s condition.  What is even harder to believe is that every time we left that facility, our hopes for an answer and cure were crushed.  We were told by the GI specialist to ‘keep up the treatment but give her more’.  What was more annoying was his arrogance when he told my husband and me that he gets parents in all the time who think they know better than he does, but with his 30+ years of expertise, he is the one who knows best.  (I think I may have taken that as a challenge).  Yes, we left unhappy with the visit…again…and again…the tears began to fall as we turned onto the highway.  However, even deeper than the frustration and loss of hope, I needed some truth.  This desperate mother needed to know How Our Children Thrive On God’s Promises.

Do you think that your kids won’t understand the things of the Lord? So you don’t bother talking about the more complex spiritual truths because there is no point.  My friend, this is not truth. Our kids understand much more than we give them credit for.  How Our Children Thrive On God's Promises

The Question

I had lost my hope.  The hope of my little girl being able to attend extra-curricular activities without me.  The idea of her going to a friend’s house without me was quickly fading away.  Her condition made it almost impossible for her to be without me for more than an hour.  And, as I looked at my little girl and a question came to mind.  I just had to ask her.  Read More

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When Homeschooling Goes Wrong

We’ve all had ‘those’ days – or weeks.  I know you know what I am talking about.  Unless you are one of those perfect homeschool moms who rises at 3 am to bake her own bread (after she grinds her own wheat) and has her kids up by 6 am, dressed, hair brushed, teeth cleaned, (ultimate healthy) breakfast eaten, and the dishes cleaned up.  If that’s you, then I am confused as to why you are even reading this post.  This isn’t for you.  It’s for the rest of us.  Those of us who are failing miserably at this homeschool/homemaker thing.  This post is for us homeschool moms who aren’t sure what to do When Homeschooling Goes Wrong.

Sometimes homeschooling isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes we even feel like giving up and checking the kids into the local public school. This is when we need to remember the truth and have some practical tips up our sleeves to help us get through these days (or weeks). When Homeschooling Goes Wrong

Let’s be honest.  Homeschooling is NOT easy.  It is crazy hard!  After you step into the homeschool realm, you begin to wonder what on earth you were thinking!  It’s too late to turn back now, right?  You had no idea how hard this would be.  Your dreams of quietly reading on the sofa together have been squashed right beside the soggy, store-bought, boxed cereal that you just stepped on.  




They turn out to be our ‘friends’ – and you know how the saying goes – with friends like that, who needs enemies? 

The Truth

Well, my friend here is the truth.  You DO have an enemy.  One who absolutely HATES what you are doing.  He HATES that you have dedicated your heart, soul, strength, and mind to serving God by teaching your precious children at home. 

Do you know why? 

It is because he has so many fewer chances to dig his hooks into them.

Let’s keep this in mind as we walk through the rigors of homeschooling.  

We have an enemy.  

And we have a target on our backs.

He would love to discourage us from our calling to educate our kids.  Because if he can discourage us, he can stop us.  He can make us give up.  And if we stop teaching our kids, then that will have a huge impact on God’s call on their life.  Do you see how this all ties together?

Our duty goes far beyond simply teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

We impact the future generations.  Today.

We are in a spiritual battle with parenting…even in our homeschool.

Hold Up, Lady!

Ok, right now, you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, Aimee.  You don’t know my kids.  You haven’t seen our day.  I have failed so many times I have lost count.  There is no way I am impacting future generations.”

You are right – I don’t know your kids.  But I know mine.  And I know my own past.  And I know God’s word – He has a future and a plan for us.  

Yes, He has a plan for us.

And He has a plan for our kids.

And for their kids.

We might not know what that plan is, but we can rest assured that it is a good one.  We can trust Him at His word – that He has a special calling on our kids.  And we can either fight for our kids to heed that calling.  Or we can give in to the lies of the enemy and wallow in his web of despair.

What will you choose today?  Tomorrow?  Next week?

But…That’s It?

I know – it’s all easy to say, right?  Yeah, this is a good reminder.  But how about something more practical for those ‘off’ days?  

Well, I’ve got you covered, friend!

I have been working with homeschool families for 12 years now as well as educating my own kids.  And I am going to give you the same tips I would give to one of my homeschool moms when they struggle with the same thing.

Here it is:

1. Just Worship

Sing worship songs together.  There is just something about worshipping the Lord together that helps put life back into perspective.  YouTube has pretty much every Christian song you can think of – and most of them have lyric videos so you can easily follow along.  Several years ago I started a worship playlist with the songs we enjoy singing so they are ready to go at a moments notice!

2. Turn on the TV (gasp!)

Some days, we just need to put the books away and watch something together.  Netflix has a lot of documentaries.

Better yet, PureFlix actually has a resource for homeschool families.  You just sign up for their weekly resource email and you’ll get great ideas on how to use what is on PureFlix for your homeschool.

3. Take a Break

Be sure that you have scheduled in days off of school.  For example, when the public schools have a Pro-D day, make sure you have one, too.  Long weekends are great for the extended break.  

We need breaks in between.  So do our kids.  

4. Get Out!

When the weather gets nice here in the spring, I will let my kids work outside.  Sure, they might get distracted sometimes, but by the time spring rolls around, we’ve completed a significant amount of work already and those distractions turn out to be educational.  What is the best way to get rid of an ant hill?  When will that praying mantis egg case hatch?  And fresh air is always a good thing.

5. Go Digital

I have fallen in love with digital products over the last few years.  I use Teachers Pay Teachers on a regular basis – STEM projects are so easy to find there…and kids LOVE them!  When I am just ready to have a less structured day, I find a digital product that is already on my computer and print it off.

Another resource for fantastic digital products is the Build Your Bundle sale that happens every year…and it starts May 22.  I love getting resources here for super cheap – and I can use them later in the school year.  They are conveniently stored on my computer and I can print what I need when I need it.  

Here are the pre-sale promo details:

  • One winner will win all 20 bundles
  • One winner will win a Premium Build Your OWN Bundle of Five
  • Entrants will earn 5 points for each referral who enters using their referral URL
  • If an entrant refers a friend who wins – they BOTH win
  • Everyone who enters will get a coupon good off a Build Your OWN Bundle

Enter to Win ALL 20 Bundles - Over $4,000 Value!

Here are more details about the biggest homeschool bundle sale:

  • Up to 96% savings on great products (most created by homeschool moms FOR homeschool moms)
  • 3 Build your own options – this is my favorite
  • Buy 2 bundles, get one free.  OR buy 4 bundles and get 2 free.  OR buy 6 and get 3 free (that’s CRAZY!)
  • Bundles are: homeschool helps, mystery, brother & sister, upper grade, early learning, unit studies, elementary, and more!
  • Starts May 22 and ends May 30
  • I will have a BYB guide to help you make your purchases
  • A Bundle of Bonuses Book with every sale – over $500 worth of freebies

6. Just Say NO!

I don’t like ‘busywork’ – this is the worksheets and pages of school work your kids do even though they already understand the concept being worked on.  This may also be spelling tests and grammar worksheets – I find I get a better idea of where my kids and my students are at by reading their actual written compositions.  Just say ‘no’ to busy work.

7. Love the Undone

It’s ok to leave some pages blank or unfinished.  You know what?  It’s even ok to let a book go unfinished.  When it is time to let go, just let it go…

Just. Let. It. Go.

8. Be With God

Spend time with God – whatever that looks like for you in this season.  It might not be getting up before the sun rises and spending an hour in the Word.  It might actually be reading a piece of scripture taped to the bathroom door as you do your business (or inhale a candy bar).  I’ve even created a free printable to get you started!  Simply download these 6 scripture cards to print and post around your home.  I’ve also included 6 blank templates for you to write your own verses.

Scripture Verses for the Tired Homeschool Mom


Remember, my friend, your enemy does not want you to succeed in fulfilling your calling to home educate your precious children.  I know it is hard right now.  But you will get through it.  You will have better days.  And when you do, tuck them away in your heart so when you come across another difficult season, you will have them to treasure…and to be confident that better days are on the horizon…again.

Sometimes homeschooling isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes we even feel like giving up and checking the kids into the local public school. This is when we need to remember the truth and have some practical tips up our sleeves to help us get through these days (or weeks). When Homeschooling Goes Wrong

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Grace & Truth ~ What Does it Mean To Be Meek?

Meek isn’t a word we usually use in our culture today.  So, many of us probably don’t even know what it means let alone what it means in Greek as was used in writing the New Testament scriptures.  Kira shares with us what meek means and how to apply it in our own lives.  Her post, What Does it Mean To Be Meek?, is well written and a joy to read – as her posts always are;)

Kira, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  


Grace and Truth Link-up

Now for this week’s link up!  Let’s bless and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. Read More

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A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms

When my kids were young, a lot of my prayer time was through song.  I would have a worship cd playing while I cleaned, cooked or did other mommy tasks.  Those songs turned into my prayers.  Often, I had a Snuggli wrapped around my body with Matt in it – he liked being close to me – he would cry if I put him down.  When I shared with a friend about my time with God being mostly through worship songs, her response was very discouraging to me as a mom of young children.  She told me that it wasn’t ‘enough’ – I had to do more.  The prayers from my heart through worship were not enough.  Have you ever been discouraged that way?  Someone may have had good intentions, but they lacked compassion and understanding – they did not have LOVE.  As sisters in Christ, we are to encourage and lift each other up.  So, that is the purpose of this post, A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms.

Are you feeling the pressure of doing this mommy thing right? Fitting everything in? And it's not working? Here is A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms

Little ones keep mommies very busy, don’t they?  Time and energy to keep the house clean and prepare meals seem to be meager. Add on top of that the pressure to spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time in the Word and in prayer daily.  I mean, if you want to be a good Christian, then that’s what you do.  Right? Read More

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Why I Love Using Digital Products In My Homeschool

When I started my homeschool journey 12 years ago, I’d come home from the local homeschool convention with loads…and loads of curriculum.  Books upon books of work for my kids to do.  Spelling programs, super-thick grammar workbooks, math sheets, and so much more…too much more.  My kids were overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed.  We would make it through about a third of our homeschool year before many of the workbooks were tossed in the recycle bin…unfinished.  A waste of money.  A big waste of time.  Since I can’t rewind time and do things differently, I can, at least, encourage new homeschool moms – and maybe moms who have been homeschooling for a number of years and are worn out – to not make the same mistake.  Things started to change for me when I started using digital resources.  Homeschooling became easier and less overwhelming.  Today, I want to share with you Why I Love Using Digital Products In My Homeschool.

Do you have curriculum that just sits on your shelf, unused? Do your kids get part way through a workbook before you give up fighting with them to finish it? Do you feel pressured to buy a year's worth of programs at the homeschool convention? I get it. I switched to using mostly digital products a few years back and I love it. Why I Love Using Digital Products In My Homeschool

One of the reasons I stocked up on curriculum at the convention was the pressure to buy, buy, buy.  There were always specials and deals at convention.  While this can be a good thing if you are prepared, it can lead to buying stuff you don’t really need if you aren’t prepared.  Impulsive buying can be a huge problem in the vendor halls!  You want to be a good steward of your money, so you buy because it’s a good deal.  But if it isn’t a good fit for your family, then it ends up being a waste.   Read More

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3 Signs Of A Well-Nourished Spirit

While our family isn’t extreme in our diets, we are careful in what we eat.  It isn’t very often that we dine out and hubby’s cooking is WAY better anyway.  The majority of our meals is freshly cooked at home and our family enjoys a variety of raw vegetables.  It’s important for us to watch our diets within reason and to appreciate “junk food” in moderation.  But what if we chose to have a diet of processed foods, fast foods, microwaved foods, chips, soda pop and all that other junk on a daily basis?  What would eventually start happening to our bodies?  We’d be tired, our thought processes would become sluggish, we’d gain extra weight, we’d be sick all the time.  Even our mood would be affected – depression, irritability, and plain old grumpiness.  This is the same with our spiritual diet.  I want to share 3 Signs Of A Well-Nourished Spirit.  

What we eat has a direct affect on how we feel physically. It is also true of our spiritual diet. What we consume spiritually will have a direct affect on our spiritual walk. 3 Signs Of A Well-Nourished Spirit.You see, just like our physical diet, we have a choice in how we manage our spiritual diets.  We can stuff our spirits with junk, complaining all the time, being easily offended, entertaining negative self-talk and more.  It is so frustrating when I see people whine about where they are either spiritually or physically and they are choosing to fill themselves with all this garbage.  And they are shocked when they are sick all the time, both in a physical and spiritual sense. Read More

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Top Sex Secrets From A Work Of Grace

Sometimes, we all need a little ‘pick me up’ in the bedroom.  Something that will help fuel the flames, get the blood flowing, and get us ‘in the mood’.  Especially since that ‘mood’ doesn’t always suddenly appear.  And let’s face it, there are seasons in life when that the only action our bedroom sees is us kicking our hubbies in the middle of the night when he starts snoring.  **I’m not the only one who does that, right??  So, here are some of my favorite resources to help fire up the bedroom with my Top Sex Secrets From A Work Of Grace.

It is easy to fall into a rut when it comes to bedroom activities. But it’s also easy to get out of with the right ‘tools’! Here are my Top Sex Secrets From A Work Of Grace. BTW – life is short…be purposeful in having fun with your hubby:0


No, these are not scandalous websites.  Just a few ladies I know who regularly offer support for wives in the bedroom. Read More

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4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

We were driving home from visiting my husband’s dad when we passed the mini golf center and my son piped up from the back, “Hey, I remember going there!  We went there for Mother’s Day a few years ago!”  Oh, yes, I remember, too, son.  It wasn’t exactly an easy day for me but we did have a lot of laughs there (I’m not the best mini golfer and I tend to ‘help’ the ball get into the hole).  As we continued to drive, I reflected on that day.  Bittersweet.  Difficult and yet so much fun.  It’s funny how he remembered going there and shared that memory at that point in time…we had driven past that place several times since.  But I think I needed to remember that I can celebrate this day even though it’s not all it is cracked up to be.  Here are 4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Are you feeling apprehensive about celebrating Mother's Day this year? Perhaps there is too much pain associated with this day for you for whatever reason. Maybe you just want a quiet day? I hope this post encourages you to celebrate your motherhood in whatever way your heart needs this year. 4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Mother’s Day.  This day evokes many emotions.  Everything from great joy to deep sorrow.  For me, it is just another reminder of what I never really had.


This year is going to be different.  Why?  Because of the important people in my life.

My Husband

He is so proud of how I mother our children and he wants to celebrate me.  This is a day that is specifically set aside to honor mothers – me, the mother of his children. 

The last two Mother’s Days have been particularly difficult for me and I did not feel like celebrating.  My husband was very sensitive to how I was feeling and he quietly took care of my heart.  We went to church, came home and just relaxed.  He cooked me one of my favorite meals (steak) and just spent time with me. 

That was what I needed then.

But this year I am ready to really celebrate!  And he is already thinking of things to do. 

My Children

My kids love me, too.  And they wish to show me their affection and appreciation.  They wish to ‘rise up and call me blessed’…and I need to let them.

This Mother’s Day, my children will celebrate me, their mom.  I know this won’t be extravagant.  But they know extravagance doesn’t impress me anyway.  They will make me a card – well, my girls will.  My son…he will just give me never ending hugs.  Oh, I love his hugs!

My oldest will write me something nice, most likely including encouraging scripture.  She’s the one who preaches the gospel to me when I need it.

My youngest will draw m a picture in her card.  Her drawings are always so cute…just like her.

I will invite my kids to shower me with the blessing of their love.  And that is such a GOOD thing.

My God

I know that God wants to bless me in my mothering (and you, too).  He looks at me and He is so proud of how I am nurturing and raising the children He has entrusted to me.  Yeah, He knows, I make mistakes.  But He loves how I run back to Him every single time.  He loves how I let Him sustain me.  And He loves to wrap me in His loving arms.

And, my sweet sister, He sees you in exactly the same way.

This Mother’s Day, I am going to spend some time with my Heavenly Father, soaking up His presence.  Thanking Him for all the wonderful gifts he has given to me. 

Just sitting at His feet and allowing His grace to wash over me. 


Yeah, just me.  I have to give myself permission to enjoy the day as I see fit.  We are so darned hard on ourselves as moms.  Too hard.  I’m tired of the mommy wars.  There really are more important things to worry about than unicorn frappuccinos and Nutella.  Seriously. 

Like eternity.

It’s time to just get over it already.  

Let’s clothe ourselves…and each other in strength and dignity – WOW!  Could you even imagine that?  What would that look like? 

This Mother’s Day, I’m going to be easy on myself. But I will speak truth over myself.  I will put on the strength of the Lord and I will grab hold of my dignity…and, together with my family, I will have a home full of laughter.

Are you ready to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?  It doesn’t matter what your celebrating looks like.  As long as it is something.  Even if you just go to church, go home and rest.  Allow your family to celebrate you quietly if that is what you need this year.  Because there will come a year when your heart is ready to celebrate your motherhood a little more…then a bit more…and then even more.  

To help you celebrate, I am offering this special Mother’s Day printable for subscribers.  Scripture cards and a prayer journal created just for Mother’s Day!

Are you feeling apprehensive about celebrating Mother's Day this year? Perhaps there is too much pain associated with this day for you for whatever reason. Maybe you just want a quiet day? I hope this post encourages you to celebrate your motherhood in whatever way your heart needs this year. 4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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