When You Are Searching For Jesus

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I really wanted to share this story with you today.  Several years ago, I bought this cute nativity decoration for our tree.  It had adorable animals on it.  But the best part was the tiny baby Jesus that could be removed and placed back in the manger on Christmas Day.  There was a magnet inside Jesus so He would stay put when placed in His bed.  I loved that decoration.  And so did my young children.  They loved playing with baby Jesus.  And because my youngest was obsessed with teeny tiny things (she still is), baby Jesus was often out of His tiny bed.  This continued until He got lost about 8 years ago.  If you are feeling like you can’t find Jesus, this post is for you.  When You Are Searching For Jesus.  

A Christmas decoration reminded me of some wonderful truths this year.  Something I thought was lost forever miraculously showed up in the unexpected, reminding me to never give up hope.  When You Are Searching For Jesus.

My kids were upset that Jesus was missing.  I searched the floor underneath and surrounding the tree without success.  I decided to look again after Christmas when the tree was disassembled and it might be easier to find Him.  Well, despite my efforts, Jesus was gone for good.  I thought maybe the vacuum got Him or maybe one of the cats found Him.  Either way, that manger would remain empty for all future Christmases.  And my kids were sad.  They talked about this baby Jesus every year we put the tree back up.  

This past Christmas, though, had a surprise for us.  We set up our tree and the kids went to work separating the branches (my least favorite job).  My son was working away at the bottom portion when he made a miraculous discovery.  “I found baby Jesus!” 


He held that teeny, tiny baby Jesus in his hand.  After all these years and that tree going up, branches fluffed out, and then taken down again, AND a move to a new house, baby Jesus was found.  He had been nestled in that set of branches the whole time.  How did I miss Him all these years?  While we were joyous at this discovery, I was caught up in thinking about several spiritual applications to this occurrence.

Just Because You Don’t See Him…

Have you ever not felt the presence of God?  There have been several times in my life when I just didn’t ‘see’ Him.  I didn’t feel Him or see Him working in my life.  Like He disappeared.  Gone.  He didn’t care to stick with me.  I was abandoned.  However, as I grew in spiritual maturity, I started to understand this fundamental truth.  Just because I can’t see Him doesn’t mean that He isn’t there.  Often, we get stuck in the idea that we have moved away from God or we have sinned and that’s why we don’t feel His presence

And while that is true some of the time, it isn’t always the absolute truth.  If we did move away from God, then I doubt we’d be concerned about feeling His presence.  And if we were so caught up in our sin that we no longer feel God, then I doubt we would truly care about God.  We’d care more about our sin that feeling His presence would not even be considered. 

The truth is that we cannot base our faith on our feelings.  Our feelings are fickle.  I wrote more about this in a post called What I Wish I had Known When I Didn’t Feel His Presence.    And our discovery of that tiny baby Jesus confirmed this idea.  He was in that tree the entire time, all these years.  Just because I didn’t see Him had nothing to do with the fact that He was there.  Always.

Never Give Up Hope

I gave up hope of ever finding that tiny Jesus.  When I think about how tiny the figure is and how long it has been since He was lost – AND we had moved to another house – finding Him seemed impossible.  So, I surrendered any hope of ever finding Him again.  

Sometimes we give up on seeing Jesus.  Maybe the pain is too great and it overshadows our faith.  Or perhaps we think our sin is too great for Him to handle…or we have committed a sin one too many times…and we lose hope that He will accept us in our filth.  Maybe we just can’t get this Christian thing right.

Finding that diminutive figurine reminded me to never give up on Hope.  Never give up on Jesus.   

Expect the Unexpected

Finding that tiny Jesus in the branches of that tree after all this time was completely unexpected. 

I think about all of the times in my life when God has come through for me.  They were from the unexpected.

Then I read His Hole Word and see how He worked through the unexpected.  Jesus was born of a virgin and in a stable – that was unexpected.  Sarah was 90 when Isaac was born.  That was unexpected.  The Red Sea was parted – that was unexpected.  Lazarus was raised from the dead.  That was unexpected.  Jesus was crucified and then resurrected on the third day…giving us a way to the father. 

That was unexpected.

Remember, friend, He comes in the unexpected. 

What has God taught you about searching for Him?  How has He shown up in the unexpected in your life?  What have you come to believe When You Are Searching For Jesus?

A Christmas decoration reminded me of some wonderful truths this year. Something I thought was lost forever miraculously showed up in the unexpected, reminding me to never give up hope. When You Are Searching For Jesus.


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5 Romantic Christmas Gifts For Your Husband

In the last few years, it has grown more and more difficult to buy gifts for my husband.  Gifts is not his love language, it’s not mine, either (he likes to say mine is ‘quality touch’ – I think he made that up 😉 It’s a mix of quality time and touch).  But I digress…and I’m more than happy to accept quality touch from him.  Last year, I gave him a couple of the BEST gifts I have ever given to him…I know because one made him grin (for days) and the other made him cry his eyes wet for some strange reason.  I’m searching for a few special gifts for him this year, again.  And here are my top 5 Romantic Christmas Gifts For Your Husband.  Enjoy!

Looking for some unique and romantic gifts for your hubby this Christmas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 Romantic Christmas Gifts For Your Husband.

#1 – Make Him Grin

This is the gift that made him grin for days.  I had to give it to him on Christmas Eve when the kids were not around…if you know what I mean!  This is a gift that keeps giving throughout the year.  You know those monthly or quarterly subscription boxes???  Yeah, it’s like that…but you put the subscription together every month!  And it’s not just ANY subscription box…it is a sexy one.  Just for you and him.  I got the great idea from the Dating Divas site.  I purchased their kit that included printables, ideas for things to include in the box, and games.  

Sexy Subscription Box from The Dating Divas
#2 – Make His Eyes Wet

Are you dying to know what got my guy emotional?  It was my printable 101 Reasons Why I Love You.  I printed it off and wrote 101 reasons why I love him so much.  Some were serious like how he stood by me through the roughest journeys of my life.  Some were funny.  And some were sexy.  Others were me being thankful for the things he does.  This book is free with the purchase of my love notes for your hubby printable – another great gift idea!  Click on either image to purchase.

#3 – 12 Wonderful Dates

Another wonderful idea that I have done is giving a “Year of Dates” to my guy on Christmas day.  I came up with 12 date ideas (see free printable below for ideas).  An envelope or box held each date idea, depending upon the size of inclusions.  I also made sure we had everything we needed (or most things) to go on that date.  This includes gift cards to restaurants or stores, cash, etc.  

year of dates ideas

If you are extra adventurous, you can do 52 dates for the year – one for each week.  Not all of us can do that, so you can pare it down to two a month, too, if you wish.

52 Date Night Ideas for Two | thedatingdivas.com

#4 – Take the Challenge

I’m going for the challenge this year…7 days of sex challenge!  What guy wouldn’t want that?!?!  7 days of guaranteed sex.  When do we start?  We can thank the Dating Divas again for this sexy idea.  I love it.  And I love that they are FOR marriage!  

7 days to a closer, stronger and HOTTER relationship- Are you up for the challenge?

#5 – Countdown!

Who says gifts have to be given on Christmas morning?  Another idea I am going to try this year is a Christmas countdown for my guy.  I love this idea!  I can surprise him every day with a compliment card, an act of service, or a date idea.  

I just put together my countdown and I am IMPRESSED!  So many wonderful ideas!  I love it – and I know he’ll love it, too.  PS – don’t worry if you are ‘late’ with this countdown.  Just double up on some days or start on whatever day we are on today. 
spouse christmas ideas


For an added bonus this year, I’m also adding 12 Daytz of Christmas and Reindeer Games…MMHMMM…(for some reason, this link isn’t working properly.  Use any of the Dating Diva links above and type in the title and you’ll get there.  That’s what I did.  Or look under the “Christmas” section.)

*This post contains affiliate links.  See my disclosure policy for more information.

Looking for some unique and romantic gifts for your hubby this Christmas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 Romantic Christmas Gifts For Your Husband.

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3 Incredible Truths About Marriage From Mary and Joseph

The Christmas Story is all about Jesus, His birth, God’s redemption plan…His mercy.  I just watched a Kyle Idleman video study about the shepherds and I got all emotional thinking of how God has redeemed and restored my heart…my soul…my life.  This is what Christmas is for me.  Remembering how God came to a very broken woman and put a new song in her heart.  Thanking Him for His redemption plan for my life.  However, through all of that, I have noticed another little story woven into the amazing Christmas Story.  A story of a marriage.  We are given an example of a Godly union between husband and wife.  Here are 3 Incredible Truths About Marriage From Mary and Joseph.

Over the Christmas season, I have realized that Mary and Joseph provide us with some great marriage tips. Here are 3 Incredible Truths About Marriage From Mary And Joseph.

When we think of Mary and Joseph, we probably don’t think about their marriage – or if we do, it is just a quick glimpse – like knowing they were engaged to be married.  We then we move on to the important focus of the Story – Jesus.  And so we should.  Yet, I’d like to take a closer look at the marriage of Mary and Joseph today.  There are a few truths that popped out to me…and encouraged my heart.  I hope they will do the same for you. Read More

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Why I Don’t Get My Panties In A Bunch Over “Xmas”

A couple of years ago, we had the infuriated red cup guy.  Remember him?  Wait, how could any of us forget.  This guy was stark, raving MAD that Starbucks had the audacity to not have Christmas symbols on their disposable red cups.  It was an embarrassing charade of Christian angst.  It really was ridiculous.  Seriously, if you want Christmas in your red Starbucks cup, buy a “Merry Christmas” Starbucks gift card and use it to buy yourself some Christmas blend coffee (then throw the famous cup into the trash after consuming that delicious dark nectar).  Although I see that the cups are different again this year (go figure…a new design every year!), the fact that Christians tend to rant and rave over some form of Christmas injustice like…the pagan Christmas trees, Santa, ‘Happy Holidays’, Elf on the Shelf, or *GASP* – ‘XMAS’!  Well, here is Why I Don’t Get My Panties In A Bunch Over “Xmas”.

Are you angry that Christ is being taken out of Christmas? If so, you might want to read this post. Why I Don't Get My Panties In A Bunch Over "Xmas"

I think we’ve given ourselves a bad reputation for getting upset over silly things, especially around Christmas time.  Yes, I know there is a battle raging.  But instead of growing angry and spouting off like the ‘red cup’ guy, let’s try and do something different.  Our battle isn’t against disposable cups, Happy Holidays or Christmas trees.  It is against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12). Read More

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Merry Christmas!

I didn’t get around to that final Christmas post I was thinking of writing…I got into resting instead.  REST…isn’t that the premise of my three Christmas posts anyway?  I hope you are finding rest on the eve before Christmas Eve.  I pray that you do.  To take that time to soak in His presence and peace.

Merry Christmas!

I am listing my Christmas posts here just in case you haven’t had the chance to read them:

Come, Let Us Adore Him

What To Give Jesus For Christmas

What Do You Want From Jesus For Christmas?

I hope they bring you much encouragement this season. Read More

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3 Truths That Will Motivate Change In Your Life

The New Year celebrations turn into resolutions for the New Year.  How successful have you been with resolutions over the years?  Do you start with good intentions only to fail miserably by the time March hits?  Or maybe sooner?  I’ve never been one for hollow pledges of self-improvement.  Oh, yes, I am a believer in positive change – but I don’t believe it is something we can do on our own on January 1.  We need the help of the Holy Spirit!  So, how about trading resolutions for grace?  I like that idea…and not grace just for the month of January, but for the entire year!  I have a few exciting goodies for you at the end of this post, but let’s chat about a few things first, OK?  Here is how I am Trading Resolutions For Grace with 3 Truths That Will Motivate Change In Your Life.

How are you at keeping those New Year's resolutions? Are you like me and don't even bother trying? I have some encouraging thoughts on the whole idea of those elusive resolutions. Let's trade resolutions for GRACE with 3 Truths That Will Motivate Change In Your Life!

One thing my husband and I like to do at the start of a new year is to reflect on the year that has passed and consider ways in which we may begin our new year fresh and clean.  What are some areas that we look at and reflect upon? 


We take a look at our hearts and see if there is any unforgiveness rooted there.  I have a few blog posts discussing this topic and I understand that many times forgiveness is a long process.  But it can be easy to forget…or ignore…our need to forgive someone during the busyness of life.  Addressing the issue of forgiveness is a great way to start the year.

Is there someone who you need to forgive?  Someone who has wronged you and yet you continue to swim in the sea of unforgiveness.  Read More

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What Do You Want From Jesus For Christmas?

Last week, we explored what Jesus wants for Christmas from us. He doesn’t want a store bought gift or even anything handmade (too bad…I have truffle mix chilling in the fridge!).  But, what about us?  Can we ask Jesus for what we want?  Are we allowed to do that?  Do we dare?  If we can ask Him for something, what on earth do we ask for?  What do we ask the King of Kings to give to us?  That’s the big question.  What do you want from Jesus for Christmas?

Have you ever thought of asking Jesus for a Christmas gift? Does that sound audacious to you? What if I told you He wants us to ask Him for gift? What Do You Want From Jesus For Christmas?

Jesus Is Not Santa

Asking Jesus for a Christmas gift is not the same as taking a trip to the local mall to sit on Santa’s lap.  Jesus is NOT Santa.  We don’t go asking for a new car or new home.  We don’t write wealth and prestige on our wish lists for the Saviour.  

These aren’t the kinds of gifts I am talking about.   Read More

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What To Give Jesus For Christmas

Have you ever wondered what Jesus wants for Christmas?  Maybe the idea of giving Him a gift hasn’t even crossed your mind.  I mean, what do you give to the Saviour of the world?  The guy who has been around since the beginning of time.  He was with God when the earth was formed and everything in it was created.  What could He possibly want?  Have you wondered what to give Jesus for Christmas?  I have wondered that, too, and I found the answer.  What To Give Jesus For Christmas.

Have you ever wondered what Jesus wants us to give to Him for Christmas? I have some ideas! What To Give Jesus For Christmas.

Store Bought Or Handmade?

The malls are busy with shoppers, line-ups, sales…and almost everything under the sun.  It is hard enough to make your way through the crowds of people to find just the right gift for everyone on your list let alone the King of Kings!  I’m not sure if any store in the mall would carry anything appropriate for the One who traded His life so that I can live through Him.  Besides, most things are seriously over-priced…right?

So, then, the question is – what do you give Christ for Christmas? If shopping for something is out of the question, then how about something hand-made?  Maybe.

I can sew something lovely.  I enjoy quilting.  Or perhaps a beautiful card with pretty scrapbook paper?  I love receiving hand-made gifts – I know the time and love that goes into them!  Read More

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Come, Let Us Adore Him

Christmas is a busy time for most families…shopping, Christmas concerts, parties, festive meals, more shopping, family obligations…the list goes on.  Before we know it, Christmas Day has come and gone.  And we feel like we have missed out on something important.  We have forgotten some significant detail of the holiday.  We overlooked the essential step of preparing our hearts for celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.  The words from the carol “Come, Let Us Adore Him!” have been neglected and replaced with busyness.  Before our schedules get too demanding with celebrations this season, will you join me in spending time reflecting on the coming of our Lord? Come, Let Us Adore Him!

Do you feel like Christmas comes and goes without spending quiet time with the Savior? Come, Let Us Adore Him

Is Christmas A Time Of Rest?

Christmas is my time of rest after a busy few weeks of report card writing, which I am still trying to finish up.  I look forward to spending time with my family, playing games, watching movies, and other low-key activities. 

But the pressure during this time of year is ever-present.  There is pressure to buy, buy, buy stuff for people.  There is pressure to go here and there; to ‘do Christmas’ the right way instead of just resting.  

I feel that pressure the moment I step into the shopping mall.  Advertisements are everywhere, trying to convince me that I will find that perfect gift in their store.  It is all so overwhelming for my soul.  I’m not trying to be a Scrooge or a Grinch, but I fear we have lost the focus of Christmas.  The pressure to put on the Perfect Christmas gets wearisome after a while.   Read More

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