How I am Having Christ-Centered Easter Decorations

I love spring! Especially since moving into our new home about a year and a half ago.  We took possession of our beautiful new home in the fall after viewing it a couple of times in late summer.  When the following spring came, I was in for a delightful surprise with all of the gorgeous flowers that popped up in the back yard (see photos at bottom of this post)!  I always had huge, fresh bouquets of flowers!  This year, I am in full anticipation of the snow finally melting and seeing those bright colorful blossoms appear.  Here is How I am Having Christ-Centered Easter Decorations.

Are you looking for appealing ways to decorate your home for Easter? Are you looking for Christ-centered resources? How I am Having Christ-Centered Easter Decorations.

In my anticipation of spring, I am getting into full on decorating for Easter!  Spring and Easter represent New Life for me…especially since I remember that season of my life when I thought winter was never going to end.  I’m talking about both in a spiritual aspect as well as in the physical world. Read More

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How Jesus Was The Perfect Ransom

I sat in my La-Z-Boy recliner, Bible in my lap,  tears running down my cheeks.  “Why couldn’t I open this book?  This book I love so much?”  I felt like a failure.  Like a bad Christian.  But I was doubting everything.  I was doubting His love for me.  Did He even care about me?  Did He notice me?  My broken heart?  Or my tears?  I wish so much that someone came and spoke truth to my heart.  Yes, my husband did…every day.  But he was the only one.  What a difference it would have made if someone came and reassured me about How Jesus Was The Perfect Ransom and because of that, my Heavenly Father loved me more than I ever knew.

I doubted His love. I believed He didn’t want to see me…He can’t be bothered with my broken heart. Why didn’t someone tell me How Jesus Was The Perfect Ransom for my brokenness? My tears? My heart? All of me?

Last year, I did a study of Isaiah 53 through Busy, Busy Mamas Bible Study.  If you are looking for a simple Bible study that gets you deep into His word but doesn’t take a super long time, then check out the studies Pam has.  I’ve done a few of them and I have found them to be incredibly valuable.  She involves the kids, too – which I love.  Read More

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The Message Of Easter

What are your plans for Easter?  Are you just going through the motions with it?  Maybe the Easter story has become just that for you…a story…and nothing more.  Perhaps you have been remembering His death but forgotten about His resurrection…and what that means for us followers of Christ.  Maybe your life has been so riddled with much pain, grief and loss…and the thought of LIFE seems surreal and unattainable.  Impossible for you.  Can I remind you of some Truth today?  May I encourage your heart and help you to stop believing the lie?  Can I share with you the Message of Easter?

Has the Easter story become just another ritual for you? Have you lost the Truth of this story and it's significance for you? Maybe your soul is too tired to have the Hope of Easter. do you need this story renewed? Do you need the truth spoken to your heart? The Message Of Easter


Jesus died and rose again so that we could be with Him forever in heaven so that we could be reconciled with God.

That in itself is incredibly amazing.  If salvation was our only benefit, that would be more than enough.

John 8 36But that’s not everything.

His sacrifice made us free here on earth.

And we have a Choice.

We can choose to live in freedom because of what He has done.

BUT…freedom is a choice.

You see, we must be purposeful in choosing freedom.  Freedom is something we must seek out from our Saviour.

It’s a choice because many times the decision involves us giving up something.  Freedom costs us.

The Great Cost

Maybe the cost is a relationship that is unhealthy and ungodly.

Or it might mean letting go of the resentment that we feel entitled to clutch in our tight fists.

It may mean actually repenting AND turning away from a sinful behaviour that we have been trying to excuse and justify for a long time.

Perhaps we have to give up the desire to defend ourselves when false accusations rise up against us.

Sometimes it is letting go of what was supposed to be, but never will be.  Those moments when your heart turns over whenever you witness in someone else’s life what will never be in yours.  You mourn for what never was…

What is He calling you to give up in order for you to reclaim your freedom?

A Divine Appointment

I spoke at a ladies retreat in February of 2015.  That weekend was a divine appointment of redemption and restoration.  Afterward, I realized that God brought me to the very place where my brokenness began – the very same little town where my enemy started his assault on my young life.  He brought me there for me to tell my story – His story of my life.  This is not a coincidence.

While it wasn’t the first time I have shared my story, it was my first retreat!  Of all of the towns in BC, this one was chosen for me.

During one session where I spoke on the lies of shame we believe, I mentioned several lies that I had believed…as well as two lies I still believe.

In that session, I mentioned that I believed God would be faithful in healing those two lies in my life.

I still believe that I am the forgotten one.  I am not seen and I am invisible.  And, I do not matter enough to be noticed.  This is a lie that was whispered me as a child.  And one that stayed with me for over 30 years.

I still believe that I have nothing good to say, that my thoughts and feelings don’t matter.  Why would anyone listen to me anyway?  This is a lie that was pronounced over my life the same time as the one above.

These lies are rooted in the exact same place.  They are companions.  And they have been echoed throughout my mind and my heart for a very long time.

But not anymore.

Not Here

I cannot stay here – I won’t.

I will run to Him with a Holy desperation for healing.

For freedom from those lies.

I am wondering now if my current heartache is actually part of the process of letting go of some things that contributed to those lies.  Yes, it hurts.  But it is necessary for freedom.

Maybe He is on the move.

Right now.

Maybe He is ready to heal those areas of my life.

Or maybe I am ready.

An Easter Message

This is the message of Easter.

He came so we could be FREE and ALIVE!

We are meant to live a life in abundance!


Christ has made us FREE


Galatian 5 1He died on the cross for our freedom.  He rose again so we can live.  Do you need to start believing this again?

If I want freedom and victory, then I have to begin walking in it regardless of how I feel.  My freedom is not based upon my feelings, it is fully founded upon the work Christ did on the cross and in His resurrection.   

Dear daughters of the Most High King,

Are you ready to rise up out of the ashes?

Is your heart ready for your new song to sing?

Are you ready to live vivaciously?

Whatever the cost?

Are you ready to believe the Easter message of freedom?

This is your resurrection Sunday!


I am so excited to share these gorgeous Easter products with you today from Alicia of A Vibrant Family!  I have “known” Alicia in the blogging realm for quite some time and we are in a close-knit blogging group together. These resources officially go on sale March 11, but you can go here and make sure you don’t miss the sale with bonuses!  The marriage and family kits are fantastic, too.

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Has the Easter story become just another ritual for you?  Have you lost the Truth of this story and it's significance for you?  Maybe your soul is too tired to have the Hope of Easter.  Do you need this story renewed?  Do you need the truth spoken to your heart?  The Message Of Easter

My daughter wanted me to share this song with you.  She longs for her sisters in Christ to join her in the fight for freedom.  

Photo courtesy of Free Bible Images


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7 Ways The Cross Has Affected My Life

The question was posed.  A challenge set forth.  I was overwhelmed with the emotions I felt.  With everything I’d been through in my life…the loss of a father, childhood sexual abuse, tumultuous teens, miscarriages, a marriage on the brink…my response to the question was not a simple one.  He has done so much healing work within my heart and there was no possible way I could offer a quick and easy answer.  How did what Christ accomplished on the cross affect my life?  How could anyone answer this question flippantly?  As I reflected on my years of healing, I came up with 7 Ways The cross Has Affected My Life.

The question could have been answered simply and without another thought. But I wanted to spend more time reflecting on my response. What my Saviour had done many years ago was really the only reason I was still alive. The only reason I am living in freedom. This Easter, I want to begin reflecting on the 7 Ways The Cross Has Affected My Life.What Christ did on the Cross has deeply affected my life.  It has changed my life.  From His time in the garden to His resurrection – it all means so much to me. Read More

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