Grace & Truth ~ 5 Lessons Learned About Being Softened

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ!  One thing I’ve enjoyed doing with Grace and Truth is sharing your posts – the posts that have spoken to my heart – along with your main graphic.  However, it has come to our attention that not all graphics used are obtained and used legally – meaning a blogger does not have the right to use an image.  A former G&T host is being reprimanded for posting an image from a feature post that was not used legally.  This is unfortunate and very sad.  I love posting your graphics along with your post.  But in light of my friend’s circumstances, I will not be including your graphic since I cannot guarantee it has been obtained legally.  If you are not sure if you are using an image legally – you didn’t purchase rights to it, it isn’t your own and you didn’t get it from a license free site such as Pixabay – then you probably need to do some research…and possible changes to your posts!  I’ve also put all of my past G&T posts into ‘pending review’ mode for now until I can get around to changing the image.  From now on, I will simply use a generic graphic with the featured post title on it for G&T (see below).  Please be in prayer for my friend – that God gives her heart peace and a quick resolution to this problem.  And triple check your graphics!

OK, now on to this week’s G&T…

I love cats.  I’ve always loved cats.  Even in my wedding speech, I jokingly (sort of) said that my husband and I would have several cats.  I’ve always had at least one cat and right now, we have 2 – and I think my youngest daughter inherited my obsession love of cats.  So, naturally, when I read Mary’s post relating our faith to our relationship with cats, I loved it.  I particularly appreciate her point # 3 – it compliments this post of mine about that silly saying “If you feel far from God, guess who moved?“.  If you love cats like I do – or you are just curious (as a cat!) about this post, then head on over to CandidlyChristian to read 5 Lessons Learned About Being Softened.

Mary, please be sure to grab this “I’ve Been Featured” image below and add it, with a link to this page, to your post so that your readers can celebrate with you!  


Grace and Truth Link-up

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