3 Signs Of A Well-Nourished Spirit

While our family isn’t extreme in our diets, we are careful in what we eat.  It isn’t very often that we dine out and hubby’s cooking is WAY better anyway.  The majority of our meals are freshly cooked at home and our family enjoys a variety of raw vegetables.  It’s important for us to watch our diets within reason and to appreciate “junk food” in moderation.  But what if we chose to have a diet of processed foods, fast foods, microwaved foods, chips, soda pop and all that other junk on a daily basis?  What would eventually start happening to our bodies?  We’d be tired, our thought processes would become sluggish, we’d gain extra weight, we’d be sick all the time.  Even our mood would be affected – depression, irritability, and plain old grumpiness.  This is the same with our spiritual diet.  I want to share 3 Signs Of A Well-Nourished Spirit.  

What we eat has a direct affect on how we feel physically. It is also true of our spiritual diet. What we consume spiritually will have a direct affect on our spiritual walk. 3 Signs Of A Well-Nourished Spirit.You see, just like our physical diet, we have a choice in how we manage our spiritual diets.  We can stuff our spirits with junk, complaining all the time, being easily offended, entertaining negative self-talk and more.  It is so frustrating when I see people whine about where they are either spiritually or physically and they are choosing to fill themselves with all this garbage.  And they are shocked when they are sick all the time, both in a physical and spiritual sense. Read More

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Are You Offering Life? Or are you sitting in a puddle?

She was so distraught, in such deep sorrow that she wasn’t even able to eat.  Her husband always served her the choicest cut of meat during the feast for the yearly sacrifice.  For he loved her greatly and favored her over his second wife even though she wasn’t able to give him what he always hoped for – a son.  This was a very dark time in her life.

I’ve been there, too.  But in a different way.  I’ve been in such deep sorrow that I wasn’t able to eat from the word of God.  I know I wasn’t offering life – how could I?  I wasn’t even living myself.  And now, I wonder about you?  Are You Offering Life?  Or Are You Sitting in a Puddle? 

Sometimes when we are so caught up in our own filth, we get stuck in the puddle of life. When that happens, then we can't be used by God to breathe life into others. Are You Offering Life?

Maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Maybe you are there now.  In that dark place.  And you haven’t eaten in so long – your soul has not been satisfied with the choice meat of the word of God. Read More

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Are You Wallowing In Your Sin?

I was furious.  Who does she think she is anyway?  Did she honestly think that slandering me on facebook would actually restore our relationship in the slightest?  I mean, this wasn’t the first time she did this and I was certain I had made it clear that the behaviour was highly inappropriate for her to be engaging in – both because of what our relationship was AND because she professed to be a Christian.  I stormed around the house, muttering things I shouldn’t have been muttering.  But I didn’t care.  I was hopping mad and I did not want to give up my right to be angry about this.  I was wallowing in my sin.  Are You Wallowing In Your Sin?

Have you ever just stewed in anger? Or enjoyed a bitter thought about someone? If you have, then you wallowed in sin. Here I share some Biblical truth I discovered when I wallowed. Are You Wallowing In Your SinCan anyone relate to this?  To my dilemma?  I look back and I realize just how ridiculously I was conducting myself.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our anger, worry or pain that we forget how merciful our Heavenly Father is.  And other times, we just want to wallow.  I find myself in either camp often – too often.  However, I worked through a study of Psalm 103 earlier this year and I learned so much.  I clung to the truth of His word, received healing for my heart and was convicted where I needed to be convicted. Read More

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4 Uplifting Things To Remember In Your Heart When Pursuing Hope

My heart grieves from all of the tragedy in this world.  My heart is broken.  I sense despair rearing its ugly head…again.  Maybe you know exactly what I am talking about.  Maybe your heart is broken from a tragedy that is close to home.  Perhaps the last few months or weeks have been marred with pain and grief.  Did something happen that made your whole world come crumbling down?  Or maybe you are trying to help a friend cope with her loss.  Maybe, like me, your heart is simply heavy from all of the sin in the world – you are bearing burdens that you just aren’t sure what to do with.   Here are 4 Uplifting Things To Remember In Your Heart When Pursuing Hope.

Are you despairing with the tragedies of the world? Or has your own world come crashing down? Here are 4 Uplifting Things To Remember In Your Heart When Pursuing Hope. Christian Living

I’ve had to make some intentional choices in my life because I am a burden bearer.  I’ve had to work super hard to make sure I take every thought captive under the authority of Christ.  I’ve had to be purposeful in pursuing   Read More

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Parenting and Relationships

Today is a super busy day of guest posts for me!  2 of my guest posts have been published today!!

It is always an honor to guest post for a friend...but two in one day is an extra blessing!

Strong Family Project

I have a parenting post over on Sarah Ann’s blog, Faith Along The Way.  4 Reasons to Challenge Our Kids With Spiritual Truths.  Sometimes we don’t think our precious children will be able to understand the deep spiritual truths of God’s word.  When we believe that, we tend to not discuss these truths with them.  However, I have come to believe that our kids are capable of understanding so much more that what we think they can…even, dare I say it, understand truths better than we can!

Let’s Talk Relationships

My second guest post is over on Alison’s site, A Life Of Scoop.  This one comes from a much more raw place in my heart.  It is something that I don’t mention often on my own blog…but a topic that does need to be addressed.  When Alison approached me to write for her Let’s Talk Relationship series, I prayed about what relationship I ought to write about.  I felt the Lord press upon my heart to write about the most difficult relationship I have ever had.  A relationship with someone who exhibits mental illness tendencies.  So, here it is…When Mental Illness Overwhelms Your Relationships.  I say ‘relationships’ because the relationship that is affected by mental illness is not just with the person with the problem.  It has affected every relationship I’ve ever had with anyone, especially with my husband and my children.  

It is always an honor to guest post for a friend...but two in one day is an extra blessing!

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When You Hate Having Your Picture Taken

My hands tense up, making them look like they are at a weird angle.  Anxiety courses through my body.  My toes clench, my eyes close, I smile awkwardly…my photo is being taken.  A voice from my past screams at my heart – I know that voice, the comment has haunted me for so many years.  I hate having my picture taken.  No, I loathe it.  Relief washes over me when the ‘photographer’ is satisfied with her snapshots.  I have the chance to see the photos on her camera and I cringe.  That voice was right.  It is true.  This post is for When You Hate Having Your Picture Taken.

Do you like having your picture taken? I don't...but I am tired of it. I am ready to have victory in this area of life. How about you? If you are, then join me in my journey! When You Hate Having Your Picture Taken. Take the 30-Day Learning to Love My Selfie Challenge! #LearningToLoveMySelfie

As I flip through my family photo albums, I notice that there aren’t many photos of me.  This makes my heart sad.  I wish I had more taken of me…but I know how I have been held captive by fear and anxiety with having my photo taken.  And that is the reason why there aren’t many.  Well, things are about to change.  

I’m tired of feeling like this.  I’m done with living like this.  The gloves are off.  My sword is ready.  I’m coming out fighting for my freedom.  

I’m done with living like this.  

The gloves are off.  

My sword is ready. 

I’m coming out fighting for my freedom.   Read More

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5 Habits Of The Effective Woman Of God

You don’t see her very often, but when you do, you can’t take your eyes off of her.  You see it in the way she carries herself, the way she speaks, in her gorgeous smile.  You tend to think that she has an easy life.  I mean, how else can she be so free?  How else can she be so effective in living the life we are called to live as Christians?  Dear sister, I am here to tell you that there are 5 Habits Of The Effective Woman Of God.  

What does it mean to you to be an effective woman of God? Does the possibility of becoming one excite you? Does the thought give you hope? 5 Habits Of The Effective Woman Of God.

What does it mean to you to be an effective woman of God?  Does that thought terrify you?  Do you doubt you can be one of those inspiring women?  Or does the possibility excite you?  Does the thought give you hope?  Do you begin to dream again?  I hope and pray that you will be encouraged by this post.  Read More

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4 Secrets Of A Woman Of Encouragement

I opened up my Facebook to see a message from a woman I greatly admire, a very Godly and wise woman.  A woman I am honored to count as a friend.  A woman who has mothered my heart and soul when I desperately needed it.  The message was full of encouragement and edification.  Tears welled up as I read her sweet words to me.  My love tank had been filled.  I felt life surge through my body.  I could continue on with my ministry.  I hope you know what I am talking about.  I hope that you have experienced something like this before.  I hope that you have made someone else feel this way.  If you are unsure, then this post is for you.  4 Secrets Of A Woman Of Encouragement.

Are you a woman of encouragement? Are you looking for ways to be more intentional about encouraging your friends and loved ones? In this post, I share 4 Secrets Of A Woman Of Encouragement.

I am an encourager at heart.  I am deeply affected by both words of encouragement and words of discouragement.  That is why it is so important to take the time to invest words of encouragement to someone before offering constructive criticism.  Otherwise, the constructive criticism does not feel so constructive, but rather destructive.  So invest those words of encouragement…often. Read More

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How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Full Armor

The question made me feel rather uncomfortable.  It was one that required a lot of thought and reflection.  The quick response would be too easy and flippant; like God was my genie in a bottle.  However, this question never fails to force me to evaluate the strength of my prayer life.  I understand how the depth of our prayer life is directly related to the armor of God.  How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Full Armor. 

Wearing spiritual armor is vital for our walk with the Lord. We looked at each piece separately. But now how do we put it all together? What does that look like? How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess- Full Armor.

Last week, I said the sword was my last post in this series, but since then, I really felt the need to put it all together and wrap it up.  like an amazing conclusion to an incredible important essay.  I am always telling my kids that a strong conclusion brings their writing to a close and makes the reader feel comfortable with the writing, like a satisfaction of what they have just read.  So, I need to practice what I preach, right?  Let’s wrap this series up!   Read More

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How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Sword

I lay awake in the morning, not wanting to get up.  My mind drifted back to the middle of the night wake up I had…yet again.  These nightmares were relentless.  Every night they visited me in my sleep.  Every night I woke up in fear and panic.  Every night I feared going to sleep.  I recognized this as a result of my disclosure of childhood sexual abuse a month earlier.  But I had had enough of the terrorization of my heart and soul.  My enemy was raging in full strength against me since this lack of sleep and horrifying dreams were not the only repercussions of my attempt to be free from my prison of pain.  It was time to draw my sword and fight back.  I had to know how to be a warrior.  How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Sword.

What if you really understood the power you hold? That God's word a resilient piece of weaponry in the hands of a fervent soldier? What if you really, truly had faith in your authority and strength? Oh, sister, that precious book is more than just words on several pages. It is meant for battle. How To Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess - Your Sword.

We have only one offensive weapon in our arsenal.  Every other piece of our armor is defensive, created for defending against attack.  Our sword, though, was forged for the sole purpose of engaging in spiritual battle.  It is for us to obliterate the enemy of our souls.  He trembles at the all-powerful word of the Mighty God.  And he counts on us not being fit to wield our swords.  He counts on us not understanding the power we have at our fingertips.  He counts on us not trusting in the word of God.  Are you ready to prove the enemy wrong?     Read More

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