How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Helmet

The relentless words replayed in my mind over and over.  I knew they weren’t true.  I knew who was whispering them to me.  But the words kept coming.  “You are worthless.”  “No one likes you or cares about you.”  “You are invisible.”  And so on.  The onslaught if this attack was brought on by someone hurting my feelings.  I knew I had a choice to make and I had to make it soon.  Will I succumb to the lies?  Or will I stand on the promises of God, straighten my helmet of Salvation and pick up my sword?  It is always good to know how to be properly equipped for battle.  How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Helmet.  

Are you struggling with listening to lies whispered into your life? Not sure how to stop them? You know about God's armor, but you have no idea how to put it all together let alone us it! I teach about the helmet in this post. How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess - Your HelmetOften, we tend to spit shine our helmets and put them on display in a glass enclosed case.  We go to church on Sunday for some encouragement but then spend the rest of the week feeling defeated and worn-out.  We gaze at the helmet and see our reflection staring back at us.  We wonder how it ever even got into that case.  Did we put it there?  Where is your helmet of salvation right now?  Can you get it out of the case?  Can you find the key to unlocking it?  If not, then just break the glass…it was never intended to be on display.  It was created for wearing…in battle.  Read More

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How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Breastplate

I sat in her living room full of women, ready to bolt out the door.  I just wanted to run out of that house and get home where my heart wouldn’t be vulnerable.  Something was stirring; a battle was going on in another realm.  This battle was for my heart.  My dying heart.  And I had a choice.  I had failed to understand the importance of wearing my armor over the course of my youth and young adulthood.  The ramifications were deadly; the result was a heart afraid to living in freedom.  My breastplate was rusty and in need of serious repair.  I needed to know how to be a warrior princess.  How to Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Breastplate.

Are you striving to be the perfect Christian? Has your heart been broken beyond repair? Are you living in freedom and righteousness? Regardless of your answer to these questions, this post will encourage you to keep your armor in good repair and battle-ready. How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess- Your Breastplate.

The Breastplate

The purpose of the breastplate for the Roman Soldier was to protect the delicate vital organs in the chest.  Like all pieces of armor, the breastplate had to be in good repair.  In order to keep his armor in pristine condition, a soldier would care for it each and every day.  He would rub oil into the skin, making it strong and durable so it wouldn’t crack.  He would sharpen his sword and check to be sure everything was in order.  Not doing this every day could very well result in weakened armor, damaged areas and an ill-prepared soldier.  Any weak areas needed to be strengthened and repaired – daily.     Read More

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How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: Your Shoes

I see the sour look on her face, she is clearly a person to be reckoned with.  I don’t want to face her on the wrong side of an argument!  She is known for her sharp tongue, crass words and insensitive remarks.  She’s also the first one to shout out “Amen!” during a sermon when the pastor makes a strong point…and you know she isn’t thinking of herself for conviction…her mind is on someone else.  She has something to complain about whenever I try having a conversation with her…I begin to avoid her because I have enough problems of my own…and I always leave the conversation with her feeling prickly.  She’s always finding fault with someone…the pastor didn’t say anything to her, again.  The worship leader didn’t sing the right songs.  The new mom didn’t say ‘thank-you’ for the gift.  And so on it goes.  This is someone who has forgotten her armor.  She is not walking in peace.  Do you know How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess?         

Do you have God's peace in your life? Or are you walking around with a sour face? Are you full of His peace or are you do you complain about life? Are you standing firm in the gospel of peace? How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess: shoes of peace.

Proper Footwear

What would you think if you saw a police officer wearing flipflops?  Or heels?  Not the wisest choice for footwear.  Proper footwear is required in order for an officer to be prepared for engaging a criminal.  The same goes for us.  We need the proper footwear in order to stand against our enemy.  Read More

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How To Wear Your Armour Like A Warrior Princess: Your Shield

I poured myself a cup of coffee and opened up my email, my friend’s subject header catching my eye “Aimee, PLEASE PRAY“.  I quickly opened it up and all it said was “The worst thing that could ever happen to my marriage has happened.  Please pray.”  That’s it.  Nothing else.  But I knew what the ‘worst thing’ was.  Somehow I just knew.  And my friend needed me.  She needed me to tighten up my armour and do battle with her.  This was war!  This meant that someone had to know how to adorn her armour…and that someone was me.  In this series, learn How To Wear Your Armour Like A Warrior Princess.

Often times, as Christians, we are unaware of how to properly use our armor. We awkwardly fumble with our gear and wonder if we even have it all on right. This is the first part ofa small series on How To Wear Your Armor Like A Warrior Princess. I pray it encourages you in your Christian living and godly womanhood!

Basic Training

One of my favourite parts of the book of Ephesians is the description of the armour of God.  We understand that wearing our armour every day is extremely important.  We know this to be true.  But sometimes we don’t quite understand our armour.  Or maybe we don’t know how to put it all on.  We have it stuffed in our closet because we aren’t too sure what exactly to do with it all.  Read More

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1 Foolproof Way To Get Out Of That Pit

I had messed up…again…I felt like such a failure and I wondered if He would bother to take me back, to help me out of this chaos and confusion that I had created…once more.  Do you run and hide in shame as Adam and Eve did – and like most of us do?  Do you believe the lie that Jesus wants nothing to do with you now that you have sinned yet again?  How many times will He offer grace?  Or how about when we have slipped into that pit – perhaps someone else even pushed you into that abyss – and you just can’t seem to get out.  Believe me, I’ve been there on both my account and by the hands of others.  But there is hope.  There is always hope.  I want to share with you today about a wonderful truth I’ve discovered on my healing journey: 1 Foolproof Way To Get Out Of That Pit.

Have you been stuck in a pit of darkness and not sure how to escape? You try and claw your way up, but the muck and mire make your attempts impossible. I know because I've been there...more than a few times. 1 Foolproof Way To Get Out Of That Pit

What Is Of God?

Sin…it is so easy to get caught up in and so hard to get out of, especially when we sit and wallow in it.  Have you ever done that?  Just sit there in your filth with your head hung down in shame?  It seems like you just got all cleaned up and then you are right back into that pit.  You wonder how on earth He could take you back…again…and again…

Here’s the thing…shame is NOT of God.  Shame and guilt come from only one source, our enemy.  You know, the guy who has come to kill and destroy.  Seriously, that is his whole purpose.  To kill and destroy us – and if he can’t do that physically, then he will do whatever he can to annihilate our hearts.  This is what he does.  It is who he is.   Read More

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1 Essential Thing For Living In Freedom

I don’t know if there really is one single most important thing that is needed in order to live in the freedom Christ shed His blood for, except for accepting Him as Lord of your life.  I think all of the points I have covered from the beginning of this Live In Freedom series has been vital for our life of freedom (read from the beginning here).  However, if you are able to work on just one thing right now, I think it might be this one essential thing for living in freedom.

Living in the freedom of Christ is a lot of work. Especially if you have a vault of horrible secrets like I did. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start healing, what to 'deal' with first. If there is 1 Essential Thing For Living In Freedom, it is knowing whose we are.

Know Your Identity

How often do we look to others for our identity?  Our spouses?  Our friends?  Even celebrities!  What’s more, we look to material things – homes, cars, clothing to determine who we are.  Whether it is a fancy home or a one-bedroom apartment with peeling wallpaper…a new Ferrari or an old jalopy…either way, we allow those things to define us.  Read More

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How To Live In Freedom

I’ve shared a lot about ways that we can be held captive in chains in my freedom in Christ series.  And I have not by any means covered all aspects.  My prayer is that God will whisper into your heart the specific areas He wants to free you from.  It won’t be easy, but we can learn how to live in freedom.  

To live in the freedom Jesus shed His blood for is not an easy way of life. I want to share some truths about freedom with you. I want you to know how the Lord cares for your heart. How To Live In Freedom.

An Opportune Time

Galatian 5 1Our enemy would love for us to believe that we are stuck, that we don’t have much of a choice in how we live.  But we do!  Galatians 5:1 is very clear in this – we have the choice to stand fast in our freedom.  Is it easy?  NO!  Especially when stormy winds come.  But we must keep hanging on to Him with all of our strength.


Read More

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What Are You Thinking About?

In keeping with my Trading Resolutions for Grace theme, I think that reflecting on the last year is a good idea.  This time of reflection will help us to see where we need to make necessary changes that will bring us closer to God.  In particular, how were your thinking habits?  What kinds of things did you dwell on last year?  Good things?  Or negative things?  What are you thinking about most of the time? 

Help with Christian Living and change. What Are You Thinking About?

Power Of Positive Thinking??

No, I am NOT in agreement with any kind of the power of positive-thinking philosophies.  I don’t believe that if I just think positive thoughts about getting a parking space near the mall entrance, I’ll get one right in front of the main doors of my favourite store.  I certainly don’t believe that positive thoughts will cure a serious illness.  This idea is even being taught by popular ‘Christian’ teachers and speakers.  They say that positive thinking will cure your cancer if you ‘think it away’.  One dear friend of mine has been deeply caught up in this philosophy and other false teachings.  So much so that she has alienated anyone who does not agree with this doctrine, including me.

I am not going to tell you to start believing in magical thinking.    Read More

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The Idea Of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness is an incredibly delicate subject.  When one has been deeply wounded, the thought of forgiveness can bring a person from a state of calm to full blown anger in 0.2 seconds.  This is mainly due to a huge misconception of what forgiveness truly is.  In the last 3 posts in my Live in Freedom series, I have addressed many problems that arise when considering forgiveness.  I have brought truth to the forefront.  In this last post, I want to explore the idea of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

The Idea Of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Before we dive in, here are direct links to my last 3 posts on forgiveness:

Forgiveness Is The Key To Freedom

2 Myths About Forgiveness

3 Truths About Forgiveness

If you have been reading my posts on forgiveness, I believe I have covered well what forgiveness is.  It is a long process in many instances.  Forgiveness must be chosen more than one time in some cases.  Forgiveness means letting go of trying to get something from someone.  It means releasing them to God for Him to deal with and moving on with His calling on your life.  Forgiveness is freedom.

When To Seek Reconciliation

But what about reconciliation?  If I am to be the ‘good Christian’, ought I not reconcile with everyone?  Read More

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3 Truths About Forgiveness

Last week, I shared 2 myths about forgiveness.  I hope you had the chance to read that post.  The best follow-up on a post about the myths of forgiveness is an article discussing some important truths about forgiving.  I have found that the idea of forgiveness can be quite confusing and frustrating at times.  I have gotten so impatient with myself over forgiveness more times than I’d like to admit.  However, it is through these frustrating times…or because of them…that I learned 3 truths about forgiveness. 

3 Truths About Forgiveness

Truth #1

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was youThe first truth is that forgiveness is a process.  I have had to choose forgiveness many, many times for what was done to me as a little girl.  In the beginning, I had to make the choice several times a day!  I certainly was a prisoner of unforgiveness.

I found it incredibly frustrating that I would find myself angry and full of hate towards my offenders…again and again.  Especially when I knew I had definitely made the choice to forgive them.  

Because I felt angry again, I wondered if I had truly forgiven them all the previous times I had chosen to.  Maybe I hadn’t sincerely forgiven them.  Maybe I was still holding a grudge.  Perhaps I was just fooling myself about this whole forgiveness thing.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Does this sound familiar?  Have you ever felt that way?  Read More

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