When You Need To Rekindle The Romance

I have noticed that there are some days where I just need to ‘connect’ with my man…if you know what I mean.  I find that I am in a much better mood when my needs have been met.  I am more relaxed and at peace.  I crave that special connection with Marcus because it is so intimate.  I don’t think God would have it any other way.  He created sex for more than only procreation.  It is a sacred act between a husband and wife – and I believe it is deeply spiritual.  Our hearts connect and we are as physically close as to people can get.  We are both vulnerable to each other.  But sometimes life happens and this gets put on the back burner.  We lose our passion.  We are tired.  We don’t feel sexy enough…the list could go on and on.  Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of demons to overcome in this area with childhood sexual abuse and the lie of not being ‘sexy’.  Let’s talk about When You Need To Rekindle The Romance.

Do you struggle with time for intimacy with your spouse? Or maybe you are just plain tired? When You Need To Rekindle The Romance

When my son was born, this part of life was very difficult.  Without going into too much detail, my son’s shoulders did considerable damage to my body.  Almost 6 months passed by before I was able to do anything without too much pain.  I felt awful about myself and I started to believe that my hubby was so disappointed in me – he was so good to pick up on this and reassure me.  But, ladies, let’s be honest…this area in married life isn’t always a bed of roses 😉  However, this just means that we need to do a bit of work.  Here are a few suggestions that will help.  Read More

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How To Teach Our Children Obedience

We were eye-to-eye in a struggle of wills…me, the parent and he, the son.  This young man would test my patience…and my grace over the years.  He brought the term “strong-willed child” into my life!  I had not known anything about it before him!  My daughter was the picture perfection of the compliant child.  Teaching her obedience was a dream.  But my son…that was an entirely different story.  I had my work cut out for me.  Some of you…many of you know exactly what I am talking about.  You have a strong-willed child (or children…my 3rd is also of the same sort…**SIGH**) yourself.  And maybe you are here because you need to understand how to teach our children obedience. 

Are you tired of trying to get your kids to obey? Training our children to make right choices is exhausting. We wonder if they will ever get it. In this post, I provide a few tips to help teach obedience to your children.

Photo by liz west “children at play” https://www.flickr.com/photos/53133240@N00/1776265241/

Don’t get me wrong, I love that my youngest 2 are strong-willed.  I have come to embrace this personality trait…and perhaps even see a bit of my own strong will.  In fact, I’ve come to be more comfortable with their strong-will than my oldest’s easy-going compliance.  Interesting, hey?  A lot of that likely comes from my own compliant childhood and how my compliance affected me.     

So, how do we get our children to obey us?      Read More

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How To Have An Imperfectly Perfect Marriage

I am sharing over at Busy Being Blessed today in Jenn’s wonderful marriage series “The Imperfect Wife”.  In this guest post, I share about how my marriage appears ‘perfect’ to the outsider, but the truth is something different.  I explain what we have done and How To Have An Imperfectly Perfect Marriage.

Have you ever looked at a marriage and believed it was 'perfect'? Like nothing bad ever happens, the couple never fights - they adoringly and longingly gaze into each others eyes ALL. THE. TIME? I have a marriage that appears that way and I share HOW we have the imperfectly perfect marriage. I hope this encourages your Christian marriage.

Several years ago, my neighbor was having a difficult time in her marriage. Her husband was leaving her and she could not stop crying. I remember finding her scrunched up in the corner of her sofa. My heart broke for her. I sat with her and I cried alongside her. I tried to offer some encouragement, but much of the time I just didn’t know exactly what to say. What are the right words? And then I began sharing with her about the struggles I’ve had in my marriage. She looked at me with surprise and said, “Wait. I thought you had the perfect marriage.” She could not have been more wrong about that. She needed to know that what I have is the imperfectly perfect marriage.  And I want to share with you How To Have An Imperfectly Perfect Marriage.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Busy Being Blessed.

Have you ever looked at a marriage and believed it was 'perfect'? Like nothing bad ever happens, the couple never fights - they adoringly and longingly gaze into each others eyes ALL. THE. TIME? I have a marriage that appears that way and I share HOW we have the imperfectly perfect marriage. I hope this encourages your Christian marriage.

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7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine’s Day

My husband and I aren’t the type to go spend money on Valentine cards, cute stuffies or a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  It just isn’t our ‘thing’.  Neither of us have the love language of gifts.  Instead, we both have quality time as out top love language…or, I guess Marcus says his is ‘quality touch’…  Anyway, I thought I’d share Marcus’ 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine’s Day here.

I asked my husband for his ideas on Valentine's Day gifts. He is so creative and mentioned a few things I hadn't thought of...but I love! I hope you enjoy these 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine's Day!

In my last post, 7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband, I promised to offer more tangible gifts…

A Quiet Dinner at Home

We really enjoy this idea and it works well,especially if you have young children.  We started doing this when our kids were small and taught them that they must stay in their rooms for the entire evening.  We would feed them a meal they really liked and set up a portable DVD player in one of their bedrooms.  They’d happily watch a movie together with some popcorn while Marcus and I enjoyed a nice dinner together.   Read More

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7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  This is the day my husband lovingly refers to as “our reminder to love the ones you love”.  He is a bit of a Valentine Scrooge.  He doesn’t like being told which day to show his love to me.  OK, let’s be honest…he just doesn’t like to be told what to do;)  However, I think that how a couple celebrates this day is dependent upon their love languages.  For Marcus and I, both of us have the love language of quality time.  We aren’t big into gifts or extravagance.  We would rather just have a quiet evening together.  But I wanted to share the 7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband that I will ensure my man will be getting on this special day.  Any Godly man would absolutely love these special gifts!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I want to share 7 perfect Valentine Gifts for your husband. These are gifts any Godly man would cherish and appreciate. These are things that will help you in your Christian marriage.

1. A wife who lives fully for Christ

When I love Christ passionately, I am better able to love my husband with fierce passion.  I offer grace more often and more genuinely when I am living fully for Christ. And whose marriage couldn’t use more grace?  I am less selfish when I am living for Christ.  As I dwell in the fullness of Christ, I mature into the wife God requires me to be.    Read More

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For The Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Sexy

I just sat on the edge of my bed and sobbed.  They didn’t fit right.  The panties he bought me just for him…I looked awful in them.  The sides cut onto my hips in a very unflattering way.  I used to fit this size.  But not now and I felt so ugly because of it.  All I could do was cry.  I was not the sexy wife he thought I was.  This is For The Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Sexy.

We don't always feel sexy, but sometimes the feeling becomes more of a problem and it hinders the health of our marriages. I share my experience and what helped me. I hope it helps your Christian marriage. For The Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Sexy

I wasn’t too sure what to do at that point.  He was going to be in the bedroom in a few minutes and he was expecting me to model these new, barely there panties for him.  It was clear that I had been crying; I couldn’t hide that fact.  And I didn’t want to ruin ‘it’ for him even more.

But I had been struggling with this feeling for quite some time.  Maybe you have been, too.  Just writing this out makes me want to cry because I remember how I felt and my heart breaks to think you know what I am talking about.  I also cry because I see how far God has brought me, I can now see the incredible work of healing He has done in my life.  And He wants to do the same for you. Read More

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The Day I Walked Out on My Husband

I wrote a guest post for Beth over at Messy Marriage.  It is a story I had been wanting to share for a while now and I couldn’t think of a better place than Beth’s site – it is all about messy marriages after all!

The Day I Walked Out On My Husband

Here is an excerpt.

I was devastated by his careless words spoken the night before as I walked out my door, bag in hand. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. This was not my fairytale happy life that Hollywood displayed in their movies. This was not written in any of the romance novels I had read in my young life. No. But this was the day I walked out on my husband.

To continue reading, head on over to Beth’s site for my post The Day I Walked Out on My Husband And WW Linkup.

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This post was featured over at A Little R & R with Rosilind.

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The Cost Of Ungodly Relationships

Who are you spending a lot of your time with?  Are your closest friends pointing you to Jesus?  Or do they somehow direct you away from the Saviour?  Do you find yourself getting closer to God through your close friendships?  Or are you catching yourself struggling to make good choices?  Close relationships that distract your spiritual journey will likely lead to bondage.  This is the cost of ungodly relationships.

The Cost Of Ungodly Relationships

When Relationships Change

I had a very close friend for several years.  In the beginning, the friendship was good.  But over the years the relationship started to change.  Many times, I’d find myself sitting with my husband in tears because of something this friend said or did.  Several times I had thought to just end the friendship.  But I didn’t have the heart to sever ties and hurt her deeply.  The friendship continued and our values kept getting further and further apart, including what was acceptable in marriage and what wasn’t. Read More

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6 Ways To Make Sure Your Spouse Remains An Unbeliever

“Please, please, please come with me!” I begged.  I wanted so much for him to attend church with me.  I knew he didn’t enjoy it, but I hoped with all of my heart that he would join me and God would speak to his heart through something or someone during the service.  But he refused.  I was driving to church, alone, again.  It is so hard to go to church without your spouse.  It is like only part of you is there.  But he wasn’t a believer.  I married him knowing he wasn’t.  I had hoped to change that!  How foolish was I!  For the first 8 years of our marriage, Marcus wanted nothing to do with church, nothing to do with God, nothing to do with my Savior, Jesus.  Nothing.  But then things changed…his heart softened and God did speak to him.  But not because he went to church with me.  Before he became a believer, there were things I did right, and some things I did wrong.  And there were some things I saw other people do wrong.  And that is what this post is about.  6 Ways To Make Sure Your Spouse Remains An Unbeliever.    

Are you married to an unbeliever? Did you know that you might be hindering the work of God in his life? Yes, I learned the hard way. These are the things you should not do. Christian marriage.

Last week, I posted 4 Ways to Influence An Unbelieving Spouse.  As a follow-up, I wanted to share some thoughts on what you can do to ensure your unbelieving spouse remains an unbeliever.  These points will for sure discourage an unbelieving spouse – so avoid them at all costs! Read More

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4 Ways To Influence An Unbelieving Spouse

Are you married to an unbeliever?  I had an unbelieving spouse for the first 8 years of marriage.  It wasn’t always easy.  I had to be the spiritual leader of the home and that is not a light yoke to carry.  I felt lonely in church.  I felt lonely in my walk with God.  You know, I think it is much harder to remain steadfast in your faith when you don’t have your best friend alongside you. 

Are you married to an unbeliever and lost hope that things will ever change? Here are 4 ways that you can influence your spouse and encourage a relationship with God.

I was talking with my husband about his thoughts on how a wife can support her husband when they are not living the same faith.  He was a great source of information, I appreciate his insight and wisdom.  He said that many times, if the believing spouse has been a Christian their entire life – or even a large part of their lives – then they don’t quite understand what it is like to be on the ‘other side’.  I thought that was such a good point and something to keep in mind as we bear witness to our unbelieving spouse.

We talked about several points, and these are the 4 that we thought were the top 4. Read More

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