Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

There is no doubt that 2015 has been a great year for my blog.  I have shared so much of my heart hear and I am so thankful to all of you who take the time out of your busy lives to read my posts.  I wanted to share my top 10 blog posts of 2015 with you.  

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

10.  The tenth most popular post is a 2-way tie!  Notes of Love For My Husband was about my idea of leaving love notes around for my hubby.  I created a set of 30 pre-printed love notes and 4 blank ones for newsletter subscribers to print off.  The other post was He is Moved By Our Grief.  This post took a look at the story of the death of Lazarus and how Jesus responded to Mary and Martha’s grief over the loss of their dearly loved brother.  When we grieve, it matters to God.

9.  The topic of grief is a popular one.  Our world is so full of hurting people.  Our children are no exception.  We can ignore our children’s broken hearts – trust me, that does not work – I know.  Or, we can lead them through their grief and lift them up to Jesus.  Helping My Child Through Grief is one of those moments for our family.   Read More

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Weekend Blog Round-Up #10

Happy weekend!  Do you need some good reading for the weekend?  One thing I like about reading blog posts is that they are a quick read.  We are busy, aren’t we?  So, blogs are a great way to get some reading in – along with Biblical truth.  Here is my Blog Round-Up #10.

Blog Round-Up

I loved this post by Melanie!  5 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear – I’ve walked through brokenness with my daughters many times already and I know these are GOOD things for them to hear, and to store away in their hearts.  I know I wish these things were said to me when I was growing up.

My Overflowing Cup is one of my many favourite blogs.  Heather writes openly and honestly.  Her post Feeling Weak, Writing Strong encouraged me to write a post that has been on my heart for a while – a painful post, a piece of writing that comes from a broken heart and broken relationships due to mental illness.

Lori wrote a very special letter here – a letter to her from God about seeking approval.  So much of it spoke to my heart.  “I am so sorry that there are so many who sense your weakness and take advantage of it. And you take it as an affirmation of your lack of worth.”

Bathing suit season is in full swing!  And so are the body image lies.  The lie that we are supposed to be this tiny size and our thighs are not supposed to touch!  Oops!  Mine do!  Kaitlyn reminds us of 3 special words “This Is Beautiful” in her post So, If Your Thighs Touch, This:.

I loved Lauren’s openness and honesty in her latest post Why Your Marriage Is More Than Your Sex Life.  She was spot on with what she said.  While having a healthy sex life is very good for a marriage, it should never be the measuring stick.

Unless you have been hiding out somewhere, you surely have seen the Planned Parenthood videos (or at least heard about them) in social media.  I forced myself to watch 2 of them and what I saw broke my heart.  And then I read this guest post on Rosilind’s site How My Abortion Turned Into A Ministry.  God can use anything to bring glory to Himself and this story was no exception.  Please, if you have chosen abortion in your past, know that there is Hope.  There is healing and forgiveness.  Turn to Him.

I just went to our 2 local thrift stores to find shorts for my daughter.  I don’t mind shopping in thrift stores, but I do find it a challenge to find articles of clothing that I like.  So this post was helpful and will come in handy for my next thrift store trip!  Ultimate Thrift Store Guide To Successful Clothes Shopping.

I LOVE logic puzzles!  So, I was thrilled to see this post about logic puzzles for tweens and teens…now I need to go print them off for my 2 oldest kids!

How about a fun experiment with the kids for a cloudy summer day?  Shaving Cream Rain Clouds!  Looks pretty awesome!

When my oldest was little, she was very busy.  It was hard to go out anywhere.  As I matured as a mother, I started to pack special activities in the diaper bag that were JUST for outings.  This Color Matching Busy Bag With Clothespins would have been a perfect addition to my stash!

I hope you enjoyed these blogs as much as I did!

Blog Round-Up

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