3 Precious Promises To Remember On Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air!  Can you feel it?  Maybe you are in the greatest relationship of your life and Valentine’s Day is one of your favorite days to celebrate.  Or maybe you are in a difficult marriage and you are feeling unloved.  You are dreading Valentine’s Day.  Maybe you don’t have a significant other and Valentine’s Day is just another blaring reminder that you are alone.  Perhaps divorce has shred your heart to pieces and you would rather hide under the blankets on your bed than look at one more advertisement for the day of love.  Whatever your relationship status, I want to remind you of some truths about God’s love that you can hold fast to for Valentine’s Day.  3 Precious Promises To Remember On Valentine’s Day. 

3 Promises For Valentine's Day

He Is Yours, You Are His

I love how God claims us as His in the book of Jeremiah.  We belong to Him, He holds us close to His heart.  He longs to know us, He desires a relationship with us so deeply that He gives us the heart to know Him.  

He does not want to miss out on spending time with us.  

I have turned this verse into a prayer for myself: “Father God, give me the heart to know You, that You are Lord.  I am Yours and You are mine.  I will return to You with my whole heart.” Read More

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7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine’s Day

My husband and I aren’t the type to go spend money on Valentine cards, cute stuffies or a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  It just isn’t our ‘thing’.  Neither of us have the love language of gifts.  Instead, we both have quality time as out top love language…or, I guess Marcus says his is ‘quality touch’…  Anyway, I thought I’d share Marcus’ 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine’s Day here.

I asked my husband for his ideas on Valentine's Day gifts. He is so creative and mentioned a few things I hadn't thought of...but I love! I hope you enjoy these 7 Brilliant Ideas For Valentine's Day!

In my last post, 7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband, I promised to offer more tangible gifts…

A Quiet Dinner at Home

We really enjoy this idea and it works well,especially if you have young children.  We started doing this when our kids were small and taught them that they must stay in their rooms for the entire evening.  We would feed them a meal they really liked and set up a portable DVD player in one of their bedrooms.  They’d happily watch a movie together with some popcorn while Marcus and I enjoyed a nice dinner together.   Read More

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7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  This is the day my husband lovingly refers to as “our reminder to love the ones you love”.  He is a bit of a Valentine Scrooge.  He doesn’t like being told which day to show his love to me.  OK, let’s be honest…he just doesn’t like to be told what to do;)  However, I think that how a couple celebrates this day is dependent upon their love languages.  For Marcus and I, both of us have the love language of quality time.  We aren’t big into gifts or extravagance.  We would rather just have a quiet evening together.  But I wanted to share the 7 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband that I will ensure my man will be getting on this special day.  Any Godly man would absolutely love these special gifts!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I want to share 7 perfect Valentine Gifts for your husband. These are gifts any Godly man would cherish and appreciate. These are things that will help you in your Christian marriage.

1. A wife who lives fully for Christ

When I love Christ passionately, I am better able to love my husband with fierce passion.  I offer grace more often and more genuinely when I am living fully for Christ. And whose marriage couldn’t use more grace?  I am less selfish when I am living for Christ.  As I dwell in the fullness of Christ, I mature into the wife God requires me to be.    Read More

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