When I was younger, many of my life decisions were greatly influenced by other people.  I wanted to make sure they were happy.  My happiness was put aside, even ignored.  I would remain unhappy just so other would be happy with me.  Needless to say, this rarely worked out.  There would be at least one person who still wasn’t happy with my decisions.  And the people who were ‘happy’ in the beginning, eventually grew unhappy with me for whatever reason.  It was a lose-lose situation.  It wasn’t until I started to listen to God’s plan for my life that things got better for me.  Sure, those people still got angry with me about my decisions, but at least I knew I was doing something right.  Let’s chat about 1 Common Ingredient In A God-Honoring Life.  PS – I’ve created another set of worksheets – you can find them at the bottom of this post.

There is always one common thread running through the lives of Godly people. Do you know what it is? 1 Common Ingredient In A God-Honoring Life

Last week, we talked about the 5 Essential Tools For Building Your Life.  Today, I want to look at the common ingredient in building a life that honors God.  


Truth – God’s Truth – must be the common ingredient when to comes to building a Godly life.  We need His truth to guide us in placing the building blocks that are used in constructing our lives.  If we attempt to place those blocks where we think they ought to go, they will end up in the wrong place.  If we listen to others opinions before trusting God when it comes to construction, those blocks will be misplaced.  

God’s truth helps us in many ways when we place it into the equation for building our lives.


One element of truth is wisdom.  I’m not talking about worldly wisdom here.  I’m talking about the wisdom that only comes from God.  You see, we have come to a place in our culture where earthly wisdom has more weight than Godly wisdom.  We’ve got ‘follow your heart’ and ‘you can be anything you want to be’.  Or arguments that begin with “I think…”.  

We miss the importance of Godly wisdom here.  What does God’s word say?

Another strange trend I have found is that people are willing to listen to pretty much anyone these days.  And then they wonder why they are having so many problems.  For example, there is this ‘parenting expert’ near where I live.  Many people seek her for advice.  But…my daughter has had a ‘run-in’ with her teen daughter.  She was picking on a younger boy and Sarah had to step in and tell her to stop.  I’ve had my own experiences with this girl – picking on another little boy, rolling her eyes, and just being plain disrespectful to adults and her peers.  That makes me wonder…how valid is the parenting wisdom of her mother?  Certainly not advice I care to hear.  We must look at the fruit of whom we are listening to. 

Now, I have received some flack for my viewpoint here.  Which is also quite fascinating.  Why on earth would I take parenting advice from someone who does not hold the same values as I do when it comes to parenting???  This would be the same for financial advice.  Which is more prudent: listening to my broke relative or heeding advice from a financial expert like Dave Ramsey?  That really is a no-brainer!  How about marriage advice?  Would I be better off asking that friend who has been divorced twice already and her present marriage is on the rocks?  Or that Godly couple at church who have been happily married for 60 years? 

If we want to build our lives with truth, we need God’s wisdom.


The other truth we need to live by is the fact that we are free.  So many of us are not living the victorious life that Christ died to give to us.  He paid a great price for our freedom.  We are stuck in bondage – the bondage of sin and lies – and we either don’t know how to get out, we don’t realize we are in bondage, or we just want things to remain the same.

When I say I am living a victorious life, I don’t mean a life that is all lollipops, cotton candy, and rainbows.  It isn’t perfect.  In fact, if I am totally honest right now, I am struggling.  I am struggling with some mild depression right now.  I am feeling like I am not heard by a certain person in my life.  And weariness threatens to swallow me up.

But…I know the truth.  And I know that this isn’t forever.  My Savior has already won this battle.  Do I have to walk through?  Yes, I do.  I have to keep putting one step in front of the other.  But I will come out the other side stronger, with a deeper faith, and some good lessons learned.

That, my friend, is living a victorious life.        

He longs for us to live a victorious, radiant life through Him.  Even – or especially – through the hard times.  He paid a very high price for us to live a life of freedom and victory.  Let’s honor Him by choosing life.  I have written extensively on living in freedom because I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for it – I’ve lost some skin and I have many scars to prove it, but I am a beautiful example that living in freedom is possible.

If we want to build our lives with truth, we need to live victoriously.

The Word

Another piece of truth to live by is how much we need the Law of the Lord to refresh and revive us.  Oh, friend, I desperately need this right now!  

Sometimes, depending on the software program I am running on my computer (or the number of windows and tabs I have open at once…don’t ask…), my computer will start to run slowly.  I need to close several programs, windows, and files and restart my computer.  

This takes time – especially shutting down programs that are running S-L-O-W-L-Y!  But, when my computer is up and running again, it is super fast.  It operates better.

How similar is this example to being revived – or restarted – by being in God’s word?  Without His word in my life deeply rooted in my heart, I am just running in low power mode.  This computer is SLOW!  I need to shut down the applications that are running and quiet my heart before the Lord.  This means sitting at His feet through His word and allowing Him to teach me.

If we want to build our lives with truth, we need to have soul refreshment with the Law of the Lord.

Living Water

In my study of John, I have been learning so much about the identity of Christ.  I always knew these things, but actually digging in to create a study just bring this understanding to a whole new level.  He talks so much about being the Living Water.  I need the Living Water to give me unspeakable joy!  He is the Light of Life.  He has the words of eternal life!  As Peter says in John 6:68 – where else can I go?

My sister, there is nothing else that will satisfy.  Nothing.  There is absolutely nothing on this earth that will speak joy into your heart except for Jesus Christ.  Why are you looking elsewhere?  Why do you keep searching for purpose and happiness in all the wrong places?  Or with the wrong people?

If we want to build our lives with truth, we need to drink daily from the Living Water.

The Truth

My friend, who is speaking into your life today?  Are you letting the General Contractor (Jesus) dictate your thoughts?  Your actions?  Your life?

Are the people who are speaking into your life today level?  Do they have Godly wisdom?  Or earthly wisdom?  Are you listening to the person who is an alcoholic?  On her third marriage?  Or living a life contrary to God’s word?  If so, this is NOT the person you should be listening to.  They do not hold fast to the truth.  Whatever they are building with is what is being built into you.  

My friend, you are prized by God.  You are His unique creation.  There is no one quite like you.  He has an amazing purpose for you.  You are not a sinner, but a saint.  You are not a failure.  He is your strength.  Start building your life on such truths.  If you have some crooked 2x4s in your construction process, take them out and replace them with straight ones.  Build on thoughts that have been leveled by the truth.  God’s truth.

The common ingredient in the lives of God-honoring Christians is the truth.  It is with that truth that they measure wisdom and discover freedom.  This truth comes from God’s word and the Living Water.

How do you need to apply God’s truth to your life today?

Next week, we’ll chat about things like stewardship, God’s promises, building a legacy and more.  Iw ill also have a very special challenge I hope you will join me in doing! 

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1 Common Ingredient In A God-Honoring Life

There is always one common thread running through the lives of Godly people. Do you know what it is? 1 Common Ingredient In A God-Honoring Life

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  • Alicia

    I totally agree. We MUST hear what God says about a matter. His Word has to be our foundation, or our “house” will not stand. Regarding the “experts” we encounter, if what they say contradicts what God says, then they don’t get a space for speaking into our lives. Some folks won’t understand this, but that’s ok. Thanks for being transparent regarding where you are right now. I am praying that you experience a beautiful breakthrough. You are going from glory to glory, strength to strength, and faith to faith. Advancing and Increasing are your inheritance!