5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men

I started to go through my 13-year old son’s T-shirt drawer yesterday.  It’s been a while since I last purged his too-small clothes…and now, being 6 feet tall, I figured it was time.  I pulled out his shirts and made him try them on – mostly to give myself a chuckle.  I knew they’d be super small on him.  It was pretty funny to see him in these now tiny shirts.  Especially since he is also starting to ‘bulk-up’ from gymnastics (yeah, he’s pretty proud of his biceps!).  My husband said he was like the Incredible Hulk;)  There’s nothing like pointing out a young man’s strength to build him up!  As I gazed at my son, I realized how he is turning into a fine young man.  So, I thought I’d share some tips with you…here are 5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men.

Raising sons today is super hard. We need some practical ways to help them be Godly men. Here are my 5 Unique Tips For Raising Godly Young Men

The Target

I’ll be honest.  Raising children in today’s culture isn’t easy.  And it seems to grow more and more difficult with each passing year.  Not because they are getting older and it comes with the territory of adolescence…but because our children are a prime target for our enemy.  I think we forget this fact.  And it’s easy to forget.  But just because we forget or don’t think of it often doesn’t mean the bull’s eye on their backs shrinks or fades away.   Read More

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How Our Children Thrive On God’s Promises

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago our family would travel to our provincial children’s hospital in hopes to get answers from specialists there about our daughter’s condition.  What is even harder to believe is that every time we left that facility, our hopes for an answer and cure were crushed.  We were told by the GI specialist to ‘keep up the treatment but give her more’.  What was more annoying was his arrogance when he told my husband and me that he gets parents in all the time who think they know better than he does, but with his 30+ years of expertise, he is the one who knows best.  (I think I may have taken that as a challenge).  Yes, we left unhappy with the visit…again…and again…the tears began to fall as we turned onto the highway.  However, even deeper than the frustration and loss of hope, I needed some truth.  This desperate mother needed to know How Our Children Thrive On God’s Promises.

Do you think that your kids won’t understand the things of the Lord? So you don’t bother talking about the more complex spiritual truths because there is no point. My friend, this is not truth. Our kids understand much more than we give them credit for. How Our Children Thrive On God's Promises

The Question

I had lost my hope.  The hope of my little girl being able to attend extra-curricular activities without me.  The idea of her going to a friend’s house without me was quickly fading away.  Her condition made it almost impossible for her to be without me for more than an hour.  And, as I looked at my little girl and a question came to mind.  I just had to ask her.  Read More

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A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms

When my kids were young, a lot of my prayer time was through song.  I would have a worship cd playing while I cleaned, cooked or did other mommy tasks.  Those songs turned into my prayers.  Often, I had a Snuggli wrapped around my body with Matt in it – he liked being close to me – he would cry if I put him down.  When I shared with a friend about my time with God being mostly through worship songs, her response was very discouraging to me as a mom of young children.  She told me that it wasn’t ‘enough’ – I had to do more.  The prayers from my heart through worship were not enough.  Have you ever been discouraged that way?  Someone may have had good intentions, but they lacked compassion and understanding – they did not have LOVE.  As sisters in Christ, we are to encourage and lift each other up.  So, that is the purpose of this post, A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms.

Are you feeling the pressure of doing this mommy thing right? Fitting everything in? And it's not working? Here is A Word Of Encouragement For Young Moms

Little ones keep mommies very busy, don’t they?  Time and energy to keep the house clean and prepare meals seem to be meager. Add on top of that the pressure to spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time in the Word and in prayer daily.  I mean, if you want to be a good Christian, then that’s what you do.  Right? Read More

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4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

We were driving home from visiting my husband’s dad when we passed the mini golf center and my son piped up from the back, “Hey, I remember going there!  We went there for Mother’s Day a few years ago!”  Oh, yes, I remember, too, son.  It wasn’t exactly an easy day for me but we did have a lot of laughs there (I’m not the best mini golfer and I tend to ‘help’ the ball get into the hole).  As we continued to drive, I reflected on that day.  Bittersweet.  Difficult and yet so much fun.  It’s funny how he remembered going there and shared that memory at that point in time…we had driven past that place several times since.  But I think I needed to remember that I can celebrate this day even though it’s not all it is cracked up to be.  Here are 4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Are you feeling apprehensive about celebrating Mother's Day this year? Perhaps there is too much pain associated with this day for you for whatever reason. Maybe you just want a quiet day? I hope this post encourages you to celebrate your motherhood in whatever way your heart needs this year. 4 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Mother’s Day.  This day evokes many emotions.  Everything from great joy to deep sorrow.  For me, it is just another reminder of what I never really had.


This year is going to be different.  Why?  Because of the important people in my life. Read More

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When Your Mom Prayers Are Desperate

How many times have I stormed the gates of heaven, petitioning my Abba Father on behalf of my children?  I can’t even count the number.  The things that have brought me to my knees for my kids are numerous…and some of them have compelled me for many years.  For so long, in fact, that sometimes I wonder if my prayers are even ‘working’.  Is God hearing them?  Is His heart of compassion, His heart for this desperate mother moved enough to act on her prayers?  And then I read this amazing encounter in Mark 7 and I knew the truth.  This post is for When Your Mom Prayers Are Desperate.

Have you ever thought that your desperate momma prayers were going unanswered, unheard or ignored? I know I have felt like that at times. Then I read about another momma’s encounter with Jesus and I knew…I just knew…that He does hear my prayers. He is working things out on my behalf…and my child’s behalf. I want to share with you what I learned When Your Mom Prayers Are Desperate

Have you ever wondered if you mom prayers even matter?  If He hears you?  Maybe you’ve prayed something for your precious child for so long you think that God is tired of hearing about it.  And now He is just ignoring your pleas.  Read More

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How To Tell If Your Teen Is A Disciple Of Christ

As a mom, one of my biggest desires for my kids is that they follow the Lord.  In my heart, there is nothing I want more than for my kids to love God as Jesus commanded…with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  I have taught them about God since they were little.  Never being one to shy away from Biblical truths just in case they didn’t understand, I always spoke truth to them as though they fully understood what I was talking about.  And if they didn’t understand, I didn’t worry about it.  Because I know God’s word never returns void.  A seed is planted.  Always.

Are you wondering about where your teen is at in their spiritual walk with the Lord? Do they trust Jesus? Do they truly have a relationship with Him? How To Tell If Your Teen Is A Disciple Of Christ.

However, as we raise our kids and journey through the teen years, we might begin to wonder if our child is truly following the Lord.  Is there a way to tell?  Are we able to determine the authenticity of their faith?  Yes, I believe we can.  And, honestly, I came across the answer kind of by divine accident.  I say divine accident because I didn’t purpose for the discovery, but God certainly did!  My, friend, if you are wondering How To Tell If Your Teen Is A Disciple Of Christ, this post might help.      Read More

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5 Telling Signs Your Child Is Ready For Social Media

I was happily scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when a question in a homeschool group caught my eye.  I read the question with interest and a thoughtful response was at the ready…until I started to read the responses to this question.  That’s when my heart sunk.  I left the dialogue feeling discouraged and disheartened.  I had noticed some ‘red flags’ when the original asker of the question replied to some of the quick and thoughtless responses.  How could no one else see these flags that were waving right in front of my face?  Did no one see the deeper issue?  Or is it all about rules and regulations?  My oldest has social media accounts and our decision for allowing her on social media was completely different from what was expressed in this conversation.  This is how we decided: 5 Telling Signs Your Child Is Ready For Social Media.

5 Telling Signs Your Child Is Ready For Social Media

The question posed was at what age is it ok for a child to have social media accounts.  This answer can seem easy when we know that with most social media accounts, a child has to be at least 13 to have one.  So, anyone under 13 should not have an account.  That settles part of the question.  But, I don’t really think that age has as much to do with the decision beyond that. Read More

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Mom Prayers For The New Year

The New Year brings on the urge to make resolutions and set goals for ourselves and for our family.  We say good-bye to the past and look forward to the future.  We reflect on what has gone well the previous year and areas where change is required.  Fresh beginnings are welcomed and embraced.  One great place to start this process is in prayer.  The fervent prayer of a mom does wonders!  Here are my Mom Prayers For The New Year

Looking for a great way to begin the New Year? Start with prayers for yourself, your husband and your kids! Includes free prayer printable. Mom Prayers For The New Year.

I am guest posting over at Faith Along the Way!  Read more here. Read More

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Parenting and Relationships

Today is a super busy day of guest posts for me!  2 of my guest posts have been published today!!

It is always an honor to guest post for a friend...but two in one day is an extra blessing!

Strong Family Project

I have a parenting post over on Sarah Ann’s blog, Faith Along The Way.  4 Reasons to Challenge Our Kids With Spiritual Truths.  Sometimes we don’t think our precious children will be able to understand the deep spiritual truths of God’s word.  When we believe that, we tend to not discuss these truths with them.  However, I have come to believe that our kids are capable of understanding so much more that what we think they can…even, dare I say it, understand truths better than we can!

Let’s Talk Relationships

My second guest post is over on Alison’s site, A Life Of Scoop.  This one comes from a much more raw place in my heart.  It is something that I don’t mention often on my own blog…but a topic that does need to be addressed.  When Alison approached me to write for her Let’s Talk Relationship series, I prayed about what relationship I ought to write about.  I felt the Lord press upon my heart to write about the most difficult relationship I have ever had.  A relationship with someone who exhibits mental illness tendencies.  So, here it is…When Mental Illness Overwhelms Your Relationships.  I say ‘relationships’ because the relationship that is affected by mental illness is not just with the person with the problem.  It has affected every relationship I’ve ever had with anyone, especially with my husband and my children.  

It is always an honor to guest post for a friend...but two in one day is an extra blessing!

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The Best Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is quickly approaching…but what do you get the guy who has everything he wants.  I just bought a selfie stick…so, my hubby is happy 😛 .  There is, of course, his favorite snacks to munch on while relaxing on the patio in the afternoon.  He’d be pretty happy with just that.  But I’d like to take it a bit further this year.  I’d like to have something that will have an impact in the eternal.  So, I made these prayer cards for my kids to use during their prayer time over their daddy.  Isn’t that really the best gift ever?  Having your kids pray for their daddy on a daily basis?  You have now found The Best Father’s Day Gift!

Are you wondering what to get the dad who has everything? I struggle with that every year! SO, I came up with this idea...prayer cards for the kids to pray over daddy! This really is The Best Father's Day Gift.

I want to kick off my new prayer series with this post about having the kids pray for daddy.  Next week, I’ll share some ways that you, as a wife, can pray for your hubby.  If you aren’t married yet, you can certainly still pray over your man – even if he isn’t in your life yet!  

Why would you want your kids to pray for their daddy?  Well…   Read More

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